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  1. PiNG

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    I have about 3-4 people interested in casual play of P4U this weekend 9/29 Saturday at my house. Please keep manners at all times and keep it peaceful, I plan it to be only a small (max about 5-6 people) casual players of P4U who wants to try to get better at the game. I'm at 626/909, Diamond Bar CA , I have 2 xbox 360s and 2 ps3s, running in my room on vw246 (24" evo monitor), 46" sony xbr. Can accommodate 2-3 more people if anyone is interested or near by. I want everyone to have chance to keep playing if wanted. Other games I have on both systems BB CS EXTEND, umvc, and tekken tag2, i also recently picked up Aquapazza on PS3. I want to start the casual play around 3PM on Saturday, and maybe order some pizza for dinner and play until whenever. I do have 2 Arcade sticks for each system, but you are welcome to use your own! If anyone is interested, please do Private Message me.
  2. PiNG

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Hey! Didn't know there was a so-cal specific thread, I had posted a thread http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?14921-Looking-for-P4U-Casuals-626-909-Diamond-Bar-Area but is anyone from 626/909 area who wants to casual P4U mostly? Recently picked it up, but looking for some sparring partner or group. -Mike
  3. PiNG

    Good to see you at the WCWZ!!

  4. dude, definatly hit me up next time you are in so cal, i'm like 5 min from AI and i'm planning on BBQ + BB casuals all weekend some time within a month, planned good amount of people, and system setups for that.

  5. Dude Man! You were at WCWZ?!?!! I was there too, but i didn't get to say what's up! Jesus, didn't know you went through HELL to be there. Damn!

  6. Yeah, it was all late, I was so damn tired, I just wanted to get it over with and leave. I had some good match with combofiend's bang, but I tried to dash our of his umbrella super(which i've done against bang alot when they tried to chip me) , but i failed the first time, i didn't dash for some reason but some how survived, and he tried again because he had another 50 heat when he did it the second time, i accidenatlly hit D, during air dash and went into the nails... It was fun overall just playing against so many people. I went to round4 and left there.

  7. I heard it didnt go as well T.T well since u went u can give me the full details but from what i heard u guys didnt get as much attention as the SF4 guys that totally sucks if thats true

  8. Thats right u got to rep that FTP btw tell me how it goes as soon as u get a chance ^^


  10. FTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. PiNG

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    DAMMMNN, didn't know people SOLD sticks setup like that, WOW, i wonder how it even held up during shipping!
  12. PiNG

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    DPs are underrated. Just remember that next time and DP like you have never DP'd before.
  13. PiNG

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    Ohhh, Just need to figure out how i can transport my ps3 controller! :8/: unfortunatly, my portable one is xbox360 version only
  14. PiNG

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    Seconded this motion! Although probably my lack of experience at the arcades dosn't help either but, I just can't seem to dash at all with the sticks! (Either side) My usual habit of quick taps dosn't work at all, end up just walking instead of dashing. Litchi with no dash = dead Litchi. Maybe my use of controller is too gentle! Still had fun time! I guess i'll see most of you at the Warzone this weekend!