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  1. k4polo

    [CS1] Hazama Videos

  2. k4polo

    [CS1] Bang Changes and Video Discussion Thread

    There are two matches. The first is a Bang vs Lamda and the second is a great Bang mirror match. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm9202506 Bang vs Litchi, Bang vs Hazama http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm9201845
  3. k4polo

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    I can see it now though. "OMG I actually lost to Rachel." I will probably pick her up for that reaction of the opponent.
  4. Are you the same K4Polo from Kouli/Madosushi's FFXIII stream?

  5. k4polo

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    I haven't played the game but that sounds like a decent strategy actually since she can still jump pretty far with wind. She can put pole in ground for defensive. You have the nerfed pumpkins which are still useful to keep the opponent back. Plus you have nerf froggy which I guess is better than nothing. Defensive Rachel is not a bad idea. I don't think she does enough damage for offensive Rachel. Or is it that she can't do enough guaranteed damage like the frog combo in CT. Although I think someone who can cover distances fast would ruin that idea tho. For example, Bang or maybe Hazama. Be careful of that and good luck.
  6. k4polo

    [CS1] Tsubaki Yayoi - General Discussion

    Compared to other characters he is slow but quite powerful as usual.
  7. k4polo

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    It would be crazy to see a Pro Rachel player in CS. That would be very interesting. I like that Idea.
  8. k4polo

    [CS1] Tsubaki Yayoi - General Discussion

    Tsubaki vs Tager is an interesting Match-up. Tager is very slow so Tsubaki can have more charges. I saw a vid of it and it seems to be very interesting. The problem is Tsubaki vs Ragna, Bang. I haven't played the game but my initiate approach would be to spam her with safe pressure strings and not allow her to charge. This limits her damage and she cannot do that much damage with out charges from what I see. I am saying this because Tsubaki players will probably need to find means to deal with this problem From the vids I saw, I feel that she needs a big or bigger knockdown move so she can charge more.
  9. k4polo

    [CS1] Bang Discussion and Question Thread

    Ironically for me I mained Litchi and Bang the first day I played the game. I liked Bang because of his pressure game and FRZ. I didnt care if he was low tier, but I just love playing him and I actually got better with him. I like Litchi because of her corner traps and constantly applying pressure. Her pole may her and interesting character.They will probably be more Bang player as he is easier to pick her than Litchi. But I mean most will just stick to who they had.
  10. k4polo

    [CS1] Rachel Video Discussion

    I heard the block stun of pumpkin got nerfed which is bad. This hurts her zoning game.
  11. k4polo

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QhkQDJ6z9s I post it here too. That is some bs. They need to fix that badly. I don't play Rachel but that is pretty bad. I wonder what other combos can be put on Rachel. If what I saw was true. She indeed may be truely bottom in the end unfortunately.
  12. k4polo

    [CS1] Bang Discussion and Question Thread

    Bang is pretty awesome nowadays. Dora and Shadow are still very fierce with Bang. I like Bang offensive style. His new super looks very situational useful up close. It is a great defensive move super which helps him tremendous. It makes the opponent think twice while he rushes for rushing of strings moves. I wager he is going up above his current spot in the tier list of CT.
  13. Sure you could say that, My bad on that one. I am new to the forum. I suppose. Just getting a good start off.

  14. Either you're adding all the Litchi's or just adding. But you added me when my profile said no more friends......