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  1. HZMN

    [CT] Iron Tager Buffering 360 & 720

    AC baits people hard if you barely whiff it. i've caught alot of magnetized opponents running in on a whiffed collider from full screen only to get dragged in the rest of the way with 720.
  2. When did SJ go fist of the North Star on us? God I haven't been on in awhile need to catch up X_X

  3. HZMN

    [CT] Iron Tager General Discussion

    confirmed and abused......ALOT 720 with Unl Tager is just 4C. Blocked spark bolt + 4C = nearly guarantee 720. Aside from that, I agree with Garrett. Don't get comfortable playing Unlimited Tager, you skill level with regular Tager will go down fast.
  4. i'm just going to start calling you the resident troll

  5. Unfortunately I'm getting owned by work now so I don't know when I can get on... maybe this weekend.

  6. I'll be on tonight, I got alot of work to do as far as BB goes. I almost have to relearn combos from the ground up due to the stick i just got

  7. We should play again lately. It's been a while! I never got that game. ;_;

  8. HZMN

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    You've never seen the Man in Faye Suit have you?
  9. Hopefully this Friend Requests Around the World thing cures cancer. -Tha Hindu

  10. Aiding in HFA's quest to befriend every active member lol how many gamerscore is the achievement Killionaire?

  11. HZMN

    [CT] Iron Tager vs. v-13

    i can't decide to sig this or not lol Infinite Ice carz and this is just too good lol sadly I have to wait to feel this joy
  12. HZMN

    The Fighter Mentality

    Try to keep a cool head when playing fighters. Do that and everything comes easier, getting upset just clouds judgment and thus mistakes are more likely to happen. Cooler heads prevail.
  13. HZMN

    [CT] Iron Tager Buffering 360 & 720

    I can't remember the last time I jumped a 720.
  14. HZMN

    [CT] Iron Tager Buffering 360 & 720

    I plan on getting a stick soon too, probably after my tax money comes in. But I've picked up Hugo on 3rd Strike to practice 720s and such, granted our 3rd strike machines use Octagon gates and the TE has a Square =/ I plan on modding it anyway. More comfortable on a octagon anyway.
  15. @Doomie, its not like the Tager Forums is bustling with activity right now. Only a few of us are left since it takes a special kind of crazy to look at the matchups and still say "I want to main Tager" I expect that'll change ALOT when CS hits consoles though.