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  1. I find it humorous that while we were probably not even 30 minutes away, I do not believe that we have really played anything but Windjammers. Now, I am 2 hours away. Such is life.

  2. There's a very slim chance I can go. I haven't really been checking prices on plane tickets, what's the best deal you've found?

  3. Oh my, how did that post twice? Now I'm just spamming you.

  4. Sir, what are your plans for Evo 2010? Is it a possibility? y/n?

  5. Sir, what are your plans for Evo 2010? Is it a possibility? y/n?

  6. Well actually, I did try that first round. But that second one after the accidental burst, I really didn't see the point of trying anymore.

  7. Wouldn't have mattered how you played that last game, I wasn't trying by that point.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgvKHScPpLo That doesn't look like a turtle Tager. It looks like a smart Tager advancing the whole video.
  9. Hey hey, Zuji, I'm happy for you and everything, and I'mma let you finish, but My Tager's got some of the best 720 setups of all time! OF ALL TIME!

  10. Adding you to mah friends~. <3

  11. Zuji

    [CS1] Litchi Changelog

    Oh god Litchi what have they done to you? *weeps*
  12. Zuji

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    Having trouble with point blank range riichi combos. I can do them fine if I hit confirm out of 2C, but I have trouble landing the riichiA hit. She's facing the right way and everything, but the training dummy just air techs before it lands. Any tips?
  13. Zuji

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    Does Litchi have any useful easy RC combos? My training partner uses Tager so using her DDs as a cover doesn't work very well unless I can get them in the corner. Usually, this isn't a problem, but they know my game so well that they know exactly when to switch between high and low blocking so it just feels wasted.
  14. Zuji

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    Sorry for changing up the question on ya, just figured out my 3C problem but now I'm having trouble with another one. How long am I supposed to delay the hatsu in midscreen RiichiA combos? I can never land on the staff quick enough unless I start the combo with 2C and just mash out the haku hatsu.