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  1. I'm curious, what purpose does Baiken's Wall cling serve?
  2. I guess I'd have to hear the context lol.
  3. You know, people who say stuff like "Anything besides Versus Mode is useless" or "Dragon Install is useless" or "2nd Player Menu is worthless" sound like total GG newborn Babes to my ears. When an option is viable, it's an option. P2 Movelists are so you can know your enemy better if you're new to the game. 2P has the right to agree to rematches or not. Dunno who was yacking away during the stream, but they need to play more GG instead of griping.
  4. Baiken's outro is a throwback to Samurai Showdown / Spirits games.
  5. It stings to think about, but they never actually "fixed" ACPlusR on PS3, just the Steam version. I want to hope they'll be more attentive with any Rev2 issues. I remember how buggy the Installation of Chaper 6 of Revelator was for me ("That Man's" talk with Sol wasn't loading all the room elements and I had to reboot the system just to fully install it, like watching floating heads talk in half a room with a flattened camera angle. Freaky.) Adding new characters and THEN loketesting them seems to be ARC's pattern, but I think they'd have to revise a lot more assuming they'll add new characters.
  6. My only concern is "how much" will be added? You can only add so much to Rev2 without calling it a sequel. Website is kinda vague on that, unless Strangely Compelling updates the U.S. website. Any new characters added is going to warrant yet another set of location tests, so I think Baiken and Answer are all we'll get for now. Still, I wish they'd tweak M.O.M. at least, Level 120 Prices on items is hellish.
  7. ARCSys isn't trying to cut corners unless they absolutely can't help it.
  8. Okay, here's something to try: High Jump in to Task C, then back off. High Jump again in to Deja Vu Task C, YRC it then do Task C again! (The trick is getting both beds falling down on top of the opponent at the same time). Just tell me your impression of how that feels.
  9. I am still a Venom noob by all accounts, but what's the fastest way to set up some Black charged balls in to Bishop Runout without being pressured?
  10. For people still confused about Sol's and Justice' role in all this:
  11. How does Counterhit 6H, 2H, 1H, and 3H work? Also are 1H/2H/3H still Jump-cancellable on hit/block? 6H might still be a good zoning tool for stuff like Hemi Jack sheep setups. (Is 6H special-cancellable or jump cancellable?) Also please test TK Task A Prime on okizeme, see if it still has crossup after knockdown. In addition what would be some good jump 3K combos now that 2K isn't in the 5H route. Also test effectiveness of 2P in to combos.
  12. This is considered a Spoiler guys, so I'd appreciate it if you treated it as such.
  13. Finally! Any reports would be appreciated.