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    Middle Tennessee Needs BlazBlue! Tournament - January 22nd

    Sweet. Thanks so much for the feedback Astaroth, and for the response Milln. I know what you mean about running composite on HD T.V.s. I'd bet we'll be seeing more standard T.V.s than HD ones anyway, so I'll just go ahead and bring my Xbox too. So basically, here's what I'll be bringing: Xbox 360 (Standard Def/Composite), 360 Hard Drive, BBCS, 2 Plug 'N Plays (in case people using a wireless 360 controller need to borrow one), 3 Capture Cards, 2 laptops, at least 2 External Hard Drives, and a Tekken Fight Stick (in case someone wants to borrow a mediocre fight stick). Damn, I'm going to need a freaking suitcase. XD The one thing I WON'T be able to bring is a T.V. set. Mine is simply too bulky to fit in my car and it weighs a TON, so I apologize and hope more people will be able to bring sets. Just a reminder, if we're going to maximize how many matches we record at a time, I'll need someone to volunteer their firewire-enabled laptop/computer (preferably the former, though beggars can't be choosers) to be a recording medium. I'll have an external hard drive to store the matches on, so you wouldn't even have to worry about them eating up your hard drive space. And like Milln said, if you don't want your matches recorded/put on Youtube, please let Milln or myself know ASAP. We can turn off the recording devices for your matches and/or simply not upload them if you decide after the match you don't want them to.
  2. Jackie Chandler

    Middle Tennessee Needs BlazBlue! Tournament - January 22nd

    Just to clarify, when you say you want us to "NOT come in here with composite cables on a flatscreen tv" does that mean you ONLY want 360s with composite cables, and/or we'll ONLY be playing on High-Def T.V.s? If that's the case, I won't be able to bring my 360- it's not HDMI-enabled. I wouldn't mind bringing my Hard Drive in case people wanted DLC colors, and/or we need another with Makoto/Valk, though. No matter what it is, I don't mind being at the arcade at around 10:30-11:00. Something else I've been meaning to bring up and get some feedback on is recording devices. As ridiculous as it might sound, I have three capture cards at the moment- one Hauppauge HD PVR (USB, works with HDMI/component~), one Dazzle Plus HD (USB, composite), and one Firewire Dazzle (firewire, composite). If the majority of you guys want to record matches, be them for the tourney OR friendlies, I'd be more than happy to oblige. I should be able to bring two laptops (mine and my dad's) to record with the Hauppauge and the Dazzle HD if that's the case. However, I no longer have access to a firewire-enabled computer, so if you all want to record with that one I'll need a volunteer. If anyone's willing to offer their firewire-accessable computer (preferably a laptop) I'd DEFINITELY bring an external hard drive so you wouldn't have to worry about your space being filled up. Also, if it turns out we're only playing on H.D. T.V.s/component 360s (including for friendlies), the Dazzle Plus HD/Firewire Dazzle will be rendered useless, and I won't even bring them. That's another reason I want to know the position on that ASAP. ... and if you all DON'T want to record these, please let me know. I get the feeling I was pushing the recording thing last time, and I felt pretty bad afterwards when the finals had to be played on a shitty T.V. and I wasn't even sure people cared about it being recorded. I won't be offended or anything if the majority of you guys would rather let what happens at the arcade stay at the arcade. I just need some feedback, that's all. :3 Oh, and one more thing- I'll be voting for IHOP.
  3. Jackie Chandler

    Middle Tennessee Needs BlazBlue! Tournament - January 22nd

    Ah, I see Milln. Sorry for the false alarm everyone. Good to know everything's already taken care of. :D
  4. Jackie Chandler

    Middle Tennessee Needs BlazBlue! Tournament - January 22nd

    Milln, you need to get in touch with whoever/someone who works for the arcade ASAP. I'm surprised no one from Game Galaxy posted here yet. I was talking with a guy who works there when Billy, Naimat, and a couple other guys were there to check out SSFIVAE, and from my understanding they only knew what to do regarding the staging room before they had all those arcade machines there. In fact, the website still shows $5 as the venue fee, so I'm really hoping we can still get the venue.
  5. Jackie Chandler

    Middle Tennessee Needs BlazBlue! Tournament - January 22nd

    Heeeeeeey guuuuuuuys. Guess who got a Hauppauge HD PVR for Christmaaaaaaaaas~. :D Astrals shall be recorded in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYCH DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Oh yeah. And Happy New Year's and stuffs. Already forgot it's 2011. >_>
  6. Jackie Chandler

    Middle Tennessee Needs BlazBlue! Tournament - January 22nd

    I made a severely bad impression of how many Astrals I get in the last tournament. I'll make sure to work on that for this one. :3 And I'd be more than willing to pay for the bigger venue. It's SO worth it to have that much more room with friendlies going on at the same time.
  7. Jackie Chandler

    BBCS2 FINAL SHOWDOWN: Loketest 5, Nov. 15th Discussion

    Ragna: - 6A cannot gatling into anything anymore http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/ EDIT: Holy crap, so much Dacid hate. Come on, guys, it was one match. Who cares? Nobody wins all the time, and if they did, it would be boring. Stop acting like he committed some unforgivable sin.
  8. Jackie Chandler

    HD Live Streaming & Recording :)

    If you did a little promoting on GameFAQs, I'm sure we could have enough to fill a stream and a tourney.