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  1. Perhaps I should have separated my statements. The evidence states that neither Evo nor ASW care about a level playing field due to deciding to include a game that will have been out in most of the world for a month and giving their native population a massive head start respectively. Full stop. I was then implying based on this that I would, contrary to many here who're saying that SIGN and REVELATOR are similar enough that a massive head start in playing the latter isn't that consequential, be very surprised if turned out to be the case as I was expecting comparable or worse results than non-Japanese players experienced with SIGN last year.
  2. I don't get what's not to get. ASW probably kicked some money to both Evo and the prize pot and clearly neither they nor Evo give a fuck if the playing field is level. I'll be amazed if there's more than one non-Japanese player in Xrd top 8.
  3. I'm sorry...I don't know how to say this so I guess I'll just come out and say it. Revelator came out in Japan in August 2015. That's the release date that matters. Ooh, the console version may (emphasis on 'may') come out at the same time for both Japan and American (sorry Europe) but that's not going to make a bit of difference when the most relevant player population will have already had the game for nine months. America has already been left in the dust. I agree about the elephant in the room but disagree on the 'zero chance' part. Remember this is the Evo staff we're talking about. Mortal Kombat X was announced as a main stage game despite not even having been released when said announcement was made. Similarly Tekken 7 got, for some reason, a main stage slot as well despite not even having a console release (that is to say being essentially unplayable outside of Asia). If ASW wants Revelator to be the version of Guilty Gear at Evo and especially if they kick in anything resembling the pot bonus that they did last year then I'm pretty sure that Revelator is going to be the version of GGXrd at Evo.
  4. The last console release only had the Western release a week after the Japanese one but I guess June or July might happen in which case I suppose I'd be up for another year of Xrd -SIGN- at Evo.
  5. play-asia.com has Q2 2016 (i.e. some time after March) listed for both the Japanese and North American versions which makes me think that Amazon is at least in the ball park even if May 31st isn't the exact date. This is kind of disappointing because and here I'm paraphrasing something I posted on SRK: If SFV releases with netcode and matchmaking similar in scope and quality to what was experienced during the third beta test period then Arc Systems Works should send Capcom a 'Thank You' check for putting Xrd over. It really does seem like they're just that scared of going anything resembling head-to-head with SFV release wise.
  6. *sigh* Amazon.com has the Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator release date as May 31, 2016; i.e. less than two months before Evo. *sigh*
  7. On the one hand I'm not super surprised because new and shiny usually equals popular. On the other hand she plays kind of weird and from having watched matches I'm not sure that people are all that close to figuring out how she should be played yet. I guess "new and shiny" is winning out. Also unless there's really something I'm missing it feels like not enough people are using the kamikaze minions. My example called for a current UFC champion who had at least one weight class on me (not that Daniel Cormier couldn't also kick my ass). Plus Werdum seems like a pretty cool guy so he'd probably just try to finish someone who's obviously overmatched ASAP as opposed to drawing out the fight to prove a point.
  8. 1) Decent ports (i.e. not Ubisoft, Capcom, NRS, etc.) happen all of the time and in a hell of a lot less time than we're talking about here. 2) Given how little has been changed it shouldn't take that much time. 3) I'm pretty sure that's not how these things go. Usually there are separate teams working on separate projects. 4) See #3 5) You're correct that it's not going to kill people to wait but given the fact that they're going to be competing with SFV not having a solid release date might kill the scene. 6) I'm glad you don't mind getting jerked around by a publisher. Some of us do. 7) Wanting something and actually getting it are two different things. I'm pretty good at martial arts but if you told me I had to fight Fabricio Werdum I might not want to get beaten up but I'm pretty sure that it's going happen regardless of my wishes. The Japanese players have an incredible head start on this game and an ambiguous release date isn't helping close that gap.
  9. Firstly, the bolded part makes no sense in the context of what we're talking about, which is the gap between the arcade release and the console release, something that the actual development time of the game has no real bearing on (i.e. I don't care how much of a gap there was betwen AC+R and Xrd). The part that I italicized is the only thing that should really have an effect on how long it takes to localize. Which kind of undermines the 'groundwork is done' so Revelator will be released sooner as unless the game drops on literally the first day of spring (March 20, 2016) then the gap between the arcade and console release is going to skew towards the longer gap between arcade and console versions that I, for one, am already expecting (my expectation is an April or May release date followed by the Japanese bodying fools at Evo). Also the underlined part doesn't really make sense either. We have a season, not a date so there is merely a range to speculate on with regards to where the release will fall with the hope that it doesn't turn into Summer 2016 and we end up with either Sign at Evo again or Xrd getting dropped from the lineup.
  10. I actually just looked at the release dates for the entirety of the series and assuming I can count, the gap between the arcade release and the console release for Xrd was the second longest that any Guilty Gear game has ever had. That, combined with the fact that we don't actually have a release date for Revelator makes it very difficult for me to believe that they're giving serious consideration to changing how they do things. I mean I and I assume pretty much everyone but the Japanese players who treat non-Japanese events like the free money they are would likely appreciate a change in release practices but I don't really see that happening.
  11. Fixed that for you. At this point digital distribution IMO completely undermines almost every argument against why a game cannot be simultaneously distributed worldwide. Hell, for most people to be satisfied with a release all that would really need to happen would be to localize the menus and maybe if it's really super important add subtitles to cut-scenes and/or story mode. It really feels like ASW is scared of changing how they do things and, I guess, that's fine for them but they also shouldn't be surprised when the results at tournaments skew so heavily in favor of the audience that they favor.
  12. At this point I have no idea why localization a) takes so long AND b) if it legitimately takes so long why it isn't started earlier in the development process. I would say that the post below, in hoping for a release difference of no more than two months, is being overly pessimistic. Umm that might be a problem, as if the US release is two months after the Japanese release then depending on when in 'Spring' said Japanese release occurs we might be looking at a second year of Xrd -SIGN- at Evo.
  13. You are very much correct about because X is one way Y should be that way too being a highly flawed argument. That said having used both PSN (PS3) and XBL I would, at this point, be willing to pay for PSN (when I actually need to; currently own Sign for PS3 but will be buying Revelator for PS4) if it means that the online play isn't crap. Hell, I'd pay extra if Sony figures out a way to set the consoles of those who attempt to play fighting games over a wireless connection on fire.
  14. Very much agree on the first part. People get very (see also: way too) invested in this sort of thing and, if I'm reading articles about how this is going to be decided correctly, the people voting have a chance to have a significantly higher financial "investment" in their character voting than those involved in the Skullgirls voting did. Also as you mention that since practically every character has a longtime loyal fanbase it wouldn't be a surprise if the voting is quit close. Lastly due to the sheer number of candidates it's going to be virtually impossible for any character to achieve an actual majority. IMO a smarter (see also: less likely to incite nerd rage and/or result in death threats to the developers) way to do this would have been to make the voting less consequential by say making the top 3 (or 5 or whatever) candidates receive consideration for being added to the game rather than a guaranteed ticket to entry. ASW would still get their market research while being more likely to avoid the nasty fallout that pissing off passionate fan bases usually results in. Also agree on the second part. Jack-O represents a very interesting approach to character design that I look forward to seeing more of in action. I do however get this sinking feeling that she will be a very difficult character to balance.