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  1. nooooo, me getting destroyed by your hakumen (you still main him right? or has the carl gotten you?) over and over again :O savvveee mee tieeerr lisstttttt~~ D:

  2. Alright cool, ya college has drained my time for fighters, but i think im gonna start up once the semester ends. I'll have a long way to go untill I catch up with you guys :X, also playing a lot of SF4/ST probably will just make me confused when I play BB XD.

  3. Yo miso, long time no see :O. Do people still play a lot of BB on psn? thinking when I get through all this school work im gonna start up again. need to get ready for CS :X

  4. Just having the combos organized is nice. Once the threads fills in a tad more im sure it will be AMAZING. :P

  5. just dropping by to say thanks for throwing up that combo thread. big convenience for the arakune community :) also ggs from a couple nights ago, if you ever wanted an arakune mirror match, id be up. twas fun.

  6. XD, now i just need to learn how to navigate around through that site lol

  7. ill add to the list of ppl appreciating your avatar. where do u get the BB images you use to make them? i cant find much arakune artwork.

  8. Cool, I used to live in the suburbs when I was a kid, and I still have family out there. If I'm ever in the Peoria area I'll let ya know.

  9. I live in Geneseo IL, its like 1.5 hrs from Peoria. But I'm going up to Platteville, WI for college, so it's a bit farther away, although I'm sure I'll be home for the weekends here and there. Where did you live before college?

  10. sorry for the random comment, but I saw ur location under your avatar and realized you live about an hour from where I live :P (although im heading to college soon :X).