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  1. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    Anyone on Ad-hoc looking for people to play, go to world D-1. That's where the entirety of the Dissidia Forums goes, so there's usually lots of people on at any given time.
  2. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    Better, actually. You can create custom rulesets to alter the Stage BRV, starting BRV, EX force and core appearance, wall rush damage, things like that. So basically you can create a ruleset where it's super easy to get 9999 BRV and full EX and thrash some level 100s in a matter of seconds, with anyone, against anyone. I leveled up 3 characters from 1 to 100 in about an hour, and that's not counting the time I spend fighting level 1s to farm for AP either.
  3. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    http://dissidiaforums.com/ If you want urgent info, I'll say it again. We've got a crapload of it. for all characters. Site's down for maintenance at the moment (or maybe it isn't) but it's easier than trying to copy and paste everything here (which is pretty much all I've been doing, just adding my own info on the side.
  4. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    Stats: (Not like I have any high level equipment anyways >.>) HP 6999 CP 450 BRV 667 ATK 109 DEF 110 LUK 60
  5. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    Alright, I see maybe you guys are hurting for some Prishe info. She just happens to be my new main (level 100 bitches :3) so I'll just take some notes. She has 8 BRV attacks in all, for 20 CP each, and can link to any of her other ones as a set combo for 10 CP (Like Onion Knight has his links, it's the same thing.) That means, mastered, each of her 'combos' are only 15 CP in total. Certain links will give you an additional bonus for having performed a 'skillchain.' They are as follows. Liquefaction: Combo -> Spinning Attack Raging Fists -> Spinning Attack Howling Fist -> Spinning Attack Detonation: Combo -> Backhand Blow Shoulder Tackle -> Backhand Blow One Inch Punch -> Backhand Blow Raging Fists -> Backhand Blow Howling Fist -> Backhand Blow Reverberation: Howling fist -> Shoulder Tackle Impaction: Shoulder Tackle -> Combo Shoulder Tackle -> Shoulder Tackle (Assuming you can link to the same skill) Shoulder Tackle -> Raging Fists Shoulder Tackle -> Spinning Attack Shoulder Tackle -> Howling Fist Compression: Howling Fist -> One Inch Punch Transfixion: One Inch Punch -> Howling Fist Fusion: Spinning Attack -> Combo Spinning Attack -> Shoulder Tackle Spinning Attack -> Raging Fists Spinning Attack -> Spinning Attack Gravitation: Backhand Blow -> One Inch Punch Her EX effect is that after your set combo, she can perform the last move of your combo a second time, making for a three hit combo. This makes for some two-skillchain combo possibilities, as follows: Liquefaction -> Fusion Combo -> Spinning Attack -> Spinning Attack Raging Fists -> Spinning Attack -> Spinning Attack Howling Fist -> Spinning Attack -> Spinning Attack Reverberation -> Impaction Howling Fist -> Shoulder Tackle -> Shoulder Tackle Impaction -> Liquefaction Shoulder Tackle -> Spinning Attack -> Spinning Attack Anyways, I'll touch on her moves, too: Ground Combo - A three hit combo Howling Fist - A windup punch, arm-spinning and everything. Can be charged to go further. Dragon Kick - Sweep kick. can be charged (I think) Shoulder Tackle - Like Tidus' move. She jumps backwards and then tackles forward. A pretty good dodge move. Banish - A magic attack kinda like Firion's fire, except not useful at all. Decent range, but it's slow and doesn't do much damage. No real uses have been found yet regarding combos. On top of that, can't be combo'd like all the rest of her moves. Air Backhand Blow - A quick, strong attack. I think it breaks guard, but I haven't had a chance to test it out (can't fight a human until I get a new modem >.>) Spinning Attack - Pretty much an aerial Shoryuken. Raging Fists - Like Combo, except 6 hits instead of 3. Each hit does less damage, but you can continue the move until you've exhausted all your hits, so it's alright for mindgames. One-Inch Punch - Short range chargable punch. I think it breaks guard. Holy - Like Cloud's fire attack. Same as Banish, it doesn't do much damage and it's slow. Unlike Cloud's fire, it's not persistant, so it's not even a good pressure tool. General impressions: Prishe moves fast and hits hard. She really is a great character, from what I can tell. Anyways, credit goes to Khellendros and Demitel of the Dissidia Forums for the move list translations and the skillchain possibilities. I might be back later if nobody still has any info about Desperado Chaos. Here's a video to tide you over: (As a quick summary, his BRV depletes constantly, and he can't go EX or have an Assist without certain skills (equipping these skills gives him a lot less CP to spend on moves and crits))
  6. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    What sand? What distance, for that matter? He's standing in front of one of the stage doors in the FFIX ship. The blue is the door, and the brown/grey/whatever part is a stone wall. It's kind of a close-up shot, so the textures look a bit funny, but that's what it is.
  7. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    Exdeath has the potential to be broken tier, but he never places well in tournaments, and so far nobody's bothered to get that good with him. It's all in the timing and prediction.
  8. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    Okay, so that I don't look like a total ass, I DO have something to contribute. Enjoy. Absolutely too lazy to transpose the whole post here, so enjoy the original. That's a much clearer shot of all the new in-game models, all in one spot.
  9. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    Nobody commented on the characters' third costumes yet? I'll do the honors I suppose. This all comes from ripped data from the demo version of the game (this is made pretty obvious from the pictures >.>) Warrior of Light: Red Fighter (sprite from FF1) Garland: 'Shadow in the Clouds' (From an Amano piece) Firion: Alternate Amano outfit Emperor: From his appearance in the FF2 PSP opening Kain: 'Hooded Man' (From After Years) Bartz: From his sprite (I'm far too lazy to remember what this is) Exdeath: Neo Exdeath (From the huge clump of demon stuff you actually fight in FFV) Tifa: Cowgirl (From Last Order/Crisis Core) Laguna: From the ending (I think?) Zidane: Knight of Pluto (From FFIX) Kuja: Degraded (From FFIX) Yuna: Wedding Dress (From FFX) Shantotto: Not sure what this is. Vaan: Collared shirt (From FFTA2) Lightning: Not sure what this is (From this, whatever it is) EDIT: I realized Chaoticcosmos beat me to it (moreover I posted THEIR info without knowing it), but my sloth prevents me from deleting all my (read:other people's) hard work. Consider it listed here for easy access, I guess.
  10. Ghurdrich

    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    I think this is already in place. Most of the character forums have a "Player directory" or Friend Finder thread, and isn't that pretty much what you're talking about?
  11. Ghurdrich

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    Just thought I'd let you guys know, if you want a quick reference for all of the new info and videos and stuff that's coming out, you can find it on Dissidiaforums.com. That said, IIRC Dustloop is not terribly fond of that site, sand moreover, I'm not sure what the protocol is on linking to other sites, o I'll just provide the links to the posts/threads with the information, so you don't have to expose yourself to whatever it is that you loathe. This isn't an advertisement, after all. (Though if you want to join up, feel free ) Here's the thread to watch for all the info that is confirmed (IE, no rumors or bullshit) The first post will be updated from time to time, but moreover, the thread is locked, so all that's in there is confirmed info. The mods are seeing to that. So you might consider browsing the whole thread. Here is the thread for all of the images/videos that are coming out. The first post is updated regularly, so you don't need to read the whole thread at any given time.
  12. 3 and 6. Mostly 6, since I like the Black on White better than White on Black.
  13. Ghurdrich

    [CS1] Lambda Video Thread

    I sorta agree with Arcade Fire. Well okay, I don't sorta agree. I totally agree I think that a rushdown Lambda is totally viable. She has just about all the makings of a good rushdown, it's just risky, really. But risky can be good. Risky means that not everyone in the world will be doing it, so it will be hella more difficult to predict. Anyone who's fought a Nu more than twice is going to know how to approach through swords. The same principle is going to apply even moreso with Lambda. We know that she's less sword-focused. So taking it a step further and playing her aggressively is not really all that far fetched. And besides, it is more fun to watch :p
  14. Agreed with the rest here. Golden TIGER looks really slick, and I think the black on grey is a little hard to read. Other than that, everything looks epic as usual. Soon as I get some spare cash, I'll be ordering something for sure.
  15. Ghurdrich

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    Super secret console exclusive character?