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  1. Anyone else has trouble getting their legacy PS3 stick to work? When I plug mine in, I get a message kind of like the one in GGXRD Revelator, but I can't press any buttons... Couldn't find anything in the settings like in SF5 either. Pls halp
  2. Happy birthday Kirbster. I hope you have/had a great one.

  3. kirbster

    [CP] Rachel Video Thread

    Who's this white 13 dan Rachel? Impressive play, especially in the second match
  4. kirbster

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    At least you're not stuck with fucking cat chair
  5. Was really looking forward to this being the first big NA major for BBCP... is it thought that it just won't be as popular as P4A?
  6. kirbster

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Fuck weaboos, being a koreaboo is where it's at nowadays
  7. kirbster

    [CSE] Rachel International Videos + Critiques

    and this was perfect. made a poopload of mistakes toward the end because... well, l haven't figured that out yet. anyway... watch, or what have you. critique is welcome but l wasnt really looking for it this time. (but its still welcome) First round blew my mind, as I've come to expect of you lol. Is that 5cc loop optimal, or just for show? Because I feel that a regular lvl2 j.2c into frog combo would have given better damage and wind regen. Good shit on the last combo too. Second round if you hadn't dropped the j.3bd you would've won I'm sure. After he blocked your TD, you could've went up and did some pressure to make him waste 50 heat on counter assault, not sure why you just summoned because you already had full wind. Instead he did use 50 heat but to get the advantage on you. Don't know why you wind teched towards him after he burst at the beginning of the last round. Also your combos are fucking swag as usual, but you really should go for wind regen, like at 3:20. The extra damage is not worth it and you ended a bit too much in the corner with the frog oki. I also saw that missed gold burst you did, he would have eaten it lol. But overall solid stuff as usual. Your execution is always something to behold.
  8. kirbster

    [CP] Rachel Video Thread

    I enjoyed it much less than I hoped I would nothing practical, regular bnbs are better in almost every way
  9. kirbster

    [CP] Rachel Video Thread

    The main difference I see between N-O and the rest (besides execution) is that N-O never chokes. It feels like he is never afraid and when he commits to a decision, even if it fails, it was a legit guess. And he doesn't press buttons for no reason compared to others who succumb to pressure. Now I'm just gonna be repeating what has been said but it's not like Rin-Hime, Zero, Kinoko and the rest are bad per say (except Momoiro, I actually think he's kind of ass lol), they're just inferior players. It's one thing to know your character's options, mixups and gimmicks ; it's another to be smart/skilled enough to defeat another smart human being consistently. To know exactly what should be done in any given situation without autopiloting. Only N-O has proven to be able to do that so far. Like I often say to Samthegreat, everyone else but N-O seem like mere humans, lol
  10. kirbster

    [CP] Rachel Video Thread

    LI (Puromete) vs RC (Rin-Hime) part 1 LI (Puromete) vs RC (Rin-Hime) part 2 Arguably the second best Rachel in the world... a bit refreshing to see someone other than N-O being good, lol. EDIT : after watching the whole set, I can only say one thing.... N-O is love, N-O is life.
  11. kirbster

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Tsubaki will never be legit (Level5chan has scarred me for life)
  12. kirbster

    [CP] Rachel Video Thread

    N-O for convicted Nu rapist
  13. Whoa late answer but... Hyuna :)