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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, as this would be something amazingly useful for ramlethal, but that isn't the case. That was a strange situation in which the timing was just perfect so that the familiar would get hit by mappa and ramlethal would still be in a low profile state during 2d. 2d managed to low profile mappa on some dumb luck, 90% of my attempts in this scenario ended with slayer getting hit by sword or hitting ramlethal and the familiar (unless 2d is done late can easily block the mappa though).
  2. Achtzehn

    8 On The Break Biweekly Tournament

    Tournament Located at local arcade 8 On The Break in Dunellen New Jersey Games being played are Guilty Gear Xrd and Persona 4 Arena 2 At the moment I am unsure which game will be mainly streamed, most likely the game with the most entrants (probably Guilty Gear Xrd)
  3. Achtzehn

    [P4A] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    After watching some of the loketest footage with yukiko, as in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J92BT_vmuU you can see yukiko super jump and throw a fan at the start of round 3 and land and get hit by liz 2b shortly after landing, not only did she not get fatal counter'd she didn't even get counter hit at all (not trying to sound condescending here just trying to figure out what's true and what's false).
  4. If its because of a ride I can probably pick you up, same offer goes to andy. Just know that I'm definitely going to jimmy's after and won't be leaving till sunday.
  5. THIS IS JUST LIKE ONE OF MY JAPANESE ANIMES! I'll see you guys tomorrow. I will actually show up this time, I fucked up and ended up ducking last tournament. On that note should I bring my ps3 for chaos code?
  6. Also Alan if you need help with pools or the stream let me know, I'll be entering stuff, but I don't think I'll be in any of the brackets for long. I'll be at the copabanana on friday too, what time would be good to show up?
  7. Pre-regged. Alan I can bring a ps3 with GG and a copy of BBCSEX and P4U. Let me know if you need them, I don't have monitors though, just CRTs.
  8. Achtzehn

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    Sorry I haven't really been online too much, been getting bodied hard by work recently (and will keep getting bodied). Working at UPS during this time of year is suffering.
  9. Yo yesterday was fucking hype as shit! Got to see people I thought I wouldn't see again for a while, and meet some players who I've only heard of in whispers. Sucks that I had to leave early, but that's life, next time I swear I'll be around for the whole thing. I will be grinding as much as I possibly can until NEC to try and redeem myself. Shoutouts to daiandoh for running the tournament and helping me meet my time limit. Shoutouts to chazz in the team event bodying me with mindgames. (Sorry we just kept it going, I would have restarted but I needed to finish up my matches ASAP) Shoutouts to marlinpie for letting jersey go 1-5 in the exhibition, and then win the tournament, you truly are an NJ god. Shoutouts to min for running the stream, as well as team spooky in general for being awesome and streaming for us. Shoutouts to everyone who came and I can't wait to play with you guys again!
  10. Achtzehn

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    Anyone in the tri-state area/east coast want to play?
  11. Achtzehn

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    I was wondering where all the PSN players were. PSN: Achtzehn Location: NJ good connections please.
  12. Achtzehn

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    I just saw this and hopped online in hopes of playing you, only to find you're playing DC universe.
  13. Achtzehn

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    I'm back from work if you still want to play, though I see you playing BBCSEX right now. I'll probably hop on pso2 since nobody is ever online at these hours with a decent connection. EDIT: Also arvelous and funkyp if you check here good games, and funkyp if you were picking chie instead of Slab because of me thankyou, if not eat a dick.