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  1. Blade

    Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Event

    There seems to be some miscommunication floating around, GGXrd Revelator is done (Rev2 was an add-on, despite being self-contained), but the 3rd Xrd game is still being developed.
  2. Since GG1 (I call it GGTML) was announced for PS4/Steam/Nintendo Switch, I figured we should AT LEAST have a thread about it. Whether it's news updates or just overall a review of the old gameplay (however ridiculous that might sound), we can talk about it here. Based on the ARCLive Stream clips so far, it's HD, so that will make things interesting. No idea if it has Netplay, but if it's on Switch, I don't see why it wouldn't (which would be an interesting twist). If someone wants to make a Discord room for this game, that can happen once we know more about it. Anyway: stuff you might want to know: Holding Respect while Blocking = Faultless Defense Up Button + Respect from Knockdown = Recovery Taunt in the Air = Air Turn (similar to GG Isuka) Special Move Input + Respect = Charge Attack (Axl, Justice, and Testament don't have charge moves though, so they can't charge cancel). If you lose 50% Health (Yellow Lifebar) = Unlimited Chaos Attacks/Overdrive moves, highly spammable. If you get a running start you can "Crash" in to your opponent using a Breaker Dash (like EX Order Sol), though I think it's Meter-dependent. Crash moves have an OTG relaunch ability (like Chipp's). Certain moves can cause Dust on counterhit, and other moves can buffer Instant Kill state on counterhit as well (Testament had a few normal like this). Instant Kill state (Red screen) is basically like "Danger Time", you have to input 214+any or 236+any to do an IK or evade one, though if you evade it certain stuff happens. Sometimes evading puts you in a different position on the stage, and can put you in the corner. Certain versions of this game are buggy (I've seen Ky perform his IK full screen distance away not touching his opponent), not sure if that will be fixed (though I haven't seen many bugs in the Japanese version of GG1 so you never know). That's it for now.
  3. I finished Night of Knives, didn't I? Also, Chapter 1 will be done soon once I get my Proofer's approval.
  4. I'll just leave this here: http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/171174892274/guilty-gear-begin-prologue
  5. Booooy, add me on steam, surely you can play some GG2 now ;D  "xSol_Badguy"

    1. Blade


      lol, I still haven't unlocked everything yet.

  6. Nice thread, here's my contribution: http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/31070190760/guilty-gear-name-guide
  7. On the subject of a Fan dub, can we get a Lady with a "Crisp British Accent" to be the BlazBlue system voice (using CT as the base, but using Central Fiction's roster/events as a guide)? I would trade all the dubs for that announcer back.
  8. The "reaction icons" for posts are super huge too.
  9. So I'm guessing his GG color is Leo Whitefang?
  10. In context, I think they are "setting the stage" for new characters so to speak. We had no real information on King Daryl's true character and colors as an individual, so this shed a light on him and "broke the ice" about what kind of person he is. Zappa's character growth as an "investigator of the supernatural" is also very welcome, and may play a role in future events. Aside from that, Daryl's voice actor is an unknown, so he probably needed the practice for this, as did the others, so this is a kind of "thanks for the hard work" skit to the minor characters in the story.
  11. Blade

    [CF] Ragna Ver.2.0 Changes Discussion

    I'd like to know this too, in lieu of Active Flow. I'd also like to know how this changes his matchups with the higher tiers. i.e. Nine, Izanami,. Jin, Izayoi.
  12. Blade

    GGXrd Arcade Profile Site Rip

    Does anyone have access to DLC System voices? I'm sure there's plenty of unused samples.
  13. Yeah, I seem to recall Arakune referring to other characters by color too.
  14. That Omni-directional slash reminds me of Millia Rage's Secret Garden ball, I hope it's not too convoluted to control. Also hoping his guardstrings aren't worse than Izanami's.