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  1. Teyah

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    +R also was rebalanced around the extra input delay introduced by the hardware changes from Naomi+CRT to Ringedge+LCD, by adding in extra startup to most reactable overheads. +R effectively became a completely new game that was easy to accept as the next update. While 3S on Nesica/LCD is just the same 15 year old game but with double the input delay, which is understandably not too appealing for the hard core playerbase.
  2. It's in the YouTube description lol I still play a lot locally here in Calgary, the scene is good. Millia is really awesome in Xrd so lately I'm just having fun figuring out new stuff with her. I played Kazunoko last week in winners/grand finals of the (small) Xrd tourney at Canada Cup, and I got wrecked but learned a lot!
  3. So have any of us Canadians gotten the LE yet? I hear VGP shipped out earlier this week, but being right on the border in ON it's possible their shipment comes direct from the US. Future Shop / Best Buy still have my order showing as "In Progress".
  4. Teyah

    ACR Millia - Combo Lists & Discussion

    To combo from H Disc -> TKBM, you need to do the TK Bad Moon as soon as you're done setting the disc. Even a couple frames late, and your last hit of TKBM will hit after the disc, giving you a knockdown instead of the disc's wall bounce. Comboing after disc + 6K requires either corner, or for you to be very close to the enemy midscreen and do the 6K as soon as you can after setting the disc. After disc hits, you have enough time to do running 5S, though running 5K j.K may be easier at midscreen.
  5. Teyah

    General Millia Q&A Thread (Ask away!)

    2D into roll is almost always going to leave a gap big enough for the enemy to backdash away with little risk, or just block low since you won't be able to combo after an overhead without RC. I try to mostly save it for point blank situations or when you end up in the corner. If I do find myself doing it mid screen, I'll mix between running 2K, run up throw, running 6P to beat back dash, roll behind, or air dash over and back, with 6K very rarely used when I know it's close enough to connect the disc afterwards. I almost never do TKBM since it takes longer to hit it due to the distance, and because 6K at this range is unthrowable anyway. But yeah, go for 2D -> 2366H whenever you can, instead. It lets you get close and you get more setup time, which opens up more mixup options like haircar FRC -> full combo, 6K -> run up into full combo, and TK turbofall which would miss at farther ranges.
  6. Teyah

    General Millia Q&A Thread (Ask away!)

    That string isn't used because at that range after going through 5S 5H into 2D -> LS, you would be left outside of optimal disc range. You'd have to do 2D -> LS -> roll -> 2366H, which would take too long and not allow for proper mixup. And at farther ranges (eg. running far 5S 5H 2D) the LS won't hit. So basically in situations where you would want to do 2D -> roll -> 236H, you'd have to do 2366H, and in situations where you'd want to do 2D -> 2366H, LS won't connect.
  7. Teyah

    General Millia Q&A Thread (Ask away!)

    Enemy grounded: j.S, airdash cancel j.K j.S, land and 5S 5H 2D or 5S 2H -> aircombo Enemy in air: j.P j.P, confirm that it hits, j.K, dj.K dj.H ADC j.2H (3 hits), j.214S or j.236D, land, 6H 214K, set up disc
  8. Teyah

    General Millia Q&A Thread (Ask away!)

    Do FB disc, then do any of: 2K 2S 2D Iron Saviour 6K TK Bad Moon If it gets blocked, do another one of the above moves. All of them lead into a combo on mixup #1, and several of them lead into a combo on mixup #2, even from midscreen.
  9. Completed these sections of the guide: 4) Advancing With the Pin ----- 4.1) Pin Patterns ----- 4.2) Enemy Reactions to Pin 5) Advancing Without the Pin ----- 5.1) Ground Movement ----- 5.2) Air Movement ----- 5.3) How to Get Your Pin Back I do plan to finish this off and include +R in the guide now, as I've done in those sections above. I'll probably end up cutting out the combo parts of the guide and just reference the combo threads, since Millia combos rightfully deserve an entire guide of their own.
  10. I've played quite a bit on the PS2 GG stick. It's a stock Hori stick (iirc) which means that doing special motions is going to require excessive force, and the buttons aren't the greatest either. It's also not really usable with other games due to the layout. It's a cool collector's item, but not something I would recommend actually playing on if you're serious abiut the game.
  11. The way I practice disc mixup and follow-up combo/mixup depending on if they get hit/block, is just through recording the dummy alternating between high and low block very quickly. Basically going from [4] to [1] to [4] to [1] very quickly, this allows you to simulate the random guard function from #R. Then I play it back and do a knockdown setup from a throw, or a string into 2D on hit or if they block, go into instant K pin -> falling j.S -> high/low mixup into 2D. From there on you can just set disc and run your mixup.
  12. Teyah

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Hm... the red matchups on that spreadsheet appear to be correct.
  13. Teyah

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Yes that matchup chart was from Nov 2012, GGXXAC+R 1.0, before the Kliff supernerfs. Oh it's not from one person, the list is just my approximation based on ~1000 posts on the livedoor BBS in the last few weeks. There's a general consensus I noticed that the top 5 are Zappa, Faust, Millia, Chipp and Dizzy, and the bottom 3 are Kliff, Bridget, Venom. There were some people questioning Kliff's placements but more people seemed to agree. The middle tier rankings are mostly based off discussions in July, since there didn't seem to be much talk on the placement of those characters recently so I left them mostly as is from the older lists. On a general note, people don't really have to put too much stock into the list since it's just a based off of a (large) group of people posting, but I haven't found any other people discussing the tiers on a large scale like this so you take what you can get. Or we could help out Watches and make our own!
  14. Teyah

    ACR Millia - Combo Lists & Discussion

    Added in Simple Combos lists for the entire cast, broken up into the following weight classes: BASIC NORMAL WEIGHTS ANGLED NORMAL WEIGHTS BASIC LIGHT WEIGHTS HEAVIER LIGHT WEIGHTS ANGLED LIGHT WEIGHTS JOHNNY (lol) And then other misc combos as need to round it out. Hopefully this helps newer Millia players or those who want to look up easy combos to use on the fly.