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  1. Red Parries would be too strict, especially for Netplay. I think the window would be as big as early-frame Instant Block in to Blitzshield timing at the very least.
  3. Azami is the only 'True GC' she has now, outside of Dead Angle. I think it's like old Suzuran only stationary. Not sure if Azami has to be hit to trigger other specials though.
  4. I'm with Layer on this one, though, Baiken players might not like the changes as well as they expect to. Azami is essentially Hakumen's Zanshin pose, players are gonna get wise to it and figure out ways around it/bait it. No more "Surprise! You can't hit me because I guard cancel everything!" I wonder if Azami even works well on Bedman's crossup 6H? You'd have to reverse the input, maybe? Answer seems like a "vertical" version of Hibiki's Double Chase if his clones can attack for him. Might make him hard to read.
  5. Just my two cents but Wild West is just as effective on YOU as it is on opponents. It's a double edged sword. If you screw up and get killed by it, it's your own fault. Imho Poison is more useful against Terumi and safer as an alternative.
  6. Weird question, but is there a 'dedicated' person/place where someone could Download Input Recordings for Training Mode?
  7. Hey Tong. Been a long time, friend. Got another request for you: Susano'o in Hakumen's BBCF #6 Color!
  8. Well, they SAID they'd discuss it in Staff Meetings with the right people, so I'm holding them to that, at the very least. Adding extra polish to the game is their job, and is vital to the sales they'll ultimately get, so unless Japanese is your native tongue and you could care less, they can't really afford NOT to listen to requests for a Dub. Footing the bill for it though, is another matter entirely. Voice actors can be expensive.
  9. I think the problem is mostly with games like BlazBlue that drastically change their mechanics... it's hard to adjust to the jump. I had to ask a ton of questions about Central Fiction when it first hit. So yeah, it's not something you master in a day. No need to rush. And honestly, don't even worry about the "scene" dying on you... you can always get friends to play you and teach you stuff.
  10. It's optimistic to look at it that way, but keep in mind that money to pay the VAs has to come from somewhere, whether that's Xrd Revelator DLC, or Steam titles, it is going to cost them. And the timing for recording it would have to be post release if it is that close to release day.
  11. The FFXIII Lightning Returns JP Audio Dub DLC was welcomed well enough by Final Fantasy fans, I don't think it'll matter, as the ones who want it will be the ones who pay for it, and be happy to do so. And considering the recent trend of 'free DLC the first week' they've been using, I don't think it's a bad deal.
  12. I'm told people like my mixups, even in a vs Millia or vs Venom mu, so I think Assassin players have to really concentrate and be on their game to beat the bed. For me Faust and Ky are the worst, as they can really control space in the fight, and Ky's random GS or VTs make him more annoying than Sol. At least with Sol you can bait his VVs properly, and teleport parry his rushdown.
  13. Do you guys think Bedman will ever get a Mid-air Deja Vu option?
  14. What this tells me is that it's also a Budget thing (Arcade is their biggest revenue by the way), but at least ARCSys got the message. I knew this was going to be an issue the longer the GG and BB series dragged on, as they've been hurting for sales numbers ever since GG2 flopped on XBox360 (it got a better response on Steam, but that may not help much). BBCT was touted as the game we 'had to play' in place of GG for the time being, and that basically split the GG fanbase in half. But it's thanks to Calamity Trigger that GGXrd Sign and Revelator even exist. Budget issues are Budget issues and there is no getting around them. I think Post-Release DLC patches are going to be the norm from now on, same with Revelator DLC coming this fall.
  15. That's counterproductive to sales numbers, which basically define everything in this kind of business. Instead of thinking in terms of "maybe if I don't buy this they'll get a clue", it's better to say "maybe if I actually speak up and say something, they'll do something". As for myself, since I personally hate translating ANYTHING, I prefer a dub at least as reference (and this is the guy who wrote the GG Quote Project years ago btw). Voice acting will always be hit and miss, even if they bothered to give Potemkin a vocoder filter. But to me it's that "extra polish" that makes all the difference. Whether it's adding extra things like voice acting, or spell-checking winquotes to get all the typos out (yes that's an issue in SIGN, heck BBCF's JP website says "Charater" by mistake)... just all those extra pushes make the game that much better. I think ever since ARCSys put Aksys on the sidelines for Localization work, there's been a dip in quality. I know Aksys co-oping with ARC is pricey, but Aksys wants a good game release too, to produce good sales numbers and make up for those costs, which it seems ARCSys is too wary about right now. I've been putting up with and investing in untranslated GGX-quality games for years, I think I deserve something with a dub, whether it's BB or GG. That's why I think it's all the more important that people bombard ARC's U.S. and JP webpages.