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  1. Ragna never died! He's just... hibernating for the U.S. release! :3 And... pure gas? I don't know if that's a compliment or not. But thanks, I guess? XP

  2. I can't believe it's the only one on Youtube so far. XD

  3. RADORIIIIIIIIIIC! Sorry for not being available on XBL recently. I've been really busy IRL recently. ; n; We should play again some time soon, though~.

  4. OH GOD SO MUCH DEAD SPIKE <3 Thanks for sharing~.

  5. Who made your avatar, Kurushii? I want a pet Dead Spike. ; n;

  6. HERP. Would you mind re-adding me to your Friends List? In my carelessness while removing GameFAQ's users from mine, it seems I took yours off by mistake too. D:

  7. 0216 - 0804 - 8781. Animal Crossing 2 gud. XD I haven't heard about your combo video until now, so I'll go check it out as soon as I add your 3DS FC! If it's by you, I'm sure it'll be exciting. :3

  8. People are talking about you on GameFAQs ZomB, haha. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/641697-persona-4-arena/65880549 SET 'EM STRAIGHT

  9. Oh hey, I recognize that name. You're the guy that does those awesome Yu tutorials. Just wanted to pop in and say great work with those, and thanks for putting them together. I just hope I don't end up facing you at Final Round, haha.

  10. Good games on PSN today. You have a really solid Yosuke, and the connection we played on was one of the best I've experienced in a long time. I'm sure you would have taken a few matches from me if it were a little bit better, though- I noticed it screwed up your Dash Under 2C punish on my DP a couple times. :/ But yeah, keep up the good work! Hope I get to play you again some time.

  11. HOLY CRAP HEY I thought Dustloop had been feeling more epic recently. Now I know why.

  12. Thanks for hosting the room on Xbox Live tonight. Your Yosuke seems pretty good from what I saw- you use spacing to your advantage really well. Try not to use the dash special into Moonsault so much in your blockstrings, though. Knowledgeable players will jump backwards and air grab you out of it for free. :

  13. You'd think Youtube would have found a nice alternative in handling reported copyrights by now. Or that companies would recognize free publicity when they see it. Or that either of them would not be complete and utter dicks in the dealing with it department. /rant #imad Have you looked into any possible ways to appeal the termination? It'd be a shame for all those videos to poof into dust if they don't have to.

  14. Ohey. Small world. GG's tonight, and excellent Lambda. It was good to get some practice in before the inevitable storm that will be CP Nu, haha.

  15. Man, I don't blame you. I faced a Shadow Labrys in an online tournament recently and got wrecked. With her Persona guarding her from a ground approach and her jB's godly hitbox, it felt like the only way I could approach was an easily read and punishable one. But maybe I just need to assess my approach options better. I wish more people still played BB, though complaints aside, I love the simplicity that P4A offers. That said, I still can't wait for CP~.

  16. Not too bad on my end. I need to start power leveling in P4A now that I've seen SKD play Yu, haha. How about you?

  17. Suddenly, I realize you have a Dustloop.

  18. You know, you'd think Youtube would have implemented a system by now that takes down individual videos for "copyright infringement" as opposed to entire accounts by now.

  19. What do you mean? :3c EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot. I asked what console BB would be on. The thing is, I play on a 360 pad, and I'm not confident enough to compete with anything else. It's bizarre to me that PS3 always seems to be the console of choice when tournaments are held, because there are ZERO good 360 -> PS3 adapters in existence. On the other hand, PS2 -> 360 adapters are cheap and easy to find if you want to use a PS3 style pad (there are very few differences), and PS3 -> 360 adapters exist (while they're admittedly hard to come by). That said, if I competed in a PS3-only tournament, I'd be playing at a severe disadvantage because of the controller type I've built experience with. That's why I feel the need to be "that guy."

  20. Good games to you too. You're easily the best Tager I've played on Extend. Hope to get in some more games later- I wasn't feeling up to par with myself, haha.

  21. Jesus Christ. That avatar is nosebleed tier.

  22. Ah, thank you! That's definitely good to hear. It wasn't exactly well-received on all fronts, but it was fun to make and I'm happy with the end result. :3 Also, be sure to keep an eye out. I'll probably be making another similar video when I get the chance.

  23. Aw, hell. Youtube's been pa-trollin' hard recently.