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  1. oh you fixed it good job!

  2. hello dustloop user Cake Was Banned with two d's

  3. i want to kiss your av ok

  4. fagwassbanned suck it n00b

  5. Safetyman

    What is your favorite matchup?

    a ragna mirror vs ranga like to watch kaqn he is so pro
  6. rfbkrgkje;jebl;jaekl;aeftbkjojsftbrfewedv

  7. I must've caught you when you were tired. I usually get a better response than that.

  8. You're a fucking ugly bitch. I want to stab you to death and then play around with your blood.

  9. Because lolis. :3

  10. What chu talkin' about, Krieg?

  11. I love the straight edge shout-outs too, Mwahahahaha. :3

  12. "The lesson you should take away from this is that Safetyman is a better condescending asshole than he is a heterosexual." I think I found a new signature.

  13. It's xsafetymanx lol. Gonna add you now! :D

  14. Hey, we had a good connection didn't we? Mind if I add youuuuu? :3

  15. get off of blades dick u fgt