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  1. Thanks much for the reply. It seems I have a lot to learn. As for what you asked about in regards to a Desktop environment, I am actually trying to save up for a high-end PC that is suited towards Game Design (3D rendering, Animation, Art, and Programming) rather than simply a Gaming PC. So assembling a good PC would probably be more reasonable for me. The main reason I had considered a Steam Console is because of DRM and my overall lack of knowledge on Steam. It's been said that Gaming PCs and Game Design PCs are the same in spec, though I'm not so sure about that (also I originally planned on not distracing myself with games if I plan to be a developer). Still, yes, I am interested in games like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear 2 Overture, as well as a few other titles I missed on Xbox and Xbox360.
  2. I am heavily considering expanding my game library in to Steam, but I'm a old console Pad warrior, and my PC is an old fossil that can barely run Photoshop. I'm considering one of those Steam Consoles I've heard about, but I know next to nothing about them. Any Steam regulars who can give me the skinny on how Steam and Steamtech works, would be appreciated.
  3. For me it's the reverse, Kum's Leg charge DP is annoying as heck to find a way around outside of projectiles, especially players who can spam it. As a Ky player though, I'd try my best to hide behind projectiles and not rely on my pokes as much because Kum has ways of beating out normals. For Kum players, I'd assume you want to pressure Ky with your fastest, meatiest moves. Ky's VT can be baited or Blitzed. A combination of Tuning Ball YRC and Air Hayabusa Otoshi j214K (hold 6) will get you in his face real quick. 623chargeK RC might also work, since it functions like Grand Viper.
  4. 1. If you have Digital Revelator already, it should be DLC as an add-on update. 2. Rev2 is also Standalone, so it's also Digital as well. You'd need either a Japanese or U.S. PSN account to buy it, though I'm getting the U.S. version because I already have U.S. Revelator. It installs much the same way as Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition did for PS3 with vanilla USF4. Whether you have PS3 or PS4 Revelator determines what update of Rev2 to get. PS3 U.S. Rev > PS3 U.S. Rev2 PS4 U.S. Rev > PS4 U.S. Rev2 If you have the JP version of Revelator you'll need a Yen card to buy the Rev2 Update along with a JPN account, unless you plan to get JP Rev2 Standalone version. Personally, I'd wait until Aksys releases it May 26th. It'll be in English subs.
  5. New Famitsu Article incoming. Burger Sheriff confirmed!
  6. blazblue

    ^And why would that be? Perv.
  7. My concern is Audio quality. I want FLAC format of the new OST if possible.
  8. My background is Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, MKX, and Samurai Showdown, looks like "Latest" in coming to PS4, so I may consider it.
  9. PNGs of Answer and Baiken
  11. I asked this question a while back, but it might be better served in the Zepp Museum which is more Art-Centric. I am looking for Art and Concept designs Daisuke Ishiwatari did that PRE-DATE Guilty Gear. And just to remind people, no he did NOT work for SNK! I did my research on him and this is the info I've collected over the years: I am trying to find materials on Exector as that's the only major lead I've got so far. Oh, and Amusement Media Gakuen (Daisuke's and Mori's old college). I know AMG sponsors the BlazBlue Radio episodes, but if possible I'd like to find even more background information and just more history on Daisuke's works. I apologize if this seems out of people's depth here, but I'll take any leads I can get.
  12. True enough. Though some DO argue DI might need a nerf, I'm not one of them.
  13. Does anyone frequent this place? If so let me know when, I'd love to meet some locals.
  14. This here be Blade country, and though I will not partake, I don't mind if you have beer and cheese and brats, just don't puke on my fighting game collection. I've been in Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, Greenbay, Eu Claire, Waukesha, Laona (backwoods), Iron Mountain, Rudolf, Steven's Point, and very rarely Madison, Racine, and Kenosha. Though I'm mostly centered towards Milwaukee. You name it, I've probably got it. Samurai Showdown Anthology, Last Blade Anthology, SVC Chaos, CVS2, MVC2, HNK, RF, F/UC, SSHC, SC2, SC4, NGBC (no load time), MBAA, KOFMI2, and a crapton of Japanese games and shmups (even have a vertical monitor). As of now, I have every single PS2 Guilty Gear game in existence (X+, Korean #R, Isuka, Slash, AC+) , and will be getting BBCS quite soon. So I'm hyped for that. I warn you, I'm a sore loser, so be prepared to play several hours in training mode with me if you're considerably better in skill. Also, to be clear, Chicago, despite being big, is nowhere near me, so Frosty Faustings is unlikely an event to visit. I might consider setting up a table at Midwest Gaming Classic or something, if they allow mods that is. Otherwise we'll just have to set something up. I know a good place that rents out big screen TVs for a rather cheap price too. Don't even ask me about Guitar Hero, DDR, or Halo...I will flatout reject you.
  15. There is so much meta-game when Bedman's asleep you have no idea.
  16. That looks very character-specific though. I'm hoping there's some kind of shenanigans you can do with 6H cancels (depending on which hit you cancel with). I might even consider using 6H for RC juggles if it pays off.
  17. If Air BR was changed, did DI Air BR get changed as well?
  18. Says "Video is Unavailable in your Country" for me. It got region-locked.
  19. A YouTuber's guide to Guilty Gear:
  20. Also noticed Air Bandit Revolver got changed... what exactly happened there? It was actually useful in mid-air for air tech grabs at times.
  21. Got a question about his new 6H... does it still lead to high damage on Counter-hit? (Also is it a Mid or a Low?) i.e. 6H (ch) Bandit Bringer >Fafnir > 6P> 5H > j.D > Kudakero (both hits) > VV > VV knockdown?
  22. @deadite, the pic is a spoiler, so HIDE it!
  23. Just checked, but sorry Faust's not as festive. Millia's Chroming Rose is though. By the way, can anyone help grab me Answer and Baiken's Intro-Outro Kanji? I'm not very good at reading paintbrush Kanji. Chipp's Kanji too while I'm at it.
  24. Guess I got no more excuses for not buying KOF.