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  1. Andru

    [P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

    6/29/2014 Urban Square Arc Revo Qualifier [sub Stream] [6/29/2014] Damosu (Elizabeth) VS Robo (Aigis) [6/29/2014] Tamegoro (Yosuke) VS Rori (Aigis) [6/29/2014] Rori (Aigis) VS Wakabo (Mitsuru) [Main Stream] [6/29/2014] Maguyama (Yosuke) VS Rori (Aigis) [6/29/2014] Gurupo (Aigis) VS Nakiri (Kanji) [Finals] [6/29/2014] Blues Drive Monster (Teddie) VS Secchan (Aigis) [6/29/2014] Yamashita (Mitsuru) VS Secchan (Aigis)
  2. Andru

    [P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

    6/10/2014 Shita Minazuki vs Gurupo Aigis (*Audio Issues for the whole set, please mute) [6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 1/7 [6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 2/7 [6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 3/7 [6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 4/7 [6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 5/7 [6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 6/7 [6/10/2014] Shita (Minazuki) VS Gurupo (Aigis) Part 7/7 6/21/2014 Mirai Yume Aoyama Arc Revo Qualifier [6/21/2014] Nagi (Aigis) VS Kanji [6/21/2014] Rita (Yosuke) VS Nagi (Aigis) [6/21/2014] Nagi (Aigis) VS Saji (Yosuke) 6/28/2014 Urban Square 3on3 Stream [6/28/2014] Rori (Aigis) VS Yosuke [6/28/2014] Rori (Aigis) VS Naoto [6/28/2014] Rori (Aigis) VS Narukami Pt1 (Part 2) [6/28/2014] Damosu (Elizabeth) VS Rori (Aigis) [6/28/2014] Damosu (Elizabeth) VS Secchan (Aigis) [6/28/2014] Aigis VS Teddie [6/28/2014] Gurupo (Aigis) VS Naoto
  3. Andru

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    http://youtu.be/NWMmlW9Y5aM?t=45m27s looks like mitsuru throw doesn't make this whiff
  4. Andru

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    Welp guess when I'm persona broken with 150 meter it's time to B gatling all my ammo away, 22b, GOIN INTO OVERDRIVE
  5. Andru

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks for the input. I'm sure there is tons of potential here, just need time and enough playing around with movement and block options on different characters long enough. If Orion works like how I think it does, all orgia air throw resets from vanilla can become super resets, and air dodge will probably be good for getting out of AUB setups.. Hover cancel should be great with air turn, as well, if j2b still is useful as in vanilla and you can still get stupid burst safe routes with it or backwards hitting j. a
  6. Andru

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    get ready for hover cancels mah godddd
  7. Andru

    [P4A] Aigis Gameplay Discussion

    Lol, that's fun, I like it ;D
  8. Andru

    [P4A] Video Posting Thread

    Aigis Mixups: Air Turns and More~ www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJz3oLv60os
  9. Andru

    [P4A] Aigis Gameplay Discussion

    Hey guys, I made a small video about some pressure ideas and mixup utilizing air turn and a few other stuff thrown in there too. check it out. www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJz3oLv60os
  10. Andru

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    its a bit early, anyone want to play though.
  11. Andru

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    A Queens player I've never played? :o Sure
  12. Yeah, it's best to keep in contact with them to be sure and reassure yourself everything is all good.