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  1. I finished Night of Knives, didn't I? Also, Chapter 1 will be done soon once I get my Proofer's approval.
  2. I'll just leave this here:
  3. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    For anyone who missed it: (No idea HOW to buy the novel yet... if someone knows how to buy the novel or is planning to, let me know...)
  4. I don't know what the deal is, or if it's exclusive to Sony, but apparently BlazBlue games can no longer be recorded via the "standard method" PS4 uses (Share Button recording is completely blocked on both Central Fiction and Chronophantasma Extend). This isn't something that occurs in GGXrd Rev2... or even the Steam versions of the games. I'm not sure if it's a problem on my end or what... Sounds like some kind of Legal Snafu with Japanese voice actors or something... (Bandai Namco does this practice too, but why only PS4?) IMPORTANT EDIT: Apparently as I rebooted my PS4 I was able to record videos again... just... what the heck why!?
  5. Nice thread, here's my contribution:
  6. Wisconsin, the "other" Hollywood.

    I'm on Steam if anyone is interested.
  7. This here be Blade country, and though I will not partake, I don't mind if you have beer and cheese and brats, just don't puke on my fighting game collection. I've been in Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, Greenbay, Eu Claire, Waukesha, Laona (backwoods), Iron Mountain, Rudolf, Steven's Point, and very rarely Madison, Racine, and Kenosha. Though I'm mostly centered towards Milwaukee. You name it, I've probably got it. Samurai Showdown Anthology, Last Blade Anthology, SVC Chaos, CVS2, MVC2, HNK, RF, F/UC, SSHC, SC2, SC4, NGBC (no load time), MBAA, KOFMI2, and a crapton of Japanese games and shmups (even have a vertical monitor). As of now, I have every single PS2 Guilty Gear game in existence (X+, Korean #R, Isuka, Slash, AC+) , and will be getting BBCS quite soon. So I'm hyped for that. I warn you, I'm a sore loser, so be prepared to play several hours in training mode with me if you're considerably better in skill. Also, to be clear, Chicago, despite being big, is nowhere near me, so Frosty Faustings is unlikely an event to visit. I might consider setting up a table at Midwest Gaming Classic or something, if they allow mods that is. Otherwise we'll just have to set something up. I know a good place that rents out big screen TVs for a rather cheap price too. Don't even ask me about Guitar Hero, DDR, or Halo...I will flatout reject you.
  8. ^Late update, but an Arcade port of Super Dodge Ball was released on PS4 store.
  9. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Skuttlebutt is that more info on the Guilty Gear novel will get revealed in a couple days. And for anyone interested in how I parse my information:
  10. Cancelling normals into blitz?

    Again, that only works on hit/block, not neutral wiff.
  11. I have a question about Naoto in Neutral situations. What combos can he do that can safely transition from "neutral" to "dash cancel"? I know his Phantom "shift" is dash cancellable, as are his D moves on "charge", but what all moves can transition in to a dash (not just as a dash cancel)? By the way, I play Naoto offline in Grimoire of Abyss to practice with him, and he has decent corner combos that don't require dash enhanced moves. (corner) 5B > 5C > 3C > Rekka to C Ender > High jump ,j.B > j.C > JC > j.B > j.C > Inferno Crusader
  12. On the subject of a Fan dub, can we get a Lady with a "Crisp British Accent" to be the BlazBlue system voice (using CT as the base, but using Central Fiction's roster/events as a guide)? I would trade all the dubs for that announcer back.
  13. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    1. I told you how Daisuke Ishiwatari explained his "personal definition" of Gaiden, if you can't accept that definition and only see it as a retcon, tough. He prioritized characters over story, that's it. 2. I said it was a fact based on putting all the "current evidence" together, but you insisted I leave out any information pertaining to the Colony being 100 years old (or the prospect of anyone living that long, like the Conclave members), so that's why I conceded to it being a "theory". At least for now. 3. I'm using Xtra as evidence BECAUSE it pertains to the History of the Colony, it is (so far) the only major source that does. Furthermore, it contains cited info from Ky Kiske that connects it with the "Golden Disc" GGX Drama CDs, and the Lightning the Argent novel. All three of which were written by Norimitsu. The only "reason" anyone could have for doubting Xtra's evidence is because Xrd hasn't mentioned it yet. Heavy emphasis on "YET". Not knowing enough info is frustrating, but you can't discredit evidence if nothing else completely discredits it. We don't have solid evidence to state WHEN and WHERE Daryl ate the Pudding, but that doesn't mean he didn't eat the Pudding, his rocket-butt is the proof!
  14. The "reaction icons" for posts are super huge too.
  15. So I'm guessing his GG color is Leo Whitefang?
  16. In context, I think they are "setting the stage" for new characters so to speak. We had no real information on King Daryl's true character and colors as an individual, so this shed a light on him and "broke the ice" about what kind of person he is. Zappa's character growth as an "investigator of the supernatural" is also very welcome, and may play a role in future events. Aside from that, Daryl's voice actor is an unknown, so he probably needed the practice for this, as did the others, so this is a kind of "thanks for the hard work" skit to the minor characters in the story.
  17. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    In Accent Core when Johnny asks Anji Mito if he knows any Japanese Survivors, Anji says "the only one I know is Big Sis" referring to Baiken. You could argue the translation behind that, but in context Johnny was looking for May's parents who also disappeared, so it's not outside the question to consider Baiken as such. "The new answer is the correct one" only applies to BlazBlue thus far. GGXrd already has continuity errors in it that clash with the GG Bible's info on Kliff Undersn. Gaiden applies to characters as canon, not events. Baiken being 100 years old is a "theory' not a conclusion, you're free to disagree until more evidence is presented. Asking me whether something "is canon or not", is forcing the issue when I lack evidence to say for certain. It's like saying I "ate the pudding" when I don't know for sure what the "pudding" is supposed to taste like! We'll get more "pudding" (story content) eventually! Just be patient!
  18. [CF] Ragna Ver.2.0 Changes Discussion

    I'd like to know this too, in lieu of Active Flow. I'd also like to know how this changes his matchups with the higher tiers. i.e. Nine, Izanami,. Jin, Izayoi.
  19. GGXrd Arcade Profile Site Rip

    Does anyone have access to DLC System voices? I'm sure there's plenty of unused samples.
  20. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    You forgot the very first source: Guilty Gear X. Leaving out anything pertaining to Xtra, we can only say "Baiken's parents were killed during the Crusades". There's not enough info to say WHEN that was, or even if it happened in Japan, despite the fact Baiken is considered a Japanese survivor by most sources. Xrd is the first source to say Japan was destroyed in 2074, no other sources or previous timeline listings even suggested it, other than Xtra which was vague about it. We have incongruous info here. We can't say Baiken wasn't a survivor, but we can't say her story coincides with Japan's destruction either. ALL I AM SAYING, is that we can't conclude anything until more information is present! The main reason I'm not quick to write off GGXtra is because Kaihou Norimitsu scripted the manga, novels, Drama CDs, and he's writing that upcoming Guilty Gear Novel. If we said Xtra wasn't legit, we'd be questioning everything Norimitsu ever wrote, and the story would essentially fall apart by that logic.
  21. Yeah, I seem to recall Arakune referring to other characters by color too.
  22. That Omni-directional slash reminds me of Millia Rage's Secret Garden ball, I hope it's not too convoluted to control. Also hoping his guardstrings aren't worse than Izanami's.
  23. That's 90% of the FGC, though. They only care about faves and that's it. That's just the state of things unfortunately.