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  1. Zomby

    [CS2] Hazama Online Play

    I prefer to be called Joker but I can't get the tag changed. I'm on the PSN PSN: Athrael
  2. Zomby

    [CS1] Hazama FAQ

    Alright is there a purpose to 236D? I've been trying to figure it out but I can't seem to find a decent use outside of ending blockstrings and even that is risky, it has a fun CH effect that sends people flying but...idk it seems like a move that is a little out of place for him, any advice?
  3. Zomby

    [CS1] Hazama vs. Iron Tager

    This may be my general shittyness but I still find this matchup to be...how do I put this...it's Hazama's match to lose but he will lose it often. I tend to get facerolled by counter 720's and untechable 360's...and I know they shouldn't be so new question...if you are barrier blocking can you tech a grab...just a curiosity. I just can't seem to not eat the damage...maybe pressuring him isn't the greatest idea though haha!
  4. Zomby

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    While it's nice to see people interested in Terumi, I should state this for you all now who wish to pick up Hazama as your first character. If this is your first fighting game ...DON'T pick him...I assume this is not so I won't get into the specifics of why that is but ultimately he is...he will not be conducive to your learning the system nor will he help your general understanding of fighting games. Hazama is a character that requires patience, the ability to stay very calm, and a pretty steep learning curve. His movement being based on a drive and not physically running is very tricky. That being said, Hazama is made for the patient, if you have an ability to wait out block strings for your opportunity, if you have the ability to zone out your opponents and annoy them into making a mistake, if you are good at blocking, and if you have good execution you should play Hazama, if these things are lacking, I would suggest Ragna to learn the system, if you want to practice zoning while learning the system I would say Jin is a better choice than this. Noel is a great mixup character, and if you want someone who can get around like Hazama, try Tao although she is a lot of work too. Many of you may disagree with my assessment and that is of course your prerogative and I appreciate your thoughts, that being said, I stand by the idea that Hazama is a character that will only meld with certain players, if you like him that's wonderful but he isn't someone everyone will be able to use, his strange movement and odd spacing will make many people drop back to more traditional characters and that's fine, Ragna and Jin are still excellent choices (Ragna's top tier guys...he's a real good choice nowadays) but if you struggle with Hazama, he may be wrong for you and that's ok. Don't fret, you can always come back to him when you feel you are ready but you should know, if you pick him up, do not expect to win today. You will need to work.
  5. Hey man, it's been forever since game unicon last year but thanks for teaching me how to play originally. Great shit at Evo man you were epic, hope we can play some matches together, I've gotten a lot better so thanks again man.