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    [CP1.1] Azrael - Video Thread

    [03/19/14] Mato (AZ) vs. Setoka (TS) = http://youtu.be/LOl-mWLo_PY [03/20/14] Kurari (LI) vs. Tsu (AZ) = http://youtu.be/3dJ2QB0qQjo A-92 (HK) vs. Tsu (AZ) = http://youtu.be/3dJ2QB0qQjo?t=5m20s [03/22/14] Tsujikawa (KO) vs. 11th Dan White Azrael = http://youtu.be/5-Nz-uWR-r8?t=19s Kekun (AZ) vs. Peach (BA) = http://youtu.be/PuDRSq_4_38?t=2m46s [03/23/14] Tamo (TK) vs. Yutta (AZ) = http://youtu.be/X_CBhpeLnvA Doraheta (PL) vs. Yutta (AZ) = http://youtu.be/X_CBhpeLnvA?t=3m45s 0 (BU) vs. Morishi (AZ) = http://youtu.be/3od4PQsrUvs?t=4m48s Aruto (HK) vs. OYJ48 (AZ) = http://youtu.be/3od4PQsrUvs?t=11m51s Platinum vs. OYJ48 (AZ) = http://youtu.be/E0yHU0jA7rc?t=2m22s OYJ48 (AZ) vs. Keita (BU) = http://youtu.be/8UXELcVP4ug?t=15m51s OYJ48 (AZ) vs. Tetsuwo (KO) = http://youtu.be/8UXELcVP4ug?t=18m6s OYJ48 (AZ) vs. Gentarou (NU) = http://youtu.be/vf1YER24w00 http://sp.bbcp.ac/member_profile_view.php?user_id=5567 [03/25/14] Nata Kishi (HK) vs. Jigoku Guru Ma (AZ) = http://youtu.be/wnE-rrAZWoE?t=4m29s Tsuba (TS) vs. Jigoku Guru Ma (AZ) = http://youtu.be/wnE-rrAZWoE?t=7m29s [03/27/14] 8th Dan Kamina Azrael vs. Litchi = http://youtu.be/YRP5_kF02tg Kamina Azrael vs. 6th Dan Purple Azrael = http://youtu.be/YRP5_kF02tg?t=5m47s Kamina Azrael vs. Litchi = http://youtu.be/YRP5_kF02tg?t=11m10s Kamina Azrael vs. Purple Azrael = http://youtu.be/YRP5_kF02tg?t=11m10s Dogura (HZ) vs. Purple Azrael = http://youtu.be/YRP5_kF02tg?t=17m47s Litchi vs. Purple Azrael x3 = http://youtu.be/YRP5_kF02tg?t=20m53s Terumi vs. Purple Azrael = http://youtu.be/YRP5_kF02tg?t=33m59s Carl vs. Dogura (AZ) = http://youtu.be/WMAqa_7GbPU?t=38m48s ほーぞー (RE) vs. Dogura (AZ) Set = http://youtu.be/urYqq8jXY9Y [04/01/14] Kamina Azrael vs. Nu = http://youtu.be/mF3qW4sF0_c?t=22m37s Jin vs. Kamina Azrael = http://youtu.be/mF3qW4sF0_c?t=1h13m7s Jin vs. Kamina Azrael = http://youtu.be/mF3qW4sF0_c?t=1h20m17s [04/02/14] Akashi (AZ) vs. Uido (BU) = http://youtu.be/OeWxeVZCW2Q Mato (AZ) vs. RYO (RE) = http://youtu.be/OeWxeVZCW2Q?t=7m1s Zekuso (AZ) vs. Ue (HK) = http://youtu.be/tw3Sco3xVyg?t=5s Akashi (AZ) vs. Manato (VA) = http://youtu.be/RgHpaFcSh4s Zekuso (AZ) vs. RaiRai (IZ) = http://youtu.be/RgHpaFcSh4s?t=5m32s Manato (VA) vs. Zekuso (AZ) = http://youtu.be/IOpti4rrKyw?t=4m28s Zekuso (AZ) vs. RYO (RE) = http://youtu.be/IOpti4rrKyw?t=8m4s [04/03/14] Chin (HK) vs. Azrael = http://youtu.be/9CPS2G8fMkk?t=5m36s Tager vs. Azrael = http://youtu.be/9CPS2G8fMkk?t=33m49s Saki (KO) vs. Azrael = http://youtu.be/9CPS2G8fMkk?t=56m [04/04/14] Ryuusei (CA) vs. Akashi (AZ) = http://youtu.be/vD09El2FeJQ?t=26s pet (AZ) vs. Kuresu (TS) = http://youtu.be/vD09El2FeJQ?t=6m4s Takeyama (NO) vs. dekire ba tsukai taku nakatta? (AZ) = http://youtu.be/gbgj2MRgY5o dekire ba tsukai taku nakatta? (AZ) vs. Kuresu (TS) = http://youtu.be/gbgj2MRgY5o?t=4m53s [04/08/14] Terumi vs. Kamina Azrael = http://youtu.be/Q9HuvM1a998?t=38m22s Hakumen vs. Kamina Azrael = http://youtu.be/Q9HuvM1a998?t=57m21s Hakumen vs. Kamina Azrael = http://youtu.be/Q9HuvM1a998?t=1h6m3s Hakumen vs. Kamina Azrael = http://youtu.be/Q9HuvM1a998?t=1h20m17s Relius vs. Kamina Azrael = http://youtu.be/Q9HuvM1a998?t=1h25m58s [04/11/14] Osaka (LI) vs. Akashi (AZ) = http://youtu.be/7joJzFAyaPU Kiyoshi (NU) vs. Akashi (AZ) = http://youtu.be/7joJzFAyaPU?t=1m54s Ryuusei (CA) vs. Akashi (AZ) = http://youtu.be/7joJzFAyaPU?t=5m18s Fumo (AR) vs. Akashi (AZ) = http://youtu.be/RkWe7nFfrxk?t=13m14s [04/12/14] Jiro (RG) vs. Yuri (AZ) = http://youtu.be/p-TP7VeLhIo?t=2m36s Shino (TS) vs. Yuri (AZ) = http://youtu.be/p-TP7VeLhIo?t=7m48s Shino (TS) vs. Kenou (AZ) = http://youtu.be/p-TP7VeLhIo?t=12m53s Doi (LI) vs. Koei (AZ) = http://youtu.be/AG0QKR2_1xc?t=9m21s Kaicho (IZ) vs. Koei (AZ) = http://youtu.be/AG0QKR2_1xc?t=12m21s Kaicho (IZ) vs. Shinatsu (AZ) = http://youtu.be/AG0QKR2_1xc?t=15m31s Rasukaru (TS) vs. Yuri (AZ) = http://youtu.be/BM8tFbgDDX4?t=1m42s Doi (LI) vs. Yuri (AZ) = http://youtu.be/BM8tFbgDDX4?t=6m3s Kaicho (IZ) vs. Senou (AZ) = http://youtu.be/BM8tFbgDDX4?t=18m41s Jiro (RG) vs. Koei (AZ) = http://youtu.be/yE9Z8XCaQyU?t=5m29s Jiro (RG) vs. Shinatsu (AZ) = http://youtu.be/yE9Z8XCaQyU?t=8m26s Shino (TS) vs. Shinatsu (AZ) = http://youtu.be/yE9Z8XCaQyU?t=10m54s Yuri (Azrael) VS Koei (Azrael) = http://youtu.be/MaEGsByHdUE?t=1m38s Yuri (Azrael) VS Dango (Noel) = http://youtu.be/MaEGsByHdUE?t=5m13s Yuri (Azrael) VS Yu (Litchi) = http://youtu.be/MaEGsByHdUE?t=9m35s Yuri (Azrael) VS Shinatsu (Azrael) = http://youtu.be/MaEGsByHdUE?t=13m46s Gaki (Noel) VS Shinatsu (Azrael) = http://youtu.be/MaEGsByHdUE?t=17m37s Kenou (Azrael) VS Koreru (Izayoi) = http://youtu.be/MaEGsByHdUE?t=26m38s [04/15/14] Bang vs. Blue Azrael = http://youtu.be/7236a0usG7M?t=19m21s [04/18/14] Akashi (AZ) vs. RYO (RE) = http://youtu.be/biObzckr5uE [04/19/14] Zekuso (AZ) vs. Jirou (AM ) = http://youtu.be/t6Uve7swJxM?t=25m38s Tochigin (AZ) vs. Ruiji (TE) = http://youtu.be/4OCOkQPH-Os?t=4m1s Tochigin (AZ) vs. Mitsurugi (HZ) = http://youtu.be/4OCOkQPH-Os?t=11m59s Zekuso (AZ) vs. Suya (VA) = http://youtu.be/icQabWL5GBQ?t=21m46s Zekuso (AZ) vs. Kouya (NO ) = http://youtu.be/icQabWL5GBQ?t=24m33s Tetsuwo (KO) vs. Yutta (AZ) = http://youtu.be/zPY6eeUckeY?t=6m59s Tetsuwo (KO) vs. Yutta (AZ) = http://youtu.be/zPY6eeUckeY?t=21m56s [04/20/14] Terumi vs. Azrael = http://youtu.be/crm15EJ2Lus?t=26m37s (cont.) http://youtu.be/sGQLOkgj5XE Kokonoe vs. Azrael = http://youtu.be/ilmLe6Fqb9Y?t=24m20s Tager vs. Azrael = http://youtu.be/ilmLe6Fqb9Y?t=29m6s (cont.) http://youtu.be/5u7uNJHO3WA Nu vs. Azrael = http://youtu.be/5u7uNJHO3WA?t=5m2s Azrael vs. Tager = http://youtu.be/Dv1Y-eGtPVA?t=6m8s Tsubaki vs. Azrael = http://youtu.be/_Y8AF77BrNA?t=9m51s Azrael vs. Noel = http://youtu.be/2JT8Tx93AFs?t=17m7s Azrael vs. Makoto = http://youtu.be/2JT8Tx93AFs?t=20m2s Azrael vs. Platinum = http://youtu.be/2JT8Tx93AFs?t=24m http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5837-cp-video-posting-thread/?p=797625
  2. zeth07

    [CP1.1] Azrael - Video Thread

    [03/22/14] “Bullet” Azrael vs. Rachel = http://youtu.be/M-E_h-3AZC4?t=6m16s KINKULI (AZ) vs. Rachel = http://youtu.be/M-E_h-3AZC4?t=10m53s KINKULI (AZ) vs. HARA (RG) = http://youtu.be/M-E_h-3AZC4?t=15m21s Momoiro (AZ) vs. Mu = http://youtu.be/uioRmg0hSbg?t=1m44s “Bullet” Azrael vs. Seji (TK) = http://youtu.be/uioRmg0hSbg?t=6m31s KINKULI (AZ) vs. Seji (TK) = http://youtu.be/uioRmg0hSbg?t=10m21s Momoiro (AZ) vs. Koeru (IZ) = http://youtu.be/4_gxjBKnu9I?t=7m1s Momoiro (AZ) vs. Kokonoe = http://youtu.be/4_gxjBKnu9I?t=11m13s Momoiro (AZ) vs. Seji (TK) = http://youtu.be/4_gxjBKnu9I?t=15m40s Ragna vs. etoile? (can't read it clearly) Azrael = http://youtu.be/tL43UgnRIgY?t=19m40s Nu vs. Pink Azrael = http://youtu.be/DrxMOHmpqYg?t=13m49s Makoto vs. Takaya Azrael = http://youtu.be/ym3xN8YViYw?t=16m11s http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5837-cp-video-posting-thread/?p=788217
  3. zeth07

    [CP1.1] Azrael - Combo Thread

    WORK IN PROGRESS = Most combos from CP should still work, find them here -> http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5842-cp-azrael-combo-thread/ If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just post a combo that you've seen and know that works or have tested yourself. Linking to a video with the combo, particularly timestamped, is encouraged. Any additional information such as: damage, heat gain/usage, position on screen, opponents standing/crouching/in the air, weaknesses applied, or character specifics are greatly appreciated. Posts will be deleted as the thread is updated, with credit given for contribution. Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting of combos only. Please take all combo questions and combo theory discussion to the Azrael Gameplay Discussion thread = HERE *UPDATED 3/21/14* - Translated combos from Dogura's tweets. NEW CP 1.1 OD Combos, from Dogura: Overdrive Blockstring: -5D > 236A > 5A > 2D > BHS = This adds both weakpoints and goes into an unblockable BHS. Overdrive Combos: 50% HP: -[50%][uW] 5A > 5B > cOD > 2C > 6D > 214C > 5D > 214C > 236D > [5C*4] > 6A > BHS = ~6100 -[50%][LW] 5A > 5B > cOD > 2C > 3D > 214C > 2D > 214C > 5B > BHS = ~4800 -[75%][bOTH] 5D > RC > OD > 2D > CT > 3D > 214D > [j.C*3] > jc j.2D > TCL > (near corner) 2C > 6D = ~6300 -[100%][bOTH] 5D > RC > OD > 2D > 214C > 2C > 3D > 214C > 214D > [j.C*3] > jc j.2D > TCL > (OD) BHS = ~7100 -[75%][bOTH] 3D > RC > OD > 5D > CT > 6D > 214C > 236D > [5C*4] > 6A > TC(L)? = ~7700 -[100%][bOTH] 3D > RC > OD > 5D > 214C > 6D > 214C > 236D > [5C*4] > 3C > 6A > 5C > (OD) BHS = ~8400
  4. zeth07

    [CP1.1] Azrael - Video Thread

    If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so. If you are helping out by posting links, please do so by going through the [CP] Video Posting Thread and post where you left off. If you would like to search for a certain players matches use Ctrl+F then type in the player's name to find their matches. Players who have been inactive for 2 months or more (on their profile) will be grayed out. Old posts will be deleted as the Video List is updated. Videos in the list will be removed after a few months unless the character only has a few matches anyway or it is of one of the top players. Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting of videos only. Please take all video discussion to the Azrael Gameplay Discussion thread = HERE *Special thanks to Kurushii for the template, and jourdal/pktazn/and all other uploaders* Thanks to these contributors so far: MikelAL93, Bedsheets, milesw, BladeOfJustice7, Kurushii, helix, Kiba, Surf, samthegreat, AMB Bakery, Koopa_Klawz, and LegendaryRath Video List updated as of -> 03/24/13 Player List Updated as of 12/23/13 Collapsed: ] = Won Arc Revo Area Final = Quailfied for Arc Revo Area Final 18th Dan --Dogura /// ダカオ・スマート /// Zombie Color /// Profile -Fenrich /// 俺が神だ /// Pink Color /// Profile (Jin Main) 17th Dan - 16th Dan -Ikamensama /// イカメン様 /// Black Color /// Profile -Saki /// (「・ω・)「さきー /// White Color /// Profile (Makoto Main) -Zekuso /// あへあへグータッチおじさん /// Blue Color /// Profile (Valkenhayn Main) 15th Dan -Kiabui /// 最高の女子力 /// Default Color /// Profile -PRF Army /// *************** /// Pink Color /// Profile (Hakumen Main) -Shio /// はかたのしお /// Purple Color /// Profile -Uma No Hone /// ジャン・C・タテンカー /// Black Color /// Profile (Valkenhayn Main) -Yuzkukin /// ゆずきん /// Pink Color /// Profile 14th Dan -Francois /// 名瀬 美月 /// Johnny Color /// Profile -Kamifu / Cepheus /// カミ風@一生ギルティ勢 /// Johnny Color /// Profile -Kaqn /// 超高校級の五井チャ店長かきゅん /// Red Color /// Profile (Ragna Main) -Natsuiro /// るーこ@「μ's」南ことり推し /// Brown or Bullet Color /// Profile (Hakumen Main) -Rousoku /// ドーモ。ニンジャスレイヤーです。 /// Bright Blue Color /// Profile (Ragna Main) -Shouhei /// 鱗坊軍長 /// Pink Color /// Profile --Tochigin /// とちぎん(29) /// Blue Color /// Profile (Valkenhayn Main) -Tsuchinoko /// つちのこ99 /// Green Color /// Profile -"Red Azrael" /// ココノエ使い /// Red Color /// Profile (Valkenhayn Main) -Sekido /// せきど /// Red Color /// Profile 13th Dan -Karaage /// からあげ /// White Color or Bullet Color /// Profile -Kubo /// F@CKめん /// Default Color /// Profile -?-Ochitana/Nukosu? /// あもりにもぬこすぐるでしょう? /// Zombie Color /// Profile -Ogami /// チョコマカロン /// Zombie Color /// Profile (Taokaka Main) -Reisuke /// ヒョギフ大統領 /// Blue Color /// Profile --Senchou / Masashi / Kawajiri Hiroshi Saku??? /// ミッドバレイ・ザ・ホーンフリーク /// Purple Color /// Profile -Seyana /// 招き蕩う黄金劇場 /// Blue Color /// Profile -Shichiroji /// しちろーじ@【七人の侍】 /// White Color /// Profile --Tahichi /// タヒチ=エーベルバッハ /// Yellow Color /// Profile -Toma /// バーストに定評のあるジュンさん /// White Color /// Profile -Himajin /// ひまじん /// Default Color /// Profile -LOST HEAD /// LOST HEAD /// Default Color /// Profile ////////////////////////////// 12th Dan -Fujio /// 藤生重慶 ODコン始めました /// White Color /// Profile -Funnu /// 一般乱入爺 /// White Color /// Profile -Harakire /// タマヒュン /// Black Color /// Profile -Hitotose /// ヒトトセ /// Takaya Color /// Profile (Hazama Main) -Johnny / Joni /// ジョニー /// Default Color /// Profile (Ragna Main) -Mato /// マ ト /// Brown or Red Color /// Profile -min /// min /// Yellow or Light Blue Color /// Profile -MizuMajin-Suga /// 挑発するのはキャラじゃなくて俺 /// Kamina or Yellow Color /// Profile -pet /// 発毛の数だけ強くなれる /// White or Takaya Color /// Profile (Tager Main) -Q / Kyuu /// 爆発を伴う打撃や捕獲 /// Purple Color /// Profile -Raijin /// 木霊の木蓮 /// Blue Color /// Profile -Rionsutain /// 初狩りオーンスタイン /// White Color /// Profile -Shabenna /// しゃべんな /// Takaya Color /// Profile? (Hazama Main) --Tsuchi /// チャーオズ /// Takaya Color /// Profile -Yamachin? /// 麺の専門家 乃士勇造 /// Bullet Color /// Profile -Yubou /// 真咲・ユーボール /// Default Color /// Profile -Yutta /// 御金せびり /// Black Color /// Profile (Ragna Main) -"White Azrael" /// 浅野君、君英語は得意かね?/// White Color /// Profile -Hekisa /// 復帰勢「仮」 /// Purple Color /// Profile 11th Dan -Bugyou /// 花火奉行 /// Red Color /// Profile -Enji /// えんじ@ブレイブルーはじめました /// White Color /// Profile -Hoshi /// 那珂ちゃんのファンやめます /// Black Color /// Profile -Kagetsu /// かげつ /// Johnny Color /// Profile (Ragna Main) -Katsuo/"Yamazaki" /// そうだ、アニサマに行こう /// Kamina/Pink/White Color /// Profile -Kiryuu /// クッキー4ISマイスター(仮) /// Purple Color /// Profile -Kuroneko /// 鷹富士茄子 /// Black Color /// Profile (Ragna Main) -Nikuroko /// 段位詐欺師ニクロコ /// Purple Color /// Profile -Peroro /// LiSA /// Pink Color /// Profile (Valkenhayn Main) -RAN /// RAN /// Pink Color /// Profile (Taokaka Main) -Riyo /// Riyo@ /// Blue Color /// Profile -Roriotto /// バイオニックろり夫アーム /// Default Color /// Profile -Shadow /// Owadow /// Black Color /// Profile (Valkenhayn Main) -Sharu /// しゃる ///Kamina Color /// Profile -Surite /// 霧槍 突晶撃 /// Takaya Color /// Profile (Jin Main) -"Zombie Azrael" /// 19代目 伊藤静 /// Zombie Color ///Profile -Chuui /// 中 尉 /// Default Color /// Profile -Watari Nabe Garuda /// 渡鍋ガルーダ /// Blue Color /// Profile 10th Dan -Brandon Mann /// Zombie Color /// Profile -dinbra /// Brown Color /// Profile -ESP /// 撃墜王の孤独 /// Johnny Color /// Profile (Taokaka Main) -Hayashi /// (「・林・)「 /// Black Color /// Profile -Higuchi /// ひロち /// Kamina Color /// Profile (Hakumen Main) -Junya /// 純也。/// Black Color /// Profile -Maru /// 苺丸150%←元ネタ知らねww /// Takaya Color /// Profile -Otono or Kita no Kami /// ザリガニ博士ビルゲイツ西晃樹 /// Bullet or Red Color /// Profile -Rirei /// リレイ /// Blue Color /// Profile (Bang Main) -Shirou Madoushi (Shiroma) /// ファッキンホット(クソ暑い) /// Default Color /// Profile (Platinum Main) -Yamada /// やまだえる /// Blue or Kamina Color /// Profile -Yugure ///ちゃんみお /// Black Color /// Profile -Kabuo /// リトマス紙かぶお /// Johnny Color /// Profile -nanpon /// nanpon /// Red Color /// Profile -Shushi /// 朱獅@楽しもうではないか(迫真 /// Purple Color /// Profile -Yaburaeru /// ヤブラエル /// Kamina Color /// Profile 9th Dan -"246" /// VERMIN(*偶ω数*)246 /// Kamina Color /// Profile -"Growler" /// Default Color /// Profile -Hari / Ogiri / Kureshoku Agiri / Murasaki /// 松岡江 /// Kamina Color /// Profile (Hakumen Main) -Iguru /// ルールを守って楽しくデュエル! /// Johnny Color /// Profile -Kabaani / Donko /// どんこ /// Blue Color /// Profile -IL ///超高校級のOD依存 /// Red Color /// Profile (Litchi Main) -Koko /// ファッキンホットチンパン /// Zombie Color /// Profile -Kuma /// 目の下に熊 /// Johnny Color /// Profile -Masuyama | Masurao /// 磨修羅生 /// White Color /// Profile -MGN /// シコりつづけるのだ・・・ /// Blue Color /// Profile -Nishi Akira Ki or Shou ko no /// ガンギまりんりん /// Takaya Color /// Profile -Ricotta /// りこ@COJ勢 /// Brown Color /// Profile (Bullet Main) -Rui /// 風月 ルイ /// Pink Color /// Profile -Satodate /// satodate /// Takaya Color /// Profile (Tsubaki Main) -Udon /// うどん /// Red Color /// Profile -Wagahai /// ワガハイ /// Johnny Color /// Profile -Yutsu /// ゆっ /// Red Color /// Profile -Hazetto /// はぜっとさん /// Brown Color /// Profile 8th Dan -Aruken Juudou /// アルケン          柔道 /// Blue Color /// Profile (Rachel Main) -Doitsu Sei / "Lloyd" /// ドイツ製暴歌ロイド /// Johnny or Takaya Color /// Profile -Hakase/Hasu /// 博士提督@金剛型 /// Bullet or Kamina Color /// Profile -Jinjou /// しまのん /// Red Color /// Profile? (Might Be Wrong) (Amane Main) -Kaichi /// ミヤマハウス管理人 /// Black Color /// Profile -Kego/Tiger Festival Aniki /// 蝉ぱぱ /// White or Brown Color /// Profile -Kohei /// こーへい@乱入シクヨロ /// Light Blue Color /// Profile -Kurabu /// クラブ@decoy /// Purple or Red Color /// Profile -Nakano /// 中野アズラエル /// Red Color /// Profile -Yu /// ぐろうらー仮面 /// Kamina Color /// Profile (Mu Main) -Nazu P /// ナズP@やってるよ、月に一クレ。 /// Purple Color /// Profile 7th Dan -Akuriru Ita /// アクリル板 /// Bullet Color /// Profile -Chamu /// スカパニおやじ /// Black Color /// Profile -Kezia /// kezia /// Bullet Color /// Profile -MGA /// トーヌス緒方 /// Red Color /// Profile -Shigunito /// ジャン=ピエール・シグナレフ /// Black Color /// Profile (Valkenhayn Main) -Shimacchauojisan /// しまっちゃうおじさん /// Purple Color /// Profile -? /// 台パンガチ勢 /// Bullet/Brown Color /// Profile 6th Dan -AzuNyanMukiMuki /// 強欲滅破 狂拳のつー /// White/Johnny Color /// Profile -623 /// 空投げペーパードライブ /// Default Color /// Profile (Hakumen Main) -Arumin /// アルミン・レロレロレロレロレロト /// Green Color ///Profile (Tager Main) -hngk /// hngk /// Takaya Color /// Profile -JUN /// ODコンしたいだけ、絶対認めない /// Red Color /// Profile (Hakumen Main) -Reiji /// れいじ@SP十段 /// Pink Color /// Profile -T260 /// Default Color /// Profile -Vansodo /// ヴァンソードのGUN /// Default Color /// Profile (Ragna Main) -Bob /// Bob /// Black Color /// Profile 5th Dan -Danna /// ダンナ        超高校級の /// Bullet Color /// Profile -Deskwork /// デスクワーク /// Blue Color /// Profile -Furederikku /// フレデリック /// Yellow Color /// Profile -FT or "BBB(1st) PLAYER" /// ft. /// Black Color /// Profile (Hakumen Main) -Hyottoko /// hyottoko /// Johnny Color /// Profile -Munieru (Kabu) /// 徳井青空 /// White Color /// Profile -"NaturalBornSukebesuto" /// 忍法ラセンカメハメガン /// Blue Color /// Profile (Ragna Main) -Oruto /// オルト@コンボ出来そう /// Kamina Color /// Profile (Izayoi Main) -Sadaoka /// スクラル定岡 /// Green Color /// Profile -AZURA'S WARATH /// AZURA'S WARATH /// Brown Color /// Profile -Kyou Zako /// 徳井青空 /// Zombie Color /// Profile Other Players Collapsed: : .getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display != '') { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = ''; this.innerText = ''; this.value = 'Hide'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.innerText = ''; this.value = 'Show'; }"> -Asojiso /// アソジソ /// Zombie Color /// Profile -Bango /// バンゴ@社畜復帰(´・ω・`) /// Pink Color /// Profile (Tager Main) -Chichi /// Johnny/Takaya/Green Color /// Profile -novu /// novu /// Brown Color /// Profile -Nyao /// 草壁 美鈴 /// Black or White Color /// Profile (Tager Main) -Ryo-ta /// りょーた氏 /// Green Color /// Profile (Bang Main) --- -Mothi /// mothi@猫の餌 /// Profile -Hitsugi /// hitsugi /// Purple Color /// Profile --- -Ten Mikado Kain /// ヤマダさくま安置千手観音像 /// Pink Color /// Profile (Bullet Main) -Mumin /// 総災天のおリョウ /// Blue Color /// Profile (Hakumen Main) -Toranoo /// Kamina Color /// 5th Dan -Azu /// White Color -Herinton /// Random? Color -Guma Shinden /// Kamina Color -Hamilton (ハミルトン) /// Default Color -Mokkori /// Black or Default Color -Shinigami /// Johnny Color -Taketachisaina /// Blue Color -Batako /// Bright Blue Color -Tetsuo /// Purple Color -Minami Saikyou /// Black Color -Tokumei /// White Color -Poko/Poco /// Yellow or Takaya Color -Koban /// Default Color -Buronto /// Bullet Color -Sabamiso /// Black Color -Metapo /// Blue Color -Ichiru /// Red Color -Rin /// Takaya Color -Yuusuke /// Red Color -saw /// Default Color -Naisho no Naisho! /// Bullet Color -DJ Kemikaru /// DJケミカル /// Kamina Color -Fu /// Johnny Color -Toitoi /// Red Color -Tohaku /// Takaya Color --Ria / リア -Sou Umi Mami /// Bullet Color -Tiger Mask X /// Kamina Color -Poyon San /// Black Color -Momoiro /// Black Color -Poko /// Yellow Color -Mazu /// Blue Color -Sakurai /// Black Color -Kawajiri Hiroshi Saku /// Purple Color /// 14th Dan -Mori Shi /// Brown Color /// 11th Dan Matches Vs. Vs. Vs. Vs. Vs. Vs. Vs. Vs. Vs. Vs. [03/22/14] Momoiro (AZ) vs. Kokonoe = http://youtu.be/4_gxjBKnu9I?t=11m13s Vs. [03/22/14] Momoiro (AZ) vs. Koeru (IZ) = http://youtu.be/4_gxjBKnu9I?t=7m1s Vs. Vs. Vs. [03/22/14] Makoto vs. "Takaya" Azrael = http://youtu.be/ym3xN8YViYw?t=16m11s Vs. [03/22/14] Momoiro (AZ) vs. Mu = http://youtu.be/uioRmg0hSbg?t=1m44s Vs. Vs. [03/22/14] Nu vs. Pink Azrael = http://youtu.be/DrxMOHmpqYg?t=13m49s Vs. Vs. [03/22/14] “Bullet” Azrael vs. Rachel = http://youtu.be/M-E_h-3AZC4?t=6m16s [03/22/14] KINKULI (AZ) vs. Rachel = http://youtu.be/M-E_h-3AZC4?t=10m53s Vs. [03/22/14] KINKULI (AZ) vs. HARA (RG) = http://youtu.be/M-E_h-3AZC4?t=15m21s [03/22/14] Ragna vs. etoile? (can't read it clearly) Azrael = http://youtu.be/tL43UgnRIgY?t=19m40s Vs. Vs. Vs. [03/22/14] Momoiro (AZ) vs. Seji (TK) = http://youtu.be/4_gxjBKnu9I?t=15m40s [03/22/14] “Bullet” Azrael vs. Seji (TK) = http://youtu.be/uioRmg0hSbg?t=6m31s [03/22/14] KINKULI (AZ) vs. Seji (TK) = http://youtu.be/uioRmg0hSbg?t=10m21s Vs. Vs. Vs. 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  5. -This thread is for posting any "confirmed" changes made to Azrael in the newly announced update to Chrono Phantasma in the arcades / Vita / May update. -If you have any information to post please give some kind of source or reference of where you got that information. -I will update this thread as more information is found. -This is NOT a wishlist thread, do not post anything remotely like that. Azrael CP2 Confirmed Changes (As of 03/11/14): [Original Source via SRK] [Second Source] Backdash - Duration increased from 26f to 28f. Negative Penalty Resistance - Value changed from 6 to 5. 3C - Can cancel into Sentinel Dump (22C) after the 26th frame instead of 30th frame (*). Overdrive D Attacks - Can now be special canceled. ===Should make it easier to go into BHS unblockable or more threatening mixup of Valiant/Hornet after blocked Drives in OD. Hornet Bunker (214D) - Decreased recovery. Decreased hitstun from 30f to 24f. Increased frame advantage from -19 to -13. When landing a non-weakpoint hit the knockback is smaller/floats. ===Can no longer get both weakpoints from some combos (ex. IAD ones off Forward Throw) Hornet Chaser (8 after Hornet Bunker on weakpoint hit) - Trajectory changes based on how high you hit them out of the air with Hornet Bunker w/ weak point. ===Should make it easier to combo off anti-air Hornet Bunker Cobra Strike (46C after 236C) - Adjusted the knockback to make it easier to combo into Leopard Launcher (6C after 46C). ===Should help with comboing some characters like Litchi. Sentinel Dump (623C version) - Input is now 214C. ===This fixes the issue of different input priority for DP motions, although that was directly addressed as well so this was not needed really. Growler Field (214B) - Increased hitstun from 17f to 27f / Increased untechable time. Now blows the opponent away in an arc before hitting the ground. ===This fixes the issue of Growler being bad on HIT in some match-ups like Taokaka. *Thanks to Kinkuli for translations. Xie for the translation from SRK.*
  6. Probably, pretty sure Platinum's bubble is the only exception to the rule but I don't even think it counts as a "normal" projectile.
  7. It only works with upper weakpoint, as described in the move descriptions in the character overview thread and the wiki. UNB means unblockable. I'm guessing you are looking at it in reference to Hornet and Valiant, which means the guard points of those moves cannot work against unblockable attacks.
  8. Thanks for all the info Kinkuli, that's kinda interesting and weird lol.
  9. Cool, let us know if you decide to go there. Although there's only a few more days left before console import so we'll know sooner rather than later lol.
  10. 3D ground-bounce isn't "Downed" though. Just going by the frame data the moves have specific hitstun states, like G = Ground Slam but D = Hard Knockdown / Downed (3C does this). So 3D weakpoint can be either B for Ground Bounce or GB for Ground Slam>Ground Bounce if you're hitting them out of the air (like in combos). So unless 22C doesn't go straight by definition of "downed", 3D shouldn't count for 22C. 2D weakpoint on the other hand does cause a downed state, so I'm guessing you could technically link 22C after it just as an example. I'm still guessing it is 623C because there's plenty of time to link it after 6A wall bounce anyway.
  11. Tahichi is one of the few people to actually do this, I'm going to guess that's who it was since he was on the winning team of the tournament. I'm guessing it was 623C, 22C is only supposed to work on a "downed" opponent. I think it gets a little weird with valiant combos though. But I'm obviously not 100% sure. Which is why I'm trying to go back through the combo thread since there's a lot of sentinel dumps in valiant combos and it's hard to know which one it is otherwise, and I'm sure some inputs should be 623C instead of 22C.
  12. Depending on what the combo into rekkas was actually from, the 3D is supposed to combo. The other thing to consider is that if the opponent decides to "no tech" to avoid Azrael's mixup, landing 3D means he usually just got the other weakpoint. Of course getting both weakpoints leads to huge damage or the unblockable. In the "Azrael Shenanigans" video in the video thread.
  13. zeth07

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    It makes it really hard to tell when doing things like Bang's IAD j.4C combos. For starters even doing it requires you to know you're within a certain range of the corner, otherwise you won't get the wallbounce from j.623B. Then you have to determine at what range it is to know whether you can do d.5C or d.6D which is already hard enough when you do know where the corner is since it is still a timing vs. distance/height thing. Add to the fact that you're doing an IAD yourself which is covering a lot of distance quickly and almost in the exact same moment your opponent is going flying across the screen which you need to follow up and know what button you can press. It is very easy to lose track of where exactly you are in relation to the corner. So yea, stop picking training stage people, unless you just feel like being a scumbag just to do it. (to no one in particular)
  14. He couldn't because the weakpoint wasn't applied at the start. If he didn't RC it all he would've got was the knockdown. He was smart enough to RC after the weakpoint hit and went into 5A>TC which missed, when he probably could have just done 5A>5B>Aerial>More stuff. I'm guessing the 5A>TC whiffed just because of the timing and hitboxes, he probably needed to delay it slightly. More than likely going into an aerial alone would've killed since weakpoint j.D does good damage by itself. But going even further since he just applied the weakpoint he could've extended the combo after the j.D or went right into BHS after it if he needed/wanted to. Him having the presence of mind to RC into that combo was really good, but then trying to do that part of a combo when he probably could've kept it simple is kinda weird. I guess he was just trying to do a cool looking combo to kill.