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  1. please stop mashing feather arrow when you are in awakening with meter good players will roll it
  2. 5c 2c j.c is not real btw lol
  3. Seems really easy to combo Rise to me. She gets hit by all of 2c. Aigis does not. Also all that from jbbs looks like standard stuff. Played over 200 offline matches with Yukari yesterday with my team, good character but it's clear that other characters (Narukami, Sho, Minazuki) are way better and easier haha. Don't lose hope!
  4. If they are too far from 5aaa for 214b 5c to connect you gotta use 214ab (less recovery) 5b 2c Also Aigis hitbox seems like it's harder to combo? try 5aaa 5c 5b, seems like 5c hits her less times so the normal timing (or at least the timing I've practiced) makes the 5b whiff. I think it might also have to do with the amount of times 5aaa hits them. It just another annoying thing lol
  5. DC

    TSB In Osaka [Spring/Summer 2015]

    I'll be there 100%
  6. Nice, let's get 6b back to 4k! That was my favorite combo from 1.0 lmao
  7. Hi Kokonoe faithful, CORNER 5BC 9d 5c 2c 6c falling j.b activate 22b 5b 6a 236b 5c = 3757 236c ender = 4036 236c ender with meter = 5036 WE SLOWLY GETTING IN THERE
  8. I don't think 2b after 5c works on Jin at all, works on Noel Also sideswitch combo on Noel and some others: 6b 5c 2c 9d 2b(1) 3c 6[a] 22b 6a jb activate etc etc
  9. j.b 5b iad j.b 5b garu sj.b j.2b 5b iad j.b 2b 5 feather flip D 3.3k yooooooooooooooooooooo don't get hit by a random arrow
  10. Shoutouts to the asian and white girls who took me LordKnight and Huey upstairs at the Copa to get free drinks Shoutouts to the Jourdal snow storm Shoutouts to that Noel player who legit just mashes D and got like 2nd place at the tournament lmao Shoutouts to bad games and Persona Shoutouts to the cab driver we fucking shitted on for taking Chris G and SherryJenix to Wawa for an hour Shoutouts to the ~s e c r e t~ Montreal room with Gold Burst and pizza
  11. DC

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I'm assuming Mitsuru's other new special is the [2]8A/B since Tentarafoo is [4]6C/D which means accidental inputs with every single button combination qq Don't act like you've never gotten EX coup droit instead of counter assault (or vice versa)
  12. DC

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Confirmed Yukari player until Metis is announced