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  1. Haha. Well, I bet I will have no choice but to play. lol. Some of my rl friends? MvC is the only damn thing they play, much to my chagrin.

  2. Well I never played the MvC series, but the new one seems interesting to say the least. Hopefully this one will be more balanced than MvC2. If I ever decide to get into it anyways. >.>

  3. ~_~ MvC3 is official. the soul dies a bit, methinks.

  4. Yeah I've been playing through FFXIII as well. We'll just have to stay tuned for those BBCS changes, hopefully they'll be announced before the actual game comes out. I'm mainly hoping Rachel gets buffed and that Mu doesn't end up being broken, lol. Just gotta wait and see.

  5. Hmm.... I haven't been on Dustloop in ages either. lol. x_x Gaming wise I've been all in Final Fantasy XIII and, regrettably, was convinced by some folks to start playing GD WoW again. ~_~;;; I dunno, though. I have this Friday off, so maybe I shall make an appearance again then. e_e If Rachel might get a buff... maybe my inspiration for BB will come back. lol. I still haven't gotten a dedicated line yet, though. >.

  6. Looks like hope isn't lost; there's going to be character rebalancing for console CS it seems. Hopefully they buff Rachel at least to get her out of where she is now, especially since I'm interested in subbing her. =o Also you need to get your ass back on XBL. Been ages. e_e

  7. e_e;;; I know we haven't played in years. I'm working on getting a dedicated internet line for my 360. I haven't played anything over xBox live in a while because my connection has been straight bullshit. Even Blaz has been playing as stop-and-jerk animation, even against people I used to be able to play against with no problem.

  8. kkkkaaaaaaiiiiiii weeeee havvvvennnnt plaaaaaayyyy in yyyyyyyeeeeeaaaarrrrrsssss

  9. Haha... yeah... -110... x_x Not really sure who to pick up, though. Everybody and their sister is gonna troll some Hazama. Oh well. Gonna just keep playing her until CS is available anyway... but the first order of business is getting a dedicated internet line for my stupid 360 so I can play online properly again. >.

  10. Goddamn, -110 rating. I don't think anyone will think less of you if you switch mains right about now, lol.

  11. THX for the compliments. GG is the best, but no one plays anymore. I would if there was a scene for it. =(

  12. Was feeling a bit nostalgic and hopped over to the GG section. Watched some of your May vids. =D I didn't have the chance to play GG seriously back in the day, since none of the arcades in Savannah bothered to have it (XX for a very short time being the only exception) but I was a May player. Good stuff! The matches you had with the Axl player were doubly entertaining, since I played him a bit just before giving up on the game. (For example, I never played AC+.) Do you still play/have any more recent videos?