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  1. A game historian friend of mine was asking about older GG Games and wanted to know if EX Mode characters actually had Frame Data. I doubt it, but I wondered if there's an actual way to obtain Frame Data outside material books?
  2. lol I think that was an early projection flub, though they could be planning something in December for next update!
  3. Hunh. I wonder what you have to do to register a Collaboration Icon? My blog is an 'entity' of sorts, though mostly for information purposes I do collab with people sometimes.
  4. I got Ky, though I was shooting for No Preference or Bedman, oh well.
  5. Got a question about Staggers and Stun recovery: What's the ideal setting for those? I hardly ever see anyone 'human' mash out of Level 2 or Level 3 speed (the A.I. cheats). I ask because of Baiken's Kabari and Youzansen (Youzansen loops can happen if the opponent is stunned in the air).
  6. As far as Forcebreaks go, they were better off as Overdrive extenders, so we got Burst Overdrives for that reason. YRCs pretty much enhance anything else now. Enhancing Special Moves should be about the same as Mist Finer Coins, QV, or Asanagi Breath, there's a risk to set it up. Beyond that would tread in to SNK Boss Territory, though they could treat Forcebreaks like how KOF14 does as part of Max Enhanced Mode.
  7. I'm not entirely familiar with Terumi's voice sets, so I'd have to look and see what taunts are unique to Ragna.
  8. You'll have to ask for specifics, as I'm not doing every BB Quote.
  9. My thoughts on 6H: Special Cancel on either first or second hit might be nice at range, but up close make sure you only use it mid-combo. 5K > 6H seems viable. Other thoughts: 2K > 2S > 2D / 2K > cl.5S > 2D works as routes for 2K (2K is good after a blocked Task A Prime), alternatively 2S as a combo-starter seems to do lots of damage. "Jump Hover" in to air Deja Vu is a nice alternative 'mind game' instead of the usual j.3K or j.3S. 2H/3H still work to keep characters in the air, useful as a followup to Helios OD. Task C feels unsafe now that Blitz and Baiken's parry are common things, I'm wondering when it might be good to use it?
  10. Multi-Button Mapping has always been terrible. I'd prefer it if Baiken's Azami wasn't the same input as Blitzshield. That goes for Negative Edge stuff too.
  11. I'm no expert by any means but, my thoughts:
  13. Demo isn't showing up in Console store for me yet.
  14. They usually update between 10 am to 4pm (JP updates 11 pm to 5 am based on CST conversion).
  15. Tell Strider Hiryu that.
  16. Had a pair of weird mechanics questions: I'm in Training Mode and when I practice against Sol in his DI mode, sometimes a 'normal' Riot Stamp or normal Breakdown will come out instead of an explosion. Is there some factor that charges up his attacks or something, or is that a Training bug? In addition, I had a question about Danger Time. What determines how 'long' you're actually IN Danger Time? I've seen anywhere from 5 seconds to 3 minutes.
  17. Ultron Sigma. Capcom wants our money badly with that Limited Edition. (I want Chaos Legion in this game)
  18. This move is too good. T-T
  19. I am heavily considering expanding my game library in to Steam, but I'm a old console Pad warrior, and my PC is an old fossil that can barely run Photoshop. I'm considering one of those Steam Consoles I've heard about, but I know next to nothing about them. Any Steam regulars who can give me the skinny on how Steam and Steamtech works, would be appreciated.
  20. Thanks much for the reply. It seems I have a lot to learn. As for what you asked about in regards to a Desktop environment, I am actually trying to save up for a high-end PC that is suited towards Game Design (3D rendering, Animation, Art, and Programming) rather than simply a Gaming PC. So assembling a good PC would probably be more reasonable for me. The main reason I had considered a Steam Console is because of DRM and my overall lack of knowledge on Steam. It's been said that Gaming PCs and Game Design PCs are the same in spec, though I'm not so sure about that (also I originally planned on not distracing myself with games if I plan to be a developer). Still, yes, I am interested in games like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear 2 Overture, as well as a few other titles I missed on Xbox and Xbox360.
  21. For me it's the reverse, Kum's Leg charge DP is annoying as heck to find a way around outside of projectiles, especially players who can spam it. As a Ky player though, I'd try my best to hide behind projectiles and not rely on my pokes as much because Kum has ways of beating out normals. For Kum players, I'd assume you want to pressure Ky with your fastest, meatiest moves. Ky's VT can be baited or Blitzed. A combination of Tuning Ball YRC and Air Hayabusa Otoshi j214K (hold 6) will get you in his face real quick. 623chargeK RC might also work, since it functions like Grand Viper.
  22. 1. If you have Digital Revelator already, it should be DLC as an add-on update. 2. Rev2 is also Standalone, so it's also Digital as well. You'd need either a Japanese or U.S. PSN account to buy it, though I'm getting the U.S. version because I already have U.S. Revelator. It installs much the same way as Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition did for PS3 with vanilla USF4. Whether you have PS3 or PS4 Revelator determines what update of Rev2 to get. PS3 U.S. Rev > PS3 U.S. Rev2 PS4 U.S. Rev > PS4 U.S. Rev2 If you have the JP version of Revelator you'll need a Yen card to buy the Rev2 Update along with a JPN account, unless you plan to get JP Rev2 Standalone version. Personally, I'd wait until Aksys releases it May 26th. It'll be in English subs.
  23. New Famitsu Article incoming. Burger Sheriff confirmed!
  24. blazblue

    ^And why would that be? Perv.
  25. My concern is Audio quality. I want FLAC format of the new OST if possible.