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  1. I wasn't really going for anything specific. I got the Bee on my 3rd or 4th try though. LOL Gunzerker with Bee and any automatic shotgun = dead everything. I've yet to fight Vernivorous or whatever the hell its name is. Heard the DLC was meh too. Speaking of Gunzerker, do you know about shotgun/rocket launcher glitch? You don't even need the Bee to get insane damage...

  2. I know a lot of people from Alabama. lol

  3. Thanks guys. I'll keep this stuff in mind and practice it.
  4. What's the deal with 5B in combos? 5B 2B feels kind of random sometimes (using same timing, misses sometimes). Also, 5B 214C is inconsistent for me too. I saw Japanese players using it for tick throw setups, but 5C comes out frequently. Is 5B cancellable? Is this a tight link? Or, is it just input shortly after 5B ends.
  5. Astaroth136

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but that kind of button mapping is fine. I remember seeing lots of players setting their pad/stick's button combinations however they liked. Hell, quite a few people in Marvel map LMHS to 1 button so they don't get advancing guards before the XF guard cancel. I have no idea about the wireless controller thing though.
  6. His alt costume is Robo-Astaroth. It looks sick.

  7. Astaroth136

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Any word on a Marvel teams tournament?
  8. Astaroth136

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    Lumin beat me to it, but I planned on wishing you all a Merry Christmas before he told TN Merry Christmas. So anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS you Michigan heads.
  9. Yeah. Can't wait for CSEX to drop, so I can get 80+ heat off of 5A. lololol

  10. Nah. When I found out they took out his ability to 8-9 cube combo from any air exchanged, I noped.

  11. Yeah man. It's like my bnb now. No seriously, I use it at least once a match just to piss off my opponents. I went to a tournament recently and busted it out in casuals and was making everyone go crazy. That infinite gets you all the bitches.

  12. It's possible with air X-Factor or Doom assist. Hulk is SERIOUSLY good in Marvel. His damage output is the best in the game (far better than Nemesis). With my team, I can kill about 80% of the cast off of any hit.

  13. If by "lol'd" you mean "rape everyone with Hulk," then yes. LOL As long as DHC glitches are out of the game, I'm fine with it. Marvel will always be Marvel, and I don't know why people can't understand that. The game is designed for stupid mixups and rushdown, and zoning is a viable tactic now too.

  14. Astaroth136

    Ultimate MvC3

    Hulk gaining armor on his gamma charge is a very good buff. His new wallbounces allow for more combos too. I expect him to be better than Nemesis, but only time will tell.
  15. Astaroth136

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Best news of the week. Can't wait.
  16. Astaroth136

    Ultimate MvC3

    Did you actually watch Seth Killian's overview of the character, or did you come in here to bash on people's opinions? In the video, he was trying to level up so many times that it was annoying. The whole time, I was thinking, "Wow, this better be worth it if it takes this long." Then, once he FINALLY got all four levels, it looked pretty underwhelming. Sorry that my opinions didn't match yours. EDIT In an actual match, two pictures were taken resulting in two level ups. Not sure what the odds are of leveling up or if there are certain conditions met. Nonetheless, if it averages to be that fast, then it is worth it.
  17. Astaroth136

    Ultimate MvC3

    While Frank West's leveling up is a bit different, I see no reason to use him over PW. PW does it faster and better. Although, West does have an anti-air super...
  18. Astaroth136

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Will Soul Calibur 5 have a tournament, assuming it does come out in its January release date?
  19. Astaroth136

    [CSE] Iron Tager CS2 -> CSE Changelog

  20. Astaroth136

    [CSE] Iron Tager CS2 -> CSE Changelog

    Expand on "ASW messed this up hard" please. Can't tell what you're implying.
  21. Astaroth136

    [CSE] Iron Tager CS2 -> CSE Changelog

    Woooo, new Tager is looking great.
  22. Astaroth136

    [CSE] Iron Tager General Discussion

    I haven't posted in forever and can blame 3S:OE for that. Anyway, Hugo has a throw that instantly carries the opponent to the corner (not just the edge of the current position), which I thought was a smart move for a grappler. I guess Tager's combos that end in 2D do something similar, but it's not as effective. By the looks of it though, Tager is getting a huge overhaul in Extend. Let's hope it's all for the better.
  23. Not just yomi. The general strategy of grapplers is the same in every game. Poke until you're close, make the opponent fear jumping, and grab where applicable. But yeah, yomi really helps too. lol

  24. Nah, this was my first week playing it. Grapplers play the same in every game, and instead of instant blocking, you just parry in 3S.

  25. Yeah, I remember you. I hadn't played you in forever, so it was cool getting some 3S matches with you. I need more Ibuki experience, so feel free to invite me whenever you're on.