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    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread

    You may be thinking of Crush Trigger, which is done with A+B. Costs 25 heat, guard breaks the opponent if they do not barrier block it.
  2. Tage*Proto

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Video Thread

    Hey guys, did a quick combo video displaying what I believe to be some optimal/practical combos with Terumi, mostly a combination of things i've read/seen here, feedback welcome, hope it helps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0Dn711xenI&feature=youtu.be
  3. Tage*Proto

    [CS1] Hazama FAQ

  4. Tage*Proto

    [CS1] Hazama Videos

    http://www.youtube.com/user/ExtraFreshLeague#p/a/u/2/fCZew0CXe9Q I made some pretty stupid decisions in some parts, but any feedback is appreciated, thanks.
  5. Tage*Proto

    [CS1] Hazama Combo Thread

    The thing with 3c, jayoku is after your 623+d, try to think of the dash and 3c as two seperate movements. I know that sounds really, really obvious, but it helps me to reset the stick back to neutral after 66, which gets your 3c timing faster, and allows for crisper jayoku motion. Just a tip. Also, I guess if your playing in a tournament or something and your not completely confident in your ability to hit 3c jayoku, depending on the situation you could always rapid cancel the 623d, then j.6d-d combo, damage is actually not bad. Not something i would really recommend, since you lose the threat and fear factor of laser kick.
  6. Tage*Proto

    [CS2] Hazama Online Play

    xbl: xI TageProto Ix Denver, CO.
  7. Tage*Proto

    Colorado GG/BB match thread *2009*

    Well, I called and they said tuesday is the ship date :/.....hmmmmm
  8. Tage*Proto

    Colorado GG/BB match thread *2009*

    Just called gamestop, and it looks like i'll have to wait till wednesday to pick it up .
  9. Tage*Proto

    Colorado GG/BB match thread *2009*

    5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Tage*Proto

    Colorado GG/BB match thread *2009*

  11. Tage*Proto

    [CS1] Haku-men Video Thread

    I would agree, although in some situations i think suzume makes better decisions, but overall they are both pheomenal and are definitely the two i think we should be paying attention to the most. Also just for clarification, the only youtube vids of suzume are against the black lambda correct?
  12. Tage*Proto

    Colorado GG/BB match thread *2009*

    I know, but no wheels unfortunately :/
  13. Tage*Proto

    [CS1] Hazama Complete Guide

    ah thanks.
  14. Tage*Proto

    [CS1] Hazama Complete Guide

    so im new to hazama but i have watched a lot of zakiyamas vids and one of my questions is why is the stance cancel not used veryoften? I thought it could be used similar to johnnys mist cancel and you could make some decent pressure with it, but does it just too many frames to be safe too use it in such a way? Thanks .
  15. Tage*Proto

    [CS1] Hakumen Information Thread

    Ah k, thanks.
  16. Tage*Proto

    [CS1] Hakumen Information Thread

    Question, for those who have played or have a good enough eye, does it seem as if 5a has a longer horizontal hitbox ala slayer? Reason i ask is i see it being used more predominately as a positional anti-air than in ct. While im sure the 6a change attributes to that, i was curious if the hitbox was changed at all. Thanks.
  17. Tage*Proto

    Colorado GG/BB match thread *2009*

    Hey all gonna be in town until the 3rd,so i know markus is having a new years eve party so id definitely like to play some with yall Edit: kami i also remember you from f r 11, i was the a b a player, and if i rememberright you have a hella solid ky, definitely hope to get games in if you move here .
  18. Tage*Proto

    [CT] Hakumen vs Noel

    random note, if Noel gatlings 5b into 5c, you can 2d the 5c. Not exactly sure why this works since it's an actual gatling but it's definitely legit.
  19. Tage*Proto

    Colorado GG/BB match thread *2009*

    Might have a gathering in october before I leave for Basic .
  20. Tage*Proto

    Colorado GG/BB match thread *2009*

    Good shit man, I really need to watch out for noel's 6d
  21. Tage*Proto

    [CT] Hakumen vs V-13

    She has frame advantage after act pulsar, so it's technically unpunishable. also, if you get hit by 5dd, she can act pulsar and continue the combo. From all sorts of ranges it can ambiguously cross up.
  22. Tage*Proto

    [CT] Hakumen vs V-13

    I dont know, if your close enough to try a 5d or 2d, your probably close enough for 2b, which is good to try and keep her in place since it's +2.
  23. Tage*Proto

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    it's actually 623a-a you can pretty much hit the second a right after you hit the first one.
  24. Tage*Proto

    [CT] Haku-men Videos & Discussion

    Man, so many awesome combos...definitely want to try the one done on bang, ragna, and the 6d done on rachel.
  25. Tage*Proto

    [CT] Bang Shishigami Combination Arts FRKZ MERGED

    Hey man with this combo, done on ragna, the damage im showing is 3379?