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  1. Sign me up for Guilty Gear please! hAZ|Abare-Ky, Phoenix, AZ <3
  2. Dios!<3 How have you been lately? Going to EVO?

  3. Oh, my, god... I did not check DL today, so I did not see the message! Please call customer service ASAP! Someone else may try to claim it.

  4. Quote by Ghaleon: Please Register by Oct. 2, 11:59 p.m. Reg goes to $40 instead of $35 on Oct. 3. The website is converting so there is NO WAY for me to make exceptions to the reg process. The last day to reg is Oct. 10 -- if you have to foresight to plan on driving across the country to play games please also bother to take 5 minutes to register or you aren't getting in. This is a 700-person+ event, we will reach capacity, and we have so much going on and pre-reg means this event can run properly We love you guys, but please do the right thing. Do not pay for venue fee and then try to purchase more games later, and do not plan to pay for extra games at the venue. If you need to make changes to your purchase, email me at hatalawriting@gmail.com and I will work with you!! We can provide a 32-64 man paper bracket for BB, but unfortunately, we can't take any part in running it. Also, we can give some advice about setting it up/running it if this is your first time.
  5. EVO 2011 at Rio Hotel - July 29-31, 2011. Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (PS2) - Singles Date: Friday, July 29th, 2011. Start time: 3:00PM* Entry fee (Updated): $5.00, with $300.00 pot bonus* to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Pot will be split 75%/25% (1st/2nd), or if there's a decent amount of people (>20) 70%/20%/10% (1st/2nd/3rd). *Pot Bonus: 1st place - 70% of the pot+$210.00! 2nd Place - 20% of the pot+$60! 3rd Place - 10% of the pot+$30! Rules: - 2/3 matches, 2/3 rounds; Grand Finals 3/5. - Double Elimination Bracket. - Player may change character after loss; winner is not allowed to change character. - Glitches are allowed, game breaking glitches are not. - EX characters, GG Mode, Kliff and Justice, are all prohibited. However, the extra colors will be legal (aside from Shadow and Gold). - Button mapping is allowed. Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (PS2) - 3v3 Teams (Tentative/If time or the EVO staff permits) Date: Friday, July 29th, 2011 (after singles)* or Saturday, July 30th, 2011 at 5:00PM. Entry fee: $5.00 per team member. Pot will be split 75%/25% (1st/2nd), or if there's a decent amount of people (>20) 70%/20%/10% (1st/2nd/3rd). Rules: - Each player MUST use same character for the entire duration of the tournament, players are not allowed to use the same character as their team member(s)-- Ex: Slayer/Testament/Slayer, etc. - After team member loses match, next team member plays. - No EX, gold, or shadow characters. - Kliff and Justice are banned. - Button mapping is allowed. If a player fails show up 10 minutes after being called for his/her match, then he/she will be disqualified. However, this may change if he/she is still in his/her pool for another tournament (ex: MvC3, SSF4, etc). We would like to allow the tournament(s) to run smoothly & on time, so please try to arrive on time for your match-- in order to make things easier for everyone. Unfortunately, the tournament(s) may not be streamed (unless someone offers to stream it/them), but we will try our best to record the top 5 or top 3, if able to. Help with the tournament(s) and/or recording is always encouraged/appreciated. Please let me/us know if anything regarding the format, rules, date, time, etc needs to be changed or altered.
  6. My sister edited my post for me -- it's changed now. Edit: working on the full bracket results now. Edit: Team results: 1: Team Japan (RF/Hellmonkey/Kindevu) 2: Team Elvenshadow (Elvenshadow/Jesse/Honnou) 3: Ask Saif (ID/MikeZ/Kennyon) 4: Team MarlinPie 5: Team Old Men 5: Team AKA 7: Sinoyoo/Mike/Kaige 7: Team FRCflyingJohnny 9: Team DP's Suck 9: Team Jason D+Others 9: Team Hatchi Roku 9: Team Winners Don't Use Lag 13: Team Low-Tier Trash 13: Antonio Edit2: Bracket (recreated to the best of my memory) Full Singles Results: 1: RF (FA) 2: AKA (MI) 3: ElvenShadow (FA) 4: Hellmonkey (BA) 5: MarlinPie (SL, ED) 6: Steve H (KY) 7: Latif (ED) 8: Saif (OR) 9: Zeero (?) 9: Blitz (MI) 9: K2 (MA) 9: Woki (DI) 13: Abare-Ky (ED, KY) 13: Teyah (ED) 13: DavidCue (ED) 13: Phaethon (MA) 17: NecroSon 17: What is this game? 17: Stag.S 17: Tae Seong Kim 17: Honnou 17: Jo 17: Roldy 17: Wuku 25: Fragile 25: frcflyingjohnny 25: Stealth_Duck 25: ChaoticBlue 25: Jan 25: Holy Order-Troll 25: Jesse 25: X-Sapphire 33: Jason D 33: Mighty 33: Xie 33: Theupstreamer 33: MANUEL 33: CopperDabbit 33: Mike(2) 33: Linear04 33: Soniti 33: Saru 33: Combofiend 33: Stark 33: Diobrando 33: Himura 33: Mike Z 49: SLEDGE 49: Matrix 49: Kousaka 49: KarlKablisk 49: Mike 49: unsanctifier 49: Spiteful 49: Polyfreeze 49: Reppuken 49: Sytha 49: Coak 49: TSHKN 49: SixEightNine 65: Shunzuke 65: Kennyon 65: Kyoku 65: Xieno Tiger 65: BLARGSTER 65: Simon 65: SuperFX 65: Mr. Igloo 65: Recna 65: HellFromAbove 65: Leo7 65: Shtkn 65: Yaozzer 65: Moroha 65: Shin ATproof 65: Albert 65: Dr. Stormlocke 97: Adam 97: Ryuuka 97: RaptorIIC 97: Zante 97: Huey253 97: DubiousCurvLoop 97: Kobesama 97: BlueNINE 97: Sanoshi 97: Klaige 97: Raye 97: TheBrad Some people were either DQ'ed or could not make it... Sorry for this taking me so long -- I had to buy a new mouse, because the old one I was using was making it too difficult to drag-and-drop. <33
  7. I did show you the bracket, perhaps I didn't explain it clear enough though, sorry.. Forthermore, we only used the 64 man bracket as an example, so that everyone who signed up on DL would already be pre-seeded (we didn't want people playing their friends as 1st/and 2nd matches, every top player playing eachother, etc) -- without it, seeding 85+ people would take forever, especially on a laptop... Although I/We do apologize for the inconvenience, even if it was out of our control... I'm sorry that you were disappointed, hopefully you had a good time at EVO -- and if you decide to enter another GG side tournament at next year's EVO, you will have a much better experience.
  8. I will post the full results for Guilty Gear Singles and Teams as soon as I fix some errors in the singles bracket -- please give me a day or so, thank you. Oh, and just to add, I/we had to resume GG singles the next day (at 3pm, which we told as many people as possible) to avoid the tv's being turned off during grand finals, like last year... But unfortunately, I almost made it out of my 2:00pm MvC3 pool (I expected to go 0-2), so GG singles resumed a bit later than expected... Teams started a bit late due to us looking for RF for like 3 1/2 hours straight... The same thing happened when we resumed singles, and it would be very unfair to DQ RF when none of us had his number; and he came all the way from japan, and he was excited to enter the GG tournament(s). I also understand that some people did want to go out and eat/play other games, but I wish everyone would have told me or Sol-Bumguy -- some did, some didn't... I ended up sending aleast 10 people to losers, then some of them showed up a few minutes later, so I had to reverse the loss, then they left, then their opponent showed up before the 10 minute mark, so I had to reverse THAT! and things like this happened MANY times.... plus some people were complaining about about sent to losers or being DQ'ed, so when their opponent was still in the area, I just reveresed it and made them play their match... lastly, there were certain OS players that held up the tournament for hours, so their friends had to keep calling/texting them, so I felt that it wouldn't be fair to DQ him... The total entrants before some people decided to drop out was 88! (plus like 10 other non-entrants playing casuals) But for now, here is the top 8: 1. RF (FA) 2. AKA (MI) 3. Elvenshadow (FA) 4. Hellmonkey (BA) 5. Marlinepie (SL, ED) 6. Steve H (KY) 7. Latif (ED) 8. Saif/ID (OR) Also, we had like 13 teams (many people could not enter because there were still in other games/had to be somewhere around 8, etc)... Team Japan (RF/Hellmonkey/Kidevu) won, Elvenshadow's team (Elvenshadow/Jesse/Honnou) took 2nd...
  9. I will add him in the place of a "bye". Thanks for the reminder, Teyah!<3
  10. A very sweet, kind-hearted canadian has donated $250 to the pot, bringing it to a total of $300!!<333 Alright, the final bracket -- up until more people sign up @ EVO! Due to so many canadian & socal player entering, it is inevitable that some may be in the same pool. I'm still pretty new at this, and this is me and Sol-Bumguy's first time doing brackets by ourselves. Hopefully, most of you are happy with it <3.
  11. I thought W looked abit too strong, but I wanted someone's opinion just to be sure. I will recreate another one, once I get back from work <3 TSK: Will do! Thanks!
  12. Ok, this is a Tentative bracket. If more people decide to sign up via DL, or in-person at EVO, I will add them in place of the bye(s) -- but, I cannot guarantee they will be seeded correctly. If anybody has a problem with the bracket, please feel free to post in this thread <3! p.s. I/We will have no internet access on thursday, so please post your concerns asap. Good luck to everyone!
  13. MacArthurBlunts: -60 =( Awww, everyone was looking forward to playing against your Slayer, and it is awful that you can't make it. SLEDGE: That is terrible, I hope there will be a GG side tournament next year. I also hope your situation will get better soon. Soniti and Polyfreeze: Thank you guys so much for doing this, I am sure EVERYONE will appreciate what you are doing, since GG tournaments have been lacking matches being recorded/streamed. Jo: Good to know that you've sorted out everything, and you're back in this. Sanoshi: You can still bring 2 TV's if you have room/want to-- so that way, you can play casuals in your room or between tournament matches, as well. It's up to you; much appreciated though, thank you.
  14. I would like to announce that we are indeed adding a small pot bonus of $50! The pot bonus will be split 70/20/10, I know it's not much, but most side tourneys don't even have a pot bonus afaik -- IMO, It's not all about the money, I want everyone to get hype, have fun, improve, and support Guilty Gear!<3<3<3 So you guys better show up to support your game, get dat money, and quite possiby fight RF! Mods please edit the title and change "tentative" to "Pot Bonus", plus add the date+time if there is enough room. Thank you!<3
  15. I don't know if anyone on DL has seen this yet, but RF, the Japanese Faust player/SBO champion, is confirmed for EVO: Japan invades EVO! Does anyone know if he would be interested in playing GG/maybe entering singles, etc? I'm sure there are many Guilty Gear players who would love to play this Tougeki champs' Faust <3.
  16. Sorry if this is going to be a problem but... IIRC more GG players play BB/and MvC3 than SF4, so the Guilty Gear tournament will run on friday, 7/29 at 3:00pm. However, for those of you who are arriving on friday afternoon or later, please post your concerns if the start time is a problem. Furthermore, if there is not enough time to run teams after singles on friday, teams will run on saturday, 7/30 at 5:00pm; since BB and MvC3 singles will be almost over by that time. I know GG tournaments usually don't start on friday, but I feel that this would make things easier on everyone, due to EVO's schedule (for the GG players entering BB and MvC3)...
  17. Thanks for signing up! <3 Asking around in-person is what alot of people usually do; I'm glad you're trying to preassemle a team (like Mac, Hellmonkey and MikeZ/Korean's did). People are usually pretty good about letting you borrow/use their stick for your tournament matches -- if somehow no one has a stick available for your match, I will let you use my/or my sister's stick; that is, if you can play on a hybrid (Happ Super Joystick+Seimitsu Buttons). Also, if you would like to sell your stick: Trading Outlet on SRK is the perfect place to do so (must be a registered user to see the forum).
  18. Quoted from first post: Rules: - Each player MUST use same character for the entire duration of the tournament, players are not allowed to use the same character as their team member(s)-- Ex: Slayer/Testament/Slayer, etc. - After team member loses match, next team member plays. - No EX, gold, or shadow characters. - Kliff and Justice are banned. - Button mapping is allowed. Unfortunately, you can't use the same character as your team member -- that's how it is at every GG tourney... but you're good with both A.B.A and Millia, so shouldn't have a problem finding a team mate.. Yeah, asking around is what alot of people usually do; but I think it would be easier for people to try to preassemble a team (like Mac, Hellmonkey and MikeZ did), but that really depends if you know people (maybe you can team up with Spiteful if he goes). <3
  19. ...so, Zong_one, do you accept me & my sister's MM's? We don't even really play this game anymore, so we would be Free -- if you don't want to, then that's okay I guess... meh...
  20. There is a 50/50 chance of me going to this -- if I do , I would like to MM ZONG_one 3/5 for $5; my sister will also be MMing you, for first to 3/5 for $5.00 (in GG of course). I'll also bring PS2 with GG if I go. <3
  21. After helping run the Official Guilty Gear tournament at this year's Final Round 14, Sol-Bumguy and I decided that we will run the GG side tournament(s) at EVO2k11 (If our bosses will let us have the weekend off, which may not be a problem). A Thread will be created this week when/if my boss approves my days off for EVO, and after the details are sorted out. We will bring our full set-up (PS2+TV+2 copies of GG), but atleast 1-2 more set-ups are needed in order to make it run as smooth as possible -- and for casuals♥ If everyone wants a successful and hype GG tournament this year, then planning early is the best way to go!♥
  22. ♥Happy Birthday, Sanoshi!♥ :)

  23. Ky-Sama

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    I'm going to make this short. Using 6P is one of the basics of GG, so of course it's not hard to use. SG loops aren't too bad, but Ogawa combo's are . I didn't say execution is just what makes Marvel 2 a harder game... Here are a few things off the top of my head: i.e. in order to play it at high-level, you need to have extremely good blocking skills, GDLK reaction, watch everything on the screen (and I mean absolutely everything), you constantly have to press 4-5 buttons at once (+ directions), plus alot of other stuff I can't think of atm... Oh yeah, speaking of Guilty Gear, I have very high expectations, so I'm only talking about the best of the best @ GG; the Japanese/Tougeki... Oh, and about Justin, he just flat-out OUTPLAYS both Yipes & Clockw0rk.. It's pretty obvious that he has a much better strategy than them... However, in skill, Sanford was pretty close to Justin's level (plus he used to play with him all the time), but he lacked hit-confirming, among other things... On topic: I can't believe this is the age of "dumbing down" games... What Capcom did with MvC3, and what Pachi said they will do to the new Guilty Gear makes me really sad ... I don't like arguing -- ♥as I love both MvC2 & GG equally♥, so everyone have a nice day ^_^.
  24. Ky-Sama

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Last reply on this subject: Sentinel is arguably just as hard to use as Magneto (some have said he's harder). The easiest of the top 3, Storm, at highest-level -- has combo's that rival/and can even beat Eddie's (execution-wise).. Most GG players (i.e. like Frank the Tank, etc) already know that MvC2 is a harder game, period.! The people who don't know this either don't play Marvel (or play it at a low-level, sorry), or are biased for GG. It's not opinion, it's fact. As someone who plays both (but has been playing way more GG than Mahvel), I have seen what is needed to play both at high-level - and the winner is pretty clear to me.
  25. Ky-Sama

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    MvC2 at high-level is actually harder to play/master than even Guilty Gear lol (i.e. execution-wise, etc)... Just sayin'.