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  1. EtZ OvR


    yo we've played and lm sure you know the things im weak at cuz i get murdered. mind telling me what i need to work on? thanks bro
  2. Yo boss you have any translation of that new matchup chart you recently posted up in the matchup discussion thread.

  3. EtZ OvR

    [CS1] Tsubaki Yayoi - General Discussion 2.0

    I don't think the charging is her main problem, because even if she had infinite charge she still wouldnt break A-tier tbh. so fixing it wouldn't do much. they should fix the proration on non D specials when used more than once in a combo, make all of her air moves hit high, and buff a few of her normals with either more blockstun and/or range.
  4. EtZ OvR


    I dont see whats the problem with ragna becoming the black beast in every loop. In fact if ragna doesnt become the black beast in every other loop besides the first then ur practically saying the dark war doesnt happen in some loops Edit: I just realized what u mean Harmless Kitten. you believe i think bloodedge is ragna as an individual. Im actually saying that the man refered to as Bloodedge is the consciousness of ragna inside the Black Beast typical anime style. Thats the only way i could see anyone strong enough to decommission the black beast for 1.5 years but not strong enough to kill it. get me now? also sry for the edits
  5. EtZ OvR


    Yeh thats what i meant. i wasnt saying he knew the time loop would end with this go because then that would mean he knew the time loop completely even more so than rach or Haz. I meant that he knew that the destruction of the NOL branch in kagatsuchi was significant somehow. edit: I dont see how they can be so sure that its saya when she looks just as much like saya as Nu dif eye and hair color.
  6. EtZ OvR


    im not saying he blatantly calls the murakumo's saya IE: saya1 saya2 im) just saying thats his initial reaction when he sees them take for example when he saw noel for the first time. also the possibility of rag being the bloodedge jubei knew isnt that far fetched im thinking its probably like the case with jin, where in the first time loop he couldnt have been hakumen but in the subsequent iterations of the dark war he most certainly was haku. plus im thinking jubei had atleast some knowledge of the time loop cuz (id hate to go back to CT but) in CT's true story arc jubei came and told rag before he entered Kagatsuchi 'that this time would be dif.' its possible that he knew or atleast thought that rag had some sort of connection with the black beast other than his arm.That would make Ragna=Bloodedge alot more likely. Also someone as strong as 'Bloodedge' would atleast have some notoriety if was indeed that strong, as far as i know the only ppl that know of Bloodedge are the six heroes and rachel
  7. EtZ OvR


    Anyway just for the sake of being on topic. I actually don't think the Imperator is Saya since Saya is generally how he refers to the clones/murakumo units. I also think Ragna is the guy referred to as 'Bloodedge', mostly for the fact that i honestly don't believe that a single person could put the Black Beast out for 1.5 years without being in some way control of if. Also He is called Ragna the Bloodedge by Rachel soon after he gets his gear and Mu who does have the 'eye' or whatever does refer to him as Bloodedge in her ingame battle voice.