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    [CT] Arakune vs. Hakumen

    When playing BB for the first time I was getting crushed on by this local gg player running his Hakuman all over my face, to which a friend of mine responds: "Hakuman is a problem for people that have never played this game before, and only for people that have never played this game before" I now agree with this statement. I just thought we should be well rounded and have a thread open for the discussion of how to keep Hakuman locked out of the game like the champs we are. All hail our bug-ridden overlord.
  2. tofu_bones

    [CT] Arakune Combo Thread

    I think watching this video is what love feels like.
  3. No lie, sitting in class trolling forums instead of paying attention to a Faulkner lecture, I read your signature and lol'd. well played.

  4. tofu_bones

    [CT] Arakune vs. Hakumen

    The attack that I see Haku using most often to swat at my projectiles is a crouching upward motion with his sword (not sure the actual input command), and the recovery on that seems to take foooorrreeevvveeerrr (exaggeration). If spaced correctly, doesn't Haku just have to eat a j.D on recovery? And with a j.D comes a re-curse, and re-curses mean more bugs to deal with. It just seems to me that a Haku player has to really work hard for a victory against Arakune. I don't know if it's correct to equate it to Arakune's match-up with Nu V-13, but I feel that against Haku I am at an extreme advantage. Maybe I need to find a new batch of Haku's to play against?
  5. tofu_bones

    [CT] Arakune vs. Hakumen

    staying out of his range is all you really have to do, just remember that you absolutely control the tempo of this fight and there is little to nothing he can do about it. double jump/back jump/get in the air at the beginning of the fight to get a cloud out, mix up your ways of getting to the ground, as far as I can tell he has no way to stop you from doing this, you simply out range his aerial advances. follow this up with moving him into a corner (obviously the methods of doing this will change depending on which cloud you summon) basically with moving behind your bell bugs, spitting at the ground and the occasional mix up poke from a j.D. If Hakuman decides to try and get over your bell bug, standing C him and get a nice air combo, that is of course if he has avoided all the advances upon him that result in a curse, chances are he has not. Eventually Hakuman will find himself forced into a corner, because that's where we put him, and in the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar... "IT'S A TRAP!"