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  1. hardworkgenius

    [Xrd] Elphelt Gameplay Discussion "The True Best Girl"

    Thanks a lot Jak D Ripr. Most of what you said is correct especially with me getting 5HS for throws. I will also direct my critiques to the appropriate thread. I have been working on instant air dash. But still can't do it when I really want naturally. And I do forget to use or shotgun alot. Grenades I feel I need some setups. I will also check out the video you put up as well!
  2. hardworkgenius

    [Xrd] Elphelt Gameplay Discussion "The True Best Girl"

    From what I've seen in this thread it looks like this is a good place to get possibly get advice about my game play. I was able to do a session last night online on my ps4 and using youtube streaming was able to capture some online matches. I wanted to know if possible if someone can critic or give some advice to me from my session last night. Match ups I got was vs. Sin, Slayer, Sol. Sin is beginning matches Slayer starts at 24:19, Sol is at 39:00 https://youtu.be/pvWuabARIbQ?t=24m19s
  3. I have a dumb question. I have tried multiple times on my own, I broke down and now i decided to ask for help on this. For the shotgun loop in the corner I am having a tough time getting the dash to come out consistently after bridal express roman cancel. Is there a trick or timing anyone knows about or some nuance that can help me? Thank you
  4. hardworkgenius

    [VS] Simple Q&A thread

    I have a question about push blocking. A friend of mine explained it to me and I didn't understand from his explanation how it worked. I looked through the wiki and its exactly how he explained. My problem is three things: You piano all the buttons to get a high chance and preferably high or fierce attack at the end for max push 1. How do I piano Lk,Lp,Mp,HP,Hk,MP quickly. My pinky does not rest on HK when I rest my hand on the arcade stick (HRAPsa2 if that matters) 2.How can I practice it? the ps2 collection has a training mode, but no recording feature and the AI is too random. On GGPO or mame etc. there is no training mode. 3. Is it really possible to hit six buttons in the heat of battle like that??? from the wiki This leads us to the proper way to AG on a stick: Lk, Lp, Mp, Hp, Hk (then Mk). There are two main reasons for this. The first and most obvious reason is that it makes sense when you think about it ergonomically. If you place your hand over the attack buttons of an arcade stick, they'll very close to the buttons listed respectively, with the thumb being over Lk and the pinky over Hk.
  5. hardworkgenius

    [VS] General Discussion

    Ah gotcha. Thank you for the quick response!
  6. hardworkgenius

    [VS] General Discussion

    What exactly is that effecting? If I may ask.
  7. hardworkgenius

    [VS] General Discussion

    I actually just picked up Vsav as well, and I wanted to know since I have acquired the collection on ps2 if that version of vsav is it arcade perfect?
  8. hardworkgenius

    Team St1ckbug Bi-weeklies Brooklyn, NY 9/4, BBCS and GGAC

    Thanx alot guys. I got put on Blast thanks to reading this thread in the library lol. I need to hang out with jersey/ny more:yaaay:
  9. hardworkgenius

    GVN Summer Jam 4 in Philly 8-14/8-15

    put me down for mbaa/bbcs/ssf4 had mad fun at NEC last year, cant wait to be @ summer jam.HYPE!!!
  10. hardworkgenius

    EVO 2010 Caesar's Palace, July 9-11th VEGAS BABY!

    Im hoping to go to Evo for the first time this year NECX was my first tourney experience, so I should be okay and do more matches at EVO now. but yea BBQ let me know what the plan is, so I can take the plane with you and share hotel room. Im probably gonna bring my laptop and capture card with me too, I need to get moar serious! or I will walk away with a MAD face when Evo is over
  11. Just wanted to say thanks Big Eric for doing something big like NECX every year. It was my first time coming out to something that big with people who share the same interest. It was a really great experience. Keep up the good work. Also good looks with the jumper cable, would've been bad if I couldnt get home that night:keke: yea definetly bro, Im gonna get that shit looked into, and gotta invest in GPS than road trips will be pringles with that Mango Matt Damon. Stickbug- good looks with showing me the way to phili, and looking up the directions to get back I when I left my shit at home. And also for giving the boost to my lameass car. Everything was good money till that salty event, I was feeling Rock Ice Salty.but thanks bro. BBQ- good shit dude, for letting me know about NECX.I probably wouldnt have went if you didnt go. Also I know I can count when I get drunk and pass out in future events 10Stars: had fun dude, really awesome bang, and I know not sleep with you anymore (no homo) cuz you be laying fartbombs in the bed. But yea hit me up games dude. Reggie/DoomieJ/Ril: nice meeting you guys it was really awesome hope when can do it again, I definelty wanna step my game up now. Ril hit me for some guilty gear in the future or bb, and Doomie keep testament and sesame street real:keke: To the other players like LK,XAQ,Alzarath,Nas etc. you probably dont know me but your games inspired me to try harder to hopefully reach that level of play in the future and I have new interest in melty and GG. Godlike essay is Godlike, lets give a hand to NECX baybay:yaaay:
  12. hardworkgenius

    New York City / Chinatown Fair

    wow people actually played there?! lol
  13. Can I get put down for sf4, bb, and hdr? I might enlist in more but not sure atm. I tried pm'ing you but got no response.
  14. been creeping around the thread for I while, I wanna join on the action too. I will bring a ps3 if another is needed also. I'm hoping to play some bb, sf4, and hdr for now. Been hype for a while.
  15. hardworkgenius

    [CT+CS1] Noel Match Videos & Discussion

    Man, we need some videos asap! I'm using the online guides but I'm more of a visual learner. Why did the bonus disc have to be blu-ray? I can't play Blazblue and watch the video at the same time -_-