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  1. Aheh, I scared him off ^^; Sorry about that

  2. Thats gewd ._. Any snow yet? Also How goes the Foo-Ren-Kesan'ing?

  3. I dont know I havent been on Dust in awhile and I forgot about all these peoples. . . and erm. . .ahh. . . How. . .was your day? ._.

  4. Aheh, damn NYC, I live in Western Neo York >.

  5. NYC tournament in a school Nov 7th. Aol sn and email = oni163 http://www.dustloop.com/forums/editp...tpost&p=483784]

  6. I miss Kensk ; - ;

  7. What the hell are you anyway?

  8. I agree You is am disappoint

  9. Oh, I gotcha You mean Johnny throwing Bang >.> Damn Now I wanna see the Survivors of Ikaruga fight the Jellyfish Crew ._.

  10. Johnny > Bang all day.

  11. I just had an idea =o I wonder if you could get the Hyper Mode Band face, but just the zoomed in on his eyes thing And then just animate the flames on his eyes xP