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  1. Eggs&Rice

    [P4A] Shadow Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Tried my hands on this game. Loving this character so far, so I'm probably gonna stick to her as my main (with Mitsuru as my sub :3) Few things I found that were interesting: -Asterios's 5C has armor against close-quarter attacks , from start to finish (well, except for the first 4 or 5 frames, maybe). Even her recovery has armor. Those who aren't used to this will try to break S. Labrys's persona before it could land a hit, but ended up eating a fat punch. I found this to be quite humorous, but this makes her oki game that much scarier. I think Asterios also has some armor during his 236C attack, but I'm not exactly sure about its properties. -Her left-and-right mixup game is almost nonexistent after her 5AAA>214A combo. But her aerial combo into a j.214A brings her close enough to the opponent to grant her the option of a crossup. (EDIT: I was wrong. Her 236 C oki should be slow enough for you to run up to the opponent and roll to the other side for a crossup.) -Her 236236C super is burst-safe. Not very useful info, but I thought this was pretty funny.
  2. Eggs&Rice

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    Fucking hard-ass game, no matter how many times I practice, I can never get the basic shit down. Well, that just means that the developers actually did something right with this game. What are the special properties of rainbow dash, and in what situations would I use it (other than just rushing down your opponent with a melee attack)?
  3. HI, MBAACC!! Say hello to my Day 1 V. Akiha!
  4. Eggs&Rice

    GGS: Norcal's Guilty Gear's Weeklies (Gamecenter/STA)

    Maybe Myung can rent you a copy of his GGXX:AC.
  5. Eggs&Rice

    GGS: Norcal's Guilty Gear's Weeklies (Gamecenter/STA)

    Unless Sanoshi decides to visit Norcal, good luck finding someone that knows how to play him. Also, thanks MayFTW for hosting a fun GG session yesterday. I'd like to attend more of these; I want to get better at this game.
  6. Eggs&Rice

    GGS: Norcal's Guilty Gear's Weeklies (Gamecenter/STA)

    I noticed that on certain days you're hosting at 10 am in Gamecenter. Did Myung agree to this? He usually doesn't open until 3 pm.
  7. Mind if you send me the link? I might be able to identify the players.
  8. Stop quoting me. Hope to see you there, m8.
  9. More than 8 entrants, that's for sure.
  10. He's one of the regulars at Gamecenter. What was the picture you asked him to draw? I'll ask him whenever I can to see if he still has the drawing.
  11. Just wait till Console version.
  12. I might arrive a bit late, if that's cool with you. Depends on how long I'm gonna chill with my cuz.
  13. Shoutouts to Myung, Chun, and everyone else who were involved with this month's NCI. Really good shit yesterday, the most fun I had in a long ass time. And shoutouts to the winners and runner-ups of all the games played.
  14. Difficulty seems different, though :/