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  1. I asked them (Aksys) about that. What they did was publish ARC's games when they came stateside. Localization is what ARCSys does in-house, but Aksys typically adds the finishing touches to what's already there. But even they miss typos, glitches, and translation errors. All it means is that if you got a beef with ARC System Works, Aksys can relay the message, but they can't do much beyond what ARC wants to do with their releases.
  2. What part of "it wasn't their call to make" didn't you understand? It isn't that they passively agreed, they told ARCSys about their objections to the idea almost as soon as they heard there wasn't plans for a dub. And Aksys has an inside track on how ARCSys does things in-house. They said and did all they possibly could! Aksys can only work with what ARCSys gives them , that's how it's always been, sometimes at the last minute. Lack of budget on ARC's end isn't the fault of Aksys, and unless they bled money, they couldn't have helped it anyhow. If you're going to point fingers, point them at ARC System Works, Aksys Games did the best they could with a bad situation.
  3. Aksys cared, otherwise they would not be so responsive or voice their own opinions. It wasn't their final call to make, all they could do was soften the blow as much as possible. That said ARC System Works has been struggling overseas for a long time now, just to get recognized. Maybe titles like Double Dragon or River City Ransom will help, but it's hard to get out from under Capcom's Shadow. Maybe the Nintendo Switch will help.
  4. Why hasn't anyone said anything or given ARCSys feedback on the Loketests? I asked about a few characters nerfs, but no one's replying.
  5. Whoever made that diorama isn't real familiar with Ky's or Sol's special moves, apparently.
  6. It's killing me that no Bedman info was changed in Loketest 2... Are they really making him useless?
  7. It's a good time as any to ask. Vote for your preferences (can be several) and then mention why you want them to show up!
  8. I used to be like you. I used to be the man called Phil T. Casual, especially when it came to Street Fighter. Then I found GG and accepted Daisuke Ishiwatari into my heart. I saved up, bought a PS2, saved up and bought a PS3, saved up and bought a PS4. No one's forcing you to buy the games, but if you DO CARE, at least put some effort in to learning about the cast and story (or look up info about the games), otherwise you're just on the wrong forum.
  9. Either way, you may eventually need a full Japanese script translation. Especially with new characters getting added.
  10. 1. Not everyone has a picture, some only appeared in the books, manga, and Drama CDs (they came out during GGXX so I bet you ignored them like you ignored everything else). 2. Read this: 3. Read this: 4. Don't go Hatin' GG2 and calling it a Fiasco if it had a good story and fun concepts, especially since it's the Overture to Xrd. Not everyone cares if it's a fighting game unless they have a Joystick where their brain used to be. GG2 characters are already playable anyway. 5. Sharon isn't an active character, so deal with it. (She's a side character like Chimaki or Order-Sol).
  11. Spoken like a genuine Story Noob. Read Guilty Gear Wikia or GG World Codex in Revelator for gosh sakes... also I even listed every character's first appearance, so you should know where they are from.
  12. I don't see any new changes in the list for a lot of characters since the 1st Loketest. Are they really sticking with these changes?
  13. Speaking of "Teams" I really do hope they bring back 3on3 Team Battle, and maybe even 4-way Isuka mode as an aside (the M.O.M. Item button could easily become a "Turn" button again).
  14. As I recall, Daisuke started doing Leather framing around the time GG2 came out. Now, as of Revelator, he does those Dusk Laser drawing sometimes.
  15. Sol's downstab reminds me of his Order Sol days, Proto Fafnir.
  16. Since I didn't see a topic about it, I thought I'd post one. In case it's not obvious M.O.M. stands for "Medals of Millionaires" if you don't know your GGX history. Couple things I noticed: ---Projectiles tend to rule this mode, especially items like "Rapid Fire", "Emerald Rain", and the green staff that shoots green bullets (its name escapes me at the moment). Something to think about when considering what items you want to ban for your rooms. ---Armored Mode is actually a very powerful deterrent against "Boss Mode Overdrives" which are normally unblockable... so if you have no means to dodge, just super Armor through it. I was able to Super-Armor through Ramlethal's FULL Gamma Ray with it! Aegis Field is another deterrent against projectiles like Dark Angel or Eddie. ---There's several items dedicated to increasing your attack power, though I don't know which ones are the "best" when fully powered... so far "Rosario of Oath" seems the best (since it boosts Attack, Speed, AND Defense). ---There are two Super-bosses in Rank 14 (Sin and Elphelt) that award you with medals if you manage to beat them. I beat Sin, but I haven't been able to beat Elphelt yet, due to her projectile spam and chip damage. ---"Kamikaze Boots" and "Golden Armor" are basically the Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin ends of the movement and defense spectrum... if you don't have to worry about moving around much (say you use Bedman) "Golden Armor" might be fun to use, though don't expect players to respect you during a match, since they'll probably go for a Time-Up. ---The higher your Win-count in MOM the harder the enemies will be, so if you lose and the Win-chain is lost, you won't get as many medals, but the difficulty will be reset. ---It's actually a good idea to sell stuff you don't use, like Gunflame/Bomb/Hammer/etc, since they'll be easy to buy later if you're going for the trophy. ---There's a new menu called "World Dollars Store" that lets you randomize the "goal star" (the stage with a Medal bonus won't change, just the goal). And the menu also can increase the odds of a rare item drop. Rare items tend to show up more on "Goal Star, Medal Bonus" stages, so use a Master Key if you think you need to. ---Not sure what to do with the different chests, so I'll list them here and what I normally do: Normal Chests: Easy to Break, just don't get caught airdashing at the end of the match or it disappears off-screen. Black'n'Gold Heavy Chests: Three 2D attacks should suffice, but you need to act fast to break it. All Black Floating Chests: 3 air combo hits are needed to grab this, and it seems to be height dependent, so if you finish the match with an air combo, you're boned. Green Chests: Gunflame, Sickle Storm, Tyrant Rave, Fireseal all open this. Gray Winged Combo Chests: Hard as heck to open unless you have multi-hit attacks or are good with quick juggle combos. Just use a Key on it. Gray Plain Chest: Nearly impossible to open without a Key, any combo recommendations? If you guys want to talk about "broken items" or "broken combinations" of equipment that's fine, that's what this thread is for. ---One last thing: Items that have an "Item possession bonus" only seem to be applicable to useable items (it affects Item cooldown rate), not equipment, so I think you can sell redundant equipment for a decent quid of medals. Any medals and items you earn can be transferred to any character you want to work on, even if they're NOT your main.
  17. I'll just post this here for anyone still interested. Message me if you actually level up in this mode and want to play a few.
  18. A little History lesson for people who don't remember what characters were like in the old days, but are hyped about the Loketest.
  19. That stopped my heart a few times. Wish I coulda got a ride there.
  20. Long story short, don't blow up Gears!
  21. Do I have to choose? I've been playing them all. Even GG2 Overture. (People always forget GG2).
  22. "Omni-tagonist" might be a better description. Since he did assist Platinum with getting a new body. He gives me the impression of being someone akin to Black Butler's Ciel Phantomhive.
  23. I believe it was Rachel who indicated that Carl Clover would be the next protagonist. She said this to Carl way back during Calamity Trigger.
  24. My only gripe is that us Console and Steam gamers don't get to give as much Location Test feedback as Japanese Arcade-goers do. We usually get lumped with whatever they decide is "good" and I hardly think that's fair. That's why those of us who CAN visit the Loketest should voice their thoughts on the changes while they have the opportunity.
  25. Read this too: On a technicality things are like this: