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  1. KBnova

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    GG's ChrisGAngel! Play again soon.
  2. Hey it's Blade.  Good games a few days ago. Your Bedman is 10x more scarier than mine.  I came pretty close to beating you, but Loser_Shane (May player) did the deed before I could.  You really should consider EVO.

    Now if only I could learn how to move Bedman as fast as you do.  I couldn't even track him.

    1. KBnova


      Hello Blade! GGs , sorry for the late reply but I haven't checked DL in a good while. Let's play again soon and *high five* fellow Bedman player!

  3. Shout outs mode to everyone I have met at EVO this year! I had a great experience like i remembered from 2k4 (last time i went) but much larger and more cool stuff to do! Hope everyone had a safe trip and great to see friends from Canada, West Coast, Midwest, Southwest, South East, East Coast.....well from everywhere, lol! I would like to give thanks to the tournament organizers (Shtkn and Jyosua crew) and the Aksys for letting everyone try out Xrd for the first time at the event. So many hype moments during all finals and 120 degree weather didn't phase anyone! Thank you for a fun experience again. Cheers!
  4. Hey kevin. I heard we can't use ps3 wireless pads for evo. Is this true for side tourneys.
  5. I was wondering about that as well. I saw in the recent combo vid where she went for a low with high vertical sword.
  6. Ramlethal does look similar to Buri in gameplan. She looks really good too.
  7. KBnova

    Zappa Love+R (the practical AC+R thread)

    Thanks Lynxfort, haven't seen it yet but it's a really nasty setup. Raw 2D 3 orbs is so good.
  8. Kevin you can use it for p4a also. I just meant one setup in for general use.
  9. I can bring a full setup for gg
  10. KBnova

    Zappa Love+R (the practical AC+R thread)

    Something I started to do more these days with dog when facing out of corner and is standing on opponent is 2D set ups. I used to try doing 4D set ups or 5D but it will whiff depending on character hitboxes. High possibility of landing 60% damage easy and dog takes hit for DA and Burst or any random pokes into another summon. For example, facing out from right side of screen: 5p > 2k > c.5s > 2D > f.5S > ( dog should chomp down and recovered from f.5s )> dash in 5p > 2k > 2D > dash in > 2HS > 5p > 2k > 2D....repeat from start. I guess the benefit of this is extremely fast guard gauge meter build and 2 orbs for each set of block string (if they only block the entire time) and earlier mentioned DA/Burst/poke baits. It's also infinite block string and very rarely people were able to escape from it and always get guaranteed damage at some point. If you really want to make things slightly more difficult for opponent is to throw in 5HS > 2D(input this before 5HS recovers) > 2HS > unsummon > OTG summon > or air combo. so many options. Make sure not to do the 5HS during dog cool down otherwise you will get punished for sure. Edit: So I forgot to put in the dog combo that will give you the 50%+ damage from the 5HS > 2D > 2HS...from there you can do j.k > j.s > 8D > jc > j.k > j.s > 8D. Make sure to jack the guard meter slightly before trying it otherwise just keep going for 5HS > 2D > 2HS > unsummon > otg summon.
  11. KBnova

    Zappa Love+R (the practical AC+R thread)

    I agree, his options for handling spazzy jumping is to just air throw since his range is quite nice. As mentioned his 6p is very good against characters with great jumps in such as Order Sol j.HS since It will whiff through completely. Not against all air normals but majority of the annoying ones. One thing I try to do If people are IAD too much is to dash underneath them since he is very low profile and can also get you out of bad corner situations and reset your spacing since he has strong neutral game with any summon.
  12. KBnova

    Zappa Love+R (the practical AC+R thread)

    Lets keep hoping
  13. KBnova

    Zappa Love+R (the practical AC+R thread)

    He has 90~95% life damage (Meterless) from ID setup I use from time to time. But not that necessary since the damage from basic ones should kill them for the most part.... works on everyone but needs to shorten for heavy characters like Johnny etc: Dust > FD > Dust >land > 6HS > D.Anthem ~ K > dash > 6HS > D.Anthem ~ k > 6HS > D.anthem ~ k > dash >close 5S>L.E.G. You can add another RC after L.E.G > close. 5S > L.E.G. for the extra damage but I'd rather save it for super. Better damage actually even on block at that point. Also if going to use super at any situation for that extra little chip I recommend hitblock confirm with D.Anthem since it's +7 on block and prevents reversals such as Warrant with Testament... If hit with warrant and the player is good It can be very ugly really quickly.
  14. KBnova

    Zappa Videos (all versions)

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWu0yq61CTckYOp79jWjOEA If anyone is interested there has been a small group discussions through twitter about Zappa strats, etc. I posted few vids showing Zappa infinite variations, (Standard cast version / Female cast except for *millia* since she has a very small hitbox and need to modify all 5p to 2p during dog string / and a much more lenient version). I know there are several ways to approach this but I figured I'd share some ideas. Also you can modify the delay of the dogs to fish for CH and still keep pressure on block or hit.
  15. Chaaazzzzzzzz we are doing drunken karoake right now but I miss you man no homo. See you all soon