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  1. Admittedly, she was only in the school while investigating the case. With the case solved, she probably moved to another town. Why Yu is in his old uniform though, I dunno. Style?
  2. ^ Not Old. And now I'm stuck. Do I main my fav P4 character (Naoto), fav P3 character (Aigis), or the guy with my favorite Persona (Yu)?
  3. Makes sense I guess. She IS the only indication that this game includes characters from games besides Persona 4.
  4. That explains a lot then. Although I find it kind of odd how they didn't even 'officially' announce Yukiko and Kanji during the release trailers and stuff, yet they were playable. Oh well, Yu looks sweet. I've noticed that he can have Izanagi go from one attack to the next while he's summoned. Does doing so reduce the start up at all do you think, or is the same as if he summoned him for each separate attack?
  5. Forget the stages, where the heck is some Aigis gameplay? I haven't seen her at all.
  6. Hell yes, you shall feel the wrath of my eevee-lution team! Bwahaha!

  7. The chair knows better. If it doesn't open correctly, Kanji is gonna beat the shit out of it next.
  8. Drill

    Ultimate MvC3

    I'm not sure who has the funniest face on that box: Blanka or Ryu.
  9. Black and White Wifi then? 3 v 3?

  10. Most people are saying it would be a choice between the initial and evolved Persona. For example, Yosuke starts with Jiraiya. However, perhaps he can also select Susano-o.
  11. That fireball spell is Agneyastra, which summons comets from the sky. In P4, it's a physical skill she learns.