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  1. aw gosh thanks :>

  2. You have the most incredible avatar known to mankind

  3. ah Thank you sucks ganna need to get photo shop so I can make a badass avatar like yours.

  4. I animated it from the CS sprite rips that Circuitous did! You can find them here: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?8287-BlazBlue-Continuum-Shift-Sprites

  5. where did you get that gif. in your Avatar?

  6. And then you had to go mention Pittston and then I freaked out. Kicking around the W-B/Scranton area right now, some good arcades or, uh, any arcades at all would make this a lot more bearable!
  7. Sounds pretty sick, IllogicalDreamr. I live within walking distance in Brighton! Haven't played GG regularly since #R, haven't even played AC (is this a bannable offense?) at all but I guess I gotta start sometime, if nobody minds some shitty nub showing up.
  8. oh hay guys I have time to play video games again Playing plenty of BB on PS3, Tekken 6 here on Tuesday, but MvC1 and VS online is pretty tempting! Never used GGPO, but I was thinking about trying that and 2DF lately since I got Windows set up again. Either of those have voice chat?