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  1. Oh wow, the changes to IB really changes the whole meta of the game. You can't just mash falling axe assist in reaction to their burst to still hit them now. Also being able to burst once IB effect ends is also pretty huge as well. Properly baiting out burst is gonna be a thing now. Of course they didn't say anything about increasing the invul frames if it doesn't hit or the active frames either so dping through burst is probably gonna be just as effective. Also They nerfed Mora's damage... Wonder if 13k combos are still gonna be possible. Also the buffs to Saya look good for her, but I am actually really confused by by Al Buffs. She seemed super good to me... weird.
  2. GG's to the people I played. I was the blue Makoto. Felt like I learned a bit. Fun times.
  3. Desov2

    Arcana Heart 3 - Out Now, Best Fighter Ever

    The third video came out for showing off the new features in the console release.
  4. Desov2

    Arcana Heart 3 - Out Now, Best Fighter Ever

    I remember watching that live, shame they had to end it early.
  5. I guess platinum won't distract me from AH3 and MvC3 now....
  6. Desov2

    Arcana Heart 3 - Out Now, Best Fighter Ever

    That video made me laugh. They show all those characters doing these combos and then Fiona comes on and she is like, "LOL GIANT SWORD SUPER." I want to play this game. Guess my ps3 has a reason to exist now till it comes out here for the xbox.
  7. Still can't do Makoto's #9, the J.CC at the very end just wiffs the second hit everytime. And I have been practicing it ALL DAY.... Grr. And yes. I am super-jumping.
  8. Desov2


    Phantom is totally zombified Nine. Terumi resurected her after he killed her so that he could use her.
  9. It worked out. Thanks for being the person to lend a helping hand. If were on psn at the same time just pm me if you want me to act as a spectator and help you out with recordings.

  10. Desov2

    Arcana Heart 3 - Out Now, Best Fighter Ever

    Okay. Cool. More you know. I guess ill be picking it up for ps3 then if I decide to get this.
  11. Desov2

    Arcana Heart 3 - Out Now, Best Fighter Ever

    I am just going to assume there is no region locking problems then? I could import this and play it on an american ps3/360? I want to make sure.
  12. To make a link, click on the button that has a globe and a chain link. Input the url in the pop up thing and click okay. Then, put whtever text between the brackets that you want to show up on the sig. I spaced the brackets on purpose to show you. [ URL="youtube.com" ]put the name that you want here. this is what it will look like. :eng101: Gl and remember that preview is your friend!

  13. Desov2

    [CS1] Tsubaki Yayoi - General Discussion 2.0

    Would (wf) or just (w) work? Also, does her 236D have invincibilty frames? I can't remember.
  14. Desov2

    [CS1] Tsubaki Yayoi - General Discussion 2.0

    Yeah you can gatling her normals stuff on whiff. You are correct stensatsu.
  15. Desov2

    [CS1] Tsubaki Yayoi - General Discussion 2.0

    Id love to see reset setups somewhere on that faq. I can't any and I think they are important for tsubaki's damage output. With that in mind, is possible to set up a 22D reset off the bnb ground combo? It looks like it to me.