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  1. Segretezza

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    Yea basically I looked at his combo list and the way it was written was almost as confusing as guilty gear combo notation. Is it possible for a link to your combo list if you have one Sophisticat? I appreciate the help from both of you but I'm full aware of reading combo notations just the bullets and indentations on JackG through me off. Anyway, I presume the links are Continuum Shift combos?
  2. Segretezza

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    I figure this is a silly question...but how are the combos read because I don't know what it means when you have a string then another line indented underneath.
  3. Segretezza

    [CS1] Mu-12 General Discussion Thread

    That's the truth. in Soul Cali they just removed the ability to change clothing to skin tones. Result: A very versatile custom system that doesn't push the line (too much). True you'll have some asshats online changing their colors to eye bleeding pink but, when you think about it...they have to play that character too. Honestly I just find it pretty sad (even though I'm going to buy it anyway) to have us pay 5 bucks for something as simple as moving the hue bar in photoshop.
  4. Segretezza

    [CS1] Mu-12 General Discussion Thread

    I just checked out the color pallet and well...kinda saddened that my Eva-01 color scheme is gone. But with that it brings up a point... Why not just allow everyone to customize their character to whatever they want? Take soul caliber for example. Every color was available and it created a unique part of the game. I highly doubt custom colors in BB to be harder than that...
  5. Segretezza

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    Ok thanks, hes gonna take some time getting used to...but luckily messing with Tao makes the drive moves a little easier. Now with the combo thats in the Hazama section for BnBs, 5B/5C, 3C, 214D~C, 5C, 2C, (JC) j.B, j.Cxn, dj.Cxn, 214B Every time I try to land j.B they are too high to hit. Perhaps im not JC soon enough for the kick to hit? Would it be better to leave out 5C and just JC right after 2C?
  6. Segretezza

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    I'm having difficulties connecting one of the BnB combos for Hazama... 5D~C, j.5B, (land) 5B, 3C, 214D~C, 2C, j.Cx5, (land) 2C, 4D~D, j.Cx5. dj.Cx5, dj.214B That 4D~D is giving me some grief... I get the Nu syndrome and either mash D to much causing it to retract before it hits OR my timing is off and after the 2C the Ouroboros doesn't come out until the combo is over. Any suggestions in order to get this combo done properly? Or should i just go 5C, 2C, 623D and end it? Also, I'm curious about combos ending with 623D where you can apparently end that with 632146C. Whats the timing with that?
  7. Hey utility. I used to play on live a lot, but not so much anymore. My gamer tag is Segretezza. Though as far as Tekken/Blazblue goes, I play on the PS3

  8. Hey man you play on live much? Mind if I add? What games do you play?

  9. Segretezza

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    No way! They got rid of my Eva-01 color scheme...wtf *wrist*
  10. Segretezza

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    So basically we are stuck using 4B to high crush now...which is relatively easy to block if you know the start up animation. As far as the new act pulsar moves...is there anything else to use for crouching opponents now?
  11. Segretezza

    [CT] ν-13 Combo Thread

    I'm just curious...what are some good options to utilize 6A instead of going straight into 2C? From my experience characters like Ragna and Hakumen IAD+C you need to use 2C to get them. But perhaps 6A can be used for the High crush invulnerability? Any input would rock
  12. Segretezza

    [CT] ν-13 General Discussion Thread

    I highly doubt its act parcer since that has nothing to do with the movement. (which isn't even the right spelling of the word) Parser - to analyze (a sentence) in terms of grammatical constituents, identifying the parts of speech, syntactic relations, etc. I didn't know Nu was a teacher now. Its Palusa. Ra ri ru re ro can be also read as La li lu le lo in Japanese. Wakarimasuka?
  13. Segretezza

    [CT] ν-13 Video Thread

    honestly I like Nu's play style and I like the type of pressure she puts on people. If anything, people should enjoy the game more for actually giving a challenge and forcing you to play differently. Even Arakune players need to step it up agenst Nu, instead of jumping and spamming cloud they instead need to zone as much as Nu and catch her off guard. I must have played with this good Arakune player for about an hour+, it was intense and a ton of fun. But you take the good with the bad, this Rachael player couldn't stop bitchin about how "boring Nu makes this game" Oh well...
  14. Segretezza

    [CT] ν-13 Combo Thread

    I tend to use act pulsar when players are using their barrier shield and I'm in my C combos. Say if I start with 6B followed by 5C(4) I will go into 6C and 66 act pulsar. With me getting pushed further away from the barrier shield, act pulsar will usually put me directly behind the opponent for a cross-up. I will use 4B and launch them into a jC j2C djC dj2C dj214D air combo. Works great and catches many off guard.