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  1. What are some combos you guys use off of raw super with omb and omc?
  2. So how exactly do we deal with Margaret? This match up seems pretty bad
  3. Hitage

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Adachi: http://bit.ly/1mMPpH3 Marie: http://bit.ly/1tej8Wx Add them to your cart and checkout, then go to download list on ps3 and download them
  4. hitage one of these days when i head to Orlando you got to pick me up so we can have offline stuff. And we can bother Alx.

  5. Hitage

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Is anyone using any other option selects with tager other than teching with b+c? I know tager barely had any good option selects but has anything changed?
  6. you need to pick me up or have alxice pick me up when i come to orlando. My family lives like 10 minutes from sea world. I need some offline play dammit =(

  7. Hitage

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Good insight Coopa, I was feeling a bit discouraged with Tager's changes but I just have to adjust how I play. You say tager can do well in most match-ups, would you say he has more good match-ups than before? I could understand why you think that since most of the cast has had their damage decreased. I currently feel like his worst match-ups are Hazama: His damage output has decreased but he still has really good ways to keep tager out and can easily win by time out. Arakune: This was always a terrible match-up at least for me, but I honestly can't tell if its gotten worse. I would really like some insight here. At least now we can get gadget finger off of Bsledge. Mu-12: I feel like this match-up has gotten a worse. This was always a bad match-up if I recall correctly except now Mu-12 now has longer and more damaging combos. Lambda: This has gotten a bit better right? I've played a few lambdas and it seems like she can't do as much damage as before. Sledge follow-up seems pretty useful here. But it seems she can still keep Tager out at least decently. Rachel: In cs1 this match-up was actually in Tager's favor. I've only played against 2 rachels so far, but obviously she's a better character. So how has this match-up changed? I did ok against the Rachels but I had to work a lot harder lulz Bang: Bang has been a bad match-up for Tager since CT, sadly I haven't played any good bangs yet so I'm not sure how much this match-up has changed off the top of my head, those were some bad match-ups that came to me that I was hoping to get opinions on and insight.
  8. Hitage

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Is it just me, or is mu-12 significantly more of a problem than in cs1?
  9. Hitage

    [CS2] Iron Tager Video Thread

    Props to axis for actually updating new videos. TAYGAH
  10. i'm not complaining anymore lol I can focus a bit more at least until finals are over

  11. when will psn vome back -_-

  12. Hitage

    [CS1] Iron Tager Video Thread

    Thanks a lot Heroic, I appreciate the feedback. I'm actually trying to barrier block less, bad habit lol. I missed a lot of opportunities in those matches