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  1. Mash j.C + j.6D, and learn to IB>Jayoku :v: Seriously though, sure thing. I'll teach both you and Chad the ways of the troll, I should be there this Friday. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing your how well you do when they uncripple Rachel

  2. Teach me Haz next week or whenever your at the next hookup. The more i fuck around with him the more i start to dig his playstyle.

  3. Thats how i get down, all i need now is pink kara throws and i'd be legit.

  4. Wassup bro, its been awhile.

  5. WHATS UP!!! LONG TIME NO SEE!!! Anyways just to give you and everyone else a heads up, I'm returning to the community after alot of crap with my hand almost completely healed through rehab and hopfully getting my PS3 fixed sometime this week!! Hope to see you and everyone else ingame soon!!

  6. You down for playing a few later on today, kinda wanna see if i wanna play CS. Thinking about just not playing it at all.

  7. yeah, that's true, I'll still play even if shes horrible. Px I guess I shouldn't keep my hopes up, eh? :C

  8. I figure the whole rebalancing thing is just rumor. A few ppl say it will happen but im not gettin my hopes up. I still plan on playing Rachel, even tho shes horrible.

  9. Yeah, he's a prick. And he's been boinking my girlfriend too... :(

  10. Is that right? Guess i got yall mixed up, I played dude before hes pretty legit. I asked him could he teach me his rachel ways but he kinda just blew me to the side. I gets no love from pro rachel players.

  11. Naw. I ain't that pro. That not_misterbadguy cat though.... tooooooooo strong...

  12. Yeah I can see what you mean, hopefully they buff Rachel at least a little bit.. if only a little I'll be happy. :vbang:

  13. Imma play it, just probably not gonna put too much time into it like I did CT.