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  1. @Szcrith You're doing it too close to the corner. Try doing (from 2C ,jB, jC) D, 66, jB, jC (drop the 6C)tsubame 6C. I've gotten this to work on everyone except Carl 'cause I haven't tested it yet. XD
  2. It's cool bro, I appreciate you acknowledging the add. -Tha Hindu

  3. lol I really appreciate the add, though most of the time I only roam around the forums and don't get to post anything since most of them are already here.

  4. aldouswright

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    I'm so sorry if this is going to sound so noobish, I don't understand BE6b[m]. Its 6B with the mantenbou, but what's the BE for? Update: I found it never mind.
  5. Is there any Litchi guide to side corner traps/ ukemi games? I might have overlooked it on the what's a litchi thread. Do reply I'd really appreciate it.
  6. aldouswright

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    Use the following for mantenbou: Ohh simple. I suggest you learn the following, this is in CS though. Half way or corner. 5B->5C(2 hits)->3C->[D] ]D[->iad. C->2nd hit->6C>tsubame->6C->3C->(optional placement or retreat) Whole screen drag into corner. (Your back must be nearer to the corner) 5B->5C(2 hits)->41236D-C->j. chuun->2C->j.B->j.C->j.D->dash C->2nd hit->6C->tsubame->6C->3C->(optional placement or retreat) Use the following when you don't have the staff. 5B->5C->2C->3C->2B->2C->j.B->j.B->j.C->hatsuu->chun->(optional retreat) I did those when I relearned Litchi on stick. You might want to practice the one with chuun its very useful when you want to put the opponent on the corner in one combo. Mind you j.chuun is hard.
  7. aldouswright

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

  8. My point exactly the 5ms recovery time is killing me. Update: I've gotten hang of it after I read this post. Like 10 minutes after I tried doing 8->haku and it worked. There is just a little bit of delay like you said. Just a bit and I'll get this down much like Millia's throw D adc K-D adc D.
  9. I'm really having problems with 7-chun after 41236D-C any tips? I've had problems with this since pad now I have more problems with it on stick. Thanks to anyone who's going to reply.
  10. aldouswright

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    one thing to say, that made me cry.