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  1. Check out the OP guys, full thread is up and my tutorial series is complete in linked in the OP.
  2. WHATS UP GUYS Allow me to contribute to this list of findings. Well, I didn't find anything new, just confirmed a few theories, mainly with curse set ups, but here are my impressions. Good things If you played CPE, most of your curse set ups will transfer over to CF. Cross ups are more stable in CF due to the C bug vacuuming towards Arakune, instead of a fixed direction ODEA is as good as it first seemed, specifically for Arakune, if you have curse built up, you do lose a good chunk on successful EA, at about 25 curse (1/4th), you lose it all on successful EA, big part of his defensive meta will have to take this into consideration PRECURSE COMBOS ARE FREE WE CT BOYS AGAIN Teleports are far far more practical now, less chance of it blowing up in your face by pure chance, this is in part due to some teleports leaving Arakune airborne, which is a bigger deal than I originally gave it credit for. 6b auto-guard, gimmick city at first, but proved to be a big buff to Arakune's RPS game. His jump feels faster, are we back to 3f jump? idk, but Arakune felt so stiff in CPE and he's so fluid in CF, SOMETHING had to have changed. Not-so-good things The 5a confirm is very tricky and will require consistent execution, the right IAD j.b, being close enough to the ground (but not too close) when hitting j.c, knowing which direction to press 6d and even the 6d > delay j.3d, which you'll learn there's way more leeway for delaying it than there was in CPE, it has to be pretty spot on. Just get a feel for it, but that some of Arakune's hardest precurse confirms yet. 5a pushback, not a super big deal, just be aware of it, it's very noticeable and you'll find yourself out of range a lot faster than you're used to. He's back, guys, and I'm back with him. I won't start throwing up new threads until the official full release October 6th, but I have a full on video tutorial planned. Now I know I've let you guys down in the past concerning this and it's exactly why I want to get it right, last time I tried, the recording equipment belonged to someone else and my work life soaked up so much time that my free time was spent doing other shit and the project fell behind and ultimately died. But now I own my own recording hardware and software and a mic for voice commentary and I have a rough draft already written out for an 8 part video series where I cover pretty much everything including (but not excluded to); Movement Pre-curse combos Curse set ups Curse combos Oki Normals Specials Drive Supers OD Defense General Combo and Curse Theory I'll dedicate a weekend on the footage and edit it all together and make a thread not unlike my CP 1.0 Combo Thread where I did pretty much the same thing, but in written format. The Thread will coexist with the video series and reference each other all throughout so there's a resource that you can read notations with and see a list of combos all while having visual demonstrations to help ease the learning experience. I want a couple weeks to make the adjustment to CF Arakune, then I'll revise my rough draft and make preparations for recording the first available Saturday I can get, if life doesn't bend me over, I can have everything up the first weekend of the full game's release.
  3. Skye

    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    j.22a/b/c are not very good anti-anti airs, there's too much recovery. Your ideal anti AA is a well timed double jump j.4b, in a pinch or a bad situation with disjointed hitboxes, j.d is your next bet.
  4. Skye

    [CF] Arakune Video Database

  5. Skye

    [CF] Arakune Video Database

    Updated, including the 3/2 Athena uploads.
  6. Wow that cross up is serious. If I had to guess, I'd say it's one is a neutral jump and one is a forward jump, it's just hard to see because of how the opponent is floating when Arakune jumps. Edit: By the looks of it, it seems even Gike didn't know it would cross up, in the left variation he goes right into 2c, but in the right variation he does 3c, which I suspect is accidental, because it's not outlandish to say that when he did 2c in the previous version that he actually inputs 1c. I know I do it a few times. That said since the cross up was accidental even for Gike, my next guess is that it's a hitbox thing, Hazama's float hurtbox may be thinner than Relius' and therefore allows the cross up. Regardless, I think it's possible to make it work deliberately, either by the neutral/forward jump way or maybe by altering your trajectory slightly after j.c. Won't know until console version allows us further research.
  7. Skye

    [CF] Arakune Video Database

    Updated with Jourdal's latest upload. I'm glad we finally have a match vs every character, mirror match included. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUJBcjHLCAo
  8. Crush Trigger being faster is a universal change btw.
  9. Skye

    [CF] Arakune Video Database

    Updated, included team exe upload.
  10. Skye

    [CF] Arakune Video Database

    Updated, phew.
  11. Skye

    [CF] Arakune Video Database

    Updated and included this 40 minute set of Kagura vs Arakune https://youtu.be/WyzgkS_vCk4?t=1775
  12. Be aware that those combos require air hit/launching N starters So it won't work off an A move or throw.