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  1. Penguinlord3792


    Well there not going to be perfect. I think they look good enough.
  2. Penguinlord3792


    Eh, an update is an update I guess. Even though their edits of the original chars, I can still kick brutal ass with them. So thanks. & Blade, they aren't that bad - unlike 9's Melty Blood chars.
  3. Nothing, I just asked him something. & That is also my masterfully crafted story of how I could get Shadow Draygon's talent. He said I could gain his talent through unicorn's blood & pixie dust. Still cannot find a damn unicorn though! If you find any, then tell me immediately! V

  4. Damn man! Of course! It's so obvious & clear to me now! Thanks man!, your the best! Better start killing some unicorns then! Now where's my katana.....HOLY SHIT! THAT'S A HUGE SQUIRREL! * Slice* Oh, wait that's not just a squirrel - it's just Makoto......oh well..........ah.....there's Makoto blood all over my nice gleaming katana now!, dammit now I have to clean it off before I start hunting unicorns, if I hunt them like this then it'll mix with the unicorns blood & be in-pure.....where the hell would I find pixie dust to? Oh yeah, that crazy guy with the funny eye behind walmart said he'd give me some if I gave him my kidney, oh well - all worth it to gain Shadow Draygon's talent.

  5. Penguinlord3792


    You should try Mugen 1.0 Rc8 man! It's very good, no slowdown, no crashing or error messages - it's great! Two of my characters no longer work, but that's a small price to pay. Plus a lot of the old Mugen screenpacks are compatible with 1.0, so your Mugen can still look all pimped out.
  6. Penguinlord3792


    Oh!, I'm sorry if that sounded awkward! I was trying to say thanks for trying to help me, even though Hazama still didn't end up working, I was still grateful for you trying to help me - if that makes any sense. I'm still working on finding your character for you, you sure picked a hard one though.....
  7. http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?9578-Makoto-Nanaya-for-God-Tier WTF man!, just saw this & I must ask - how the hell do you come up with this funny shit, I must know your secret.....
  8. Penguinlord3792


    I would like that, I would like that very much ......definitely the most badass character in the whole BB universe - definitely can give Jubei a run for his money. Probably could take him down in one bark. Probably would have to put down Ragna & make him my new main just because that thing is that awesome in magnitude. There definitely has to be a new thread here dedicated to the Hype Dog! I'm sickened that there isn't one! *BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK.* & 2nd_God - do you have a screenshot of the character? Also thanks for the help with Hazama, still didn't work though. But still much appreciated. Not much of a set back though, didn't really play as him a lot anyway.
  9. Penguinlord3792


    No, to be honest I'm amaeture at best when it comes to sprites, I usually only edit characters when it really annoys me, like if the cell pic size doesn't match up well with the rest of my characters, remove frames from characters that look crappy or stand out a lot, remove extra bars that are just there. Looks like you have a monumental task in front of you though.....good luck.
  10. Penguinlord3792


    Ok, I'll try that after I'm done editing the r8 screenpack - it's cool, like the font & everything - that "MUGEN" logo constantly scrolling in the background though is getting on my nerves & it's so boring.
  11. Penguinlord3792


    God dammit! I think you jinxed me! (Not really mad at you.) Is anybody else having problems with Hazama? I'm now running M.U.G.E.N 1.0 RC8 (Switched from Winmugen Plus) & I got this error message after trying to run him:
  12. Dammit! I was going to make an avatar of the hype dog as well! Beat me to it.....you'd better enjoy it.....for now.....

  13. Sup man, found ya. It's me Kris from MI.

  14. From hearing dethman32's comment. "You should just expect the forum to be overrun with shit threads the minute a new ArcSys game is announced and/or released. Have mercy on your soul when the next guilty gear comes along..." Sorry If I didn't specify that.

  15. Damn, I think I just got goose bumps from hearing that.....