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  1. On 9/10/2016 at 5:55 AM, Verimeloni said:

    is C divider very short starter now?

    Yes, the best combo I could squeeze out of it meterless was:

    Corner - 623C (first hit only) > 236C > 236C > 5B > 2C > 6A > hjc j.D > dj j.D > 214C > 214D. 1730 Damage.

    It's important that you only hit with the first hit on 623C, otherwise the rest of the combo won't work. Just cancel into 236C the moment before the second hit on 623C connects, of course.

    It also can work if you only connect with the second hit instead of the first hit using the move as an anti-air, but it can be very persnickety depending on your spacing from the opponent horizontally AND vertically.

  2. 23 hours ago, deadite said:

    Well episode mode nets 3.1k per run in beginner and 4.1k in normal I havent tried higher difficulties.

    Oh, I had no idea. I thought the amount was only rewarded once per character. Thanks!

    18 hours ago, Abominable K said:

    Difficulty doesn't affect the amount of World Dollars gained, but the number of rounds will.  Max them and mash on Stylish Mode for over 10k a run.

    Actually, with matches set to one round each, I think Beginner sets the reward to 3K and Easy sets it to 4K, but Normal and above only reward 5K. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    In any case, using the suggestion to take advantage of Stylish Mode, I tested a method to grind World Dollars automatically for a short time today and I'm fairly pleased with the results. I went to Episode Mode, changed the Rounds to 1 and the Difficulty to Beginner, and chose Ky. From there, I changed my button settings to have X use Slash, and used my fight stick's turbo mode to mash X while the button is held down.

    I had to set it up on my lunch break from work, so I didn't get the chance to supervise it much. But when I came back from work today a few hours later, I had 30K more World Dollars than I had when I left, so the system must work somewhat.

    I'd like to test some other characters to see if they yield more consistent results, because I'm fairly certain Ky didn't complete Episode Mode every attempt. I'll make a post about it here once I know more if anyone's curious.

  3. Are you 100% sure? I have both the Japanese and US versions of AH3, and my colors DLC works regardless.

    That's an exception to the rule. Generally, different region's games' DLC and saves won't be compatible with one another. Sometimes you'll end up with some weird and convenient cases, though, like with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and its DLC on 360. The DLC was never released stateside, but for some bizarre and wonderful reason, the European DLC works with the NA version just fine.

  4. I remember seeing that Terumi had 9500 health. :vbang:

    I know this has already been answered, but after doing some math on the Kokonoe vs. Terumi TGS gameplay video, it seems like Terumi has around 10,000 to 10,500 health. The values under Kokonoe's combo counter added up as:

    1714 + (~900?) + 1621 + 2002 + 688 + 1396 + 1705 + (100?) = 10,126.

    The values in parentheses are the ones I had to guess for - a random hit from one of Kokonoe's air attacks, and the sliver of health he lost before getting annihilated by Golden Tager. Either way, it's probably not 9,500 unless they change him before release, or my math is super wrong somewhere.

    EDIT: Also, because I was curious -

    Kagura - 837 + 837 + 2776 + 2028 + 1030 + 837 + 2254 = 10,599. Plus chip damage, it's probably 11,000.

    Kokonoe - 1969 + 2575 + (~500?) + 3021 + 1879 = 9944. Plus chip damage, it's probably 10,000.

  5. "jeepers, seems that cloth had quite a vendetta against my dermis,"

    You know that silly grunting noise you make through your nose when you're trying really hard not to laugh out loud?

    I'm trying really hard not to make that happen in the middle of class again. But every time I read it... :arg: