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  1. I got the bee the first time I killed helquist so I knew where it was. I didnt think much of it till I got the two fer maggie though. Conference Call just takes it to a whole new level of shit. Vermivorous just drops norfleet and the legendary class mods oh and a head per character. The Gunzerker glitch mad me mad at first, because if the launcher is in your left hand, it does shit damage. So when I finally reversed it, my torgue machine gun did the rockets damage every shot. I about shit myself. Get a baby maker for real damage though

  2. I wasn't really going for anything specific. I got the Bee on my 3rd or 4th try though. LOL Gunzerker with Bee and any automatic shotgun = dead everything. I've yet to fight Vernivorous or whatever the hell its name is. Heard the DLC was meh too. Speaking of Gunzerker, do you know about shotgun/rocket launcher glitch? You don't even need the Bee to get insane damage...

  3. I will give you everything you need. I assume you were wanting a flakker or conference call. All my weapons I found myself, which means some may not be the best versions. Still going to rape everything in the room. Same with the Bee

  4. Yeah I know they travel to certain tourneys and such. I get invited a lot.

  5. I know a lot of people from Alabama. lol

  6. Meet a lot of Al peeps?

  7. Thanks guys. I'll keep this stuff in mind and practice it.
  8. What's the deal with 5B in combos? 5B 2B feels kind of random sometimes (using same timing, misses sometimes). Also, 5B 214C is inconsistent for me too. I saw Japanese players using it for tick throw setups, but 5C comes out frequently. Is 5B cancellable? Is this a tight link? Or, is it just input shortly after 5B ends.
  9. Astaroth136

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but that kind of button mapping is fine. I remember seeing lots of players setting their pad/stick's button combinations however they liked. Hell, quite a few people in Marvel map LMHS to 1 button so they don't get advancing guards before the XF guard cancel. I have no idea about the wireless controller thing though.
  10. I have seen two different mecha axe wielders

  11. Oh really? I will look at that. Right now I am hoping for Zas to come back, or I will go back to being an Ivy main. I will hit you up when this game comes out. Also Marvel has not been letting me into any ones lobbies so I have not bothered trying.

  12. His alt costume is Robo-Astaroth. It looks sick.

  13. I was hoping Astaroth would turn out looking more and more like a rock. Now he looks almost fleshy

  14. Astaroth136

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Any word on a Marvel teams tournament?