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  1. JetEnduro

    [Xrd] King Ky - Critique Thread

    Didn't see all of the videos but it seems you need to learn the VT loop. Saw you jump cancel 2HS instead of VT in the corner a few times, could've gotten an extra loop into ciel knockdown. Work on your meaty 6HS timing and wall stick dust combos.
  2. JetEnduro

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    On now if anyone's around for some +R PSN: JetEnduro
  3. JetEnduro

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    PSN: JetEnduro Main: Ky Location: Connecticut I'm back D:
  4. JetEnduro

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Old eddie is back.... via FB summon. D: Robo-Ky looks promising, #R promising. Loving the old moves being brought back. DAT OLD KY 6HS <3 Looks like it's time to get the ps2 and arcade stick out of storage.
  5. JetEnduro

    AC: Ky Kiske Discussion

  6. JetEnduro

    Ky-Kiske Info/Combos Thread [Accent Core]

    I dont think you can TK CSE without doing 2369D which turns out to a SJ. After a 2D you can buffer the jump by doing 7 8 or 9+236D. Other than that.... idk how else you can do it. Also, back on the 6K use topic.... I sometimes do a late CSE FB cancel. Tends to catch ppl off guard if you cancel into the FB as late as you can since CSE takes a loooong time to come out. Nets you a knockdown into pressure... unless you want to do the followup from the FB >_>;
  7. JetEnduro

    Ky-Kiske Info/Combos Thread [Accent Core]

    6K you can gatling from almost every other move Ky has. You just have to be smart with it. Don't use it on every pressure string. Also, I tend to use HS>6K>SE frc>K>S>2D when I have tension to spare(usually the case) And it's a welcome boost in damage to combos(IMO anyways)
  8. JetEnduro

    Ky Beginner Guide

  9. JetEnduro

    Ky Beginner Guide

    If your stick uses a square gate use the corners to finish your VT motion at the 1 or 3 positions. You'll get used to it that way.
  10. JetEnduro

    Simple QA Thread. Post simple questions here!

    1.) Doing a diagonal jump + forward is the easiest way. IDK how else to answer this. Just keep practicing. 2.) Training Mode, midscreen, medium/light character. Start with a Greed Sever then VT loop x2. 3.) You have to be faster. ACSE is harder than CSE though.
  11. JetEnduro

    Simple QA Thread. Post simple questions here!

    You can also do j.P from a low j.S then land into a combo.
  12. JetEnduro

    Ky Beginner Guide

    Hmm... The window for moving CSE is kinda big. I usually dash jump after CSE frc and it goes up lol.
  13. JetEnduro

    Simple QA Thread. Post simple questions here!

    1)No, HS Stun Edge hit stun is long enough for you to run in basically right next to them, allowing you to do S>HS>6K without any problem. 2)HS allows for more combo possibilties due to higher hit stun. Obviously S is better from a decent combo in which you're pushed back quite a bit already. S>6P>HS>6K>HS SE>frc>dash>S>HS>6K>HS SE>dash>2K>S>SD seems to work for me in corner vs testament. I'd test it on other characters but i gotta go out.
  14. JetEnduro

    Ky Beginner Guide

  15. JetEnduro

    Simple QA Thread. Post simple questions here!

    When I FRC stun dipper i find myself backdashing more often than not. Move sucks in AC period.