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  1. anthony001

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Anyone confirmed that doing a 8 hit GV will be easier on R?
  2. im referring to the arcade version rathr than the console ver.
  3. hi i just played it but not sure if its the accent core or accent core + version how can i know the difference
  4. anthony001

    GG official art and sprites (and chibi GIFs) thread

    Hi can i request the Accent Core's Character Select Background(Animated one).
  5. anthony001

    GG official art and sprites (and chibi GIFs) thread

    I just wanna try it for my cellphone and also try it out on mugen lol. thanks
  6. anthony001

    GG official art and sprites (and chibi GIFs) thread

    can anyone upload the announcers voice(heaven or hell duel 1 let's rock etc.) from original guilty gear to the latest one in accent core?
  7. anthony001

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    sorry for posting it here since no one comes on the sol thread often. i just want some info on kliff since i lose all the time to my friend(a complete newbie) mashing the disc spin that hits low. should i airdash over him while he does it? or should i block low and dash? i have the computer combo me on the corner with 5k>BR>land>5K>BR ... until they get tired of it. i can't burst nor can I do anything against it. is that possible and also i watched the tension bar carefully but it didn't even decrease. lol i must have sucked so badly if i cant even figure out how to do it hmmm 96 views and still no reply
  8. anthony001

    [#R] GGXX#R: Known Online gameplay Issues

    ok i can go to the server but i dont think there is anyone available for playing. there are some green and others gray. when are you guys playing? i cant even watch others play. what color isi it when someone is available to play? should i wait for them to see me?
  9. anthony001

    [#R] GGXX#R: Known Online gameplay Issues

    guys how do you open ports to play GGXX reload. I already saw the official guide but it didn't explain how to open the port since i tried to test my port at whatsmyip.com and it says "time out". how do i fix this? thanks in advance