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  1. being new to the game and decided to pick up arakune, i had a few of quick questions. sorry for a long post, figured id put all my questions in one, rather than a bunch.

    1.) arakune has a strong air-game and im aware of all the sweet air combos/pressure he has while in the air. ive been practicing most BnB air combos in this thread off of 5C and i can get them down, but in a match, sometimes getting off a 5C is tough. what are some good ways to catch them in the air and initiate his air combos?

    2.) again with the air game, arakune seems to be able to move much better in the air than on the ground. against better players im having trouble just getting around fast. should i be moving in the air with my j.6A/B/C a lot more?

    3.) ive read that a lot of arakune's expertise is in his 2A 5A and 6A mixups to start combos. whats a good way to get close enough to them to hit off these? coming if from the air with a dash cancel 5B orrr...?

    4.) in this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I5ZNvsGSI0 (2:15) how does arakune j.6A over the tager and then turn around into his dash canceled 5B? ive tried it before but my arakune doesn't turn around. I'm thinking it has something to do with super jumping, but I cant seem to get it.