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  1. What did you guys die? Fall off the face of the earth. Or am I the one whose truly dead lately xD

  2. Manta

    What's with the friend request out of the blue?

  3. Guess what guys, I am now on youtube! I'll be uploading my CS2 casual matches about every week or so.

  4. Whoo-hoo~! On Dustloop for 3 years as of today~! Oh and F*ck you Litchi...no one likes you.

  5. It's good to be back home and kicking ass! Another update: I'm giving CS2 Tsu a chance because I just can't abandon her -3-.

  6. Sweet lol and yaaaay welcome back :yaaay:

  7. Same as my PSN ID. I2ozy. Also UPDATE: I'm Returning to NY tomorrow! Yaaay!

  8. oh btw whats your gamertag i just got some live the other day

  9. Lol Too bad Hexy...too bad for you...

  10. Oh, awesome. Looking forward to it. :) ..No wait. I forgot you play Tager. D:

  11. Smexy Hexy I'll be gettin CS real soon for 360 so we can play :D. Still need to get a fightpad too though >_

  12. I've officially switched to XBL for all gaming except BB. I'll be doing BB on both consoles.

  13. I haven't gotten BBCS on 360 yet, but I plan to soon and thanks.