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  1. Don't give yourself so much credit, you never offended me haha. I think it's fun bickering. Kills the boredom at work. My local scene is garbage. A handful of my pals around here play, and I get my fix online. But as far as the arcade scene, and alot of people into the game, well it's virtually non-existant.

  2. Pah. You aren't worthy of being my enemy. Seriously though, I was just trolling. No animosity intended. Offense, yes, but that's the point of trolling isn't it? xD But yes, I live in Taiwan. Scene in my city is... small. Everyone here's too busy playing KOF 98' or 2002. Hell, we're still playing BBCT down here, least in the city where I live. Not a whole lot of BB players (probably only a handful that are decent and know what the fuck they're doing) and no tournaments going on so I'm pretty darn starved for competition. How's the scene where you live?

  3. And to think we started off as enemies. Haha. So you are in Taiwan?

  4. Infectellect

    The Fighter Mentality

    Ding ding! Some people learn faster. One person can pick up a fight stick and master the hardest combo in a day. Someone else it might take a month. You can get there, you just have to work a lot harder. And do NOT get into the hopeless mindset. If I get good vs someone who has been playing it alot longer than me, that is an even bigger victory. Yes, there simply are better players out there. There will be people with a higher natural ability, but I did not mean there is no way to get on their level by doing what you can. On the other hand, lets take the 15 year arcade veteran who could do combos in their sleep versus the player completely new to the genre. It's going to end ugly, and chances are by the time the lifespan of the game is over, they still might not be on the same level as the veteran. That is out of our control. And yes, sorry if it makes some of you sad, but there are going to be people that you'll never be better than. If you took up basketball at age 21, you are NEVER going to be better than Michael Jordan. It's just something you have to accept. You always have to push yourself to learn. Do not be closed minded, take everything you can from everyone around you, learn the best of the best, push away the worthless. Develop your own way.
  5. Infectellect

    The Fighter Mentality

    No way. There is always someone better out there. Recognizing someone is better and learning from them is not a bad thing.
  6. Infectellect

    [CS1] Arakune vs. Ragna

    Probably only works on scrub Ragna's
  7. Infectellect

    The Fighter Mentality

    Do not let us forget, there really is a natural ability involved in the equation as well. Some people will just be better than others.
  8. I struggle so much on dashing after certain moves. Rag's 6 and Haz's 6 are giving me a bit of trouble to be honest. (DC) 6A and (DC) C, it is the quick short ones that kill me.
  9. Infectellect

    The Fighter Mentality

    It's all Mental's fault.
  10. Infectellect

    The Fighter Mentality

    But hey, by you simply responding, you're on the same level... Doing the saaaaaaaaaaame thing. Does it really matter which medium is used as communication? This forum puts people together that would otherwise never interact with one another. Yeah dude, I mean if we get on the topic of what inspires people to do well then that opens up all kinds of doors. You give me more credit than I deserve, favorite philisophers, buhahaha. I just say how I feel my mango.
  11. Infectellect

    [CS2] Hazama Online Play

    XBL: Infectellect Location: Cincinnati, OH
  12. When you going to teach me how to be a real fighter?

  13. Infectellect

    The Fighter Mentality

    Yeah but everyone is different. What is rewarding or valuable to one person may be the complete opposite for another. There really is no right or wrong answer. The only thing right is finding that thing that makes you do your best. True story. Everyone is shallow in their own way.
  14. "Bitches should be scared cause when they cursed.... you living large boy.... sooo large " ~ Senkei

  15. a year off, we black... I mean back!