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  1. lets be friend

  2. krost

    Fate/Unlimited Codes

    i <3 shiro :8/:
  3. krost

    A.B.A AC match video thread

    the videos run fine using VLC http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
  4. krost

    AC: Videos

    VLC Media Player runs axel's video fine http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
  5. krost

    Combo Movie Soundtracks

    Maximum the hormone - Koi no Mega Lover
  6. krost

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    if you use vlc media player, download the .asx and open it in notepad copy the mms link open up vlc and click File > Open network stream check off the HTTP/FTP/MMS circle paste the mms link into the box at the bottom, check off "stream output" and then click the settings button next to it check off the "file" button, then click "browse" to type in the filename of the a-cho video/select where you want the video to download check off "dump raw input" next to the browse button click "ok" for both menu's, and it'll start downloading
  7. krost

    Combo Movie Soundtracks