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  1. question: don't know how packed the streets are gonna be due to the grand prix, but what would be the best bet for parking?
  2. i want to know if that hase is the same hase as that infamous slayer player.
  3. LOL. to aru kin no servbot causing issues in this thread i see.
  4. shots fired. down for ragna only tourney. everytime i drop a bk combo i'll take a shot. it'll be very often.
  5. deadliest makes toronto sad offline too.
  6. Question: Need us to bring any set-ups, are you guys good?
  7. playing makoto on netplay and missing a 214acccccc makes me want to kill myself lol.
  8. stay free ryerson Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk
  9. ragna jC = new jin jB lol