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  1. Hey. I'm not sure if I'll go to EVO, but I've been playing CS2 Haku still. Get your rust off! I've been learning stick.

  2. mAc! I do believe I'll be getting back into BB now. Also, I do believe I'll be attending EVO with the STL crowd. You got plans for going?

  3. It was Peaceful Jay O_o He does BlazBlue now apparently.

  4. Oh those crazy Tsubaki people. What stream were you watching? I tend to only keep the peaceful jay open now.

  5. I'm watching this stream right now and there's some really impressive Tsubakis in it. They're doing all sorts of crazy things and taking down Ragnas and others. :P

  6. School started up today, so now I have work, school, WoW, BBCS, SSF4, Ys Seven and Valkryia Chronicles 2 to be working on. Shit's rough man lol. Just text me though on nights you want to play. I'll work something out as best I can.

  7. Well, I always see the airgrab coming, and I always THINK I can beat it out, but I never do. :P

  8. Really? I think Airgrabs were the only thing I got on you. You fell for my DD > 236A fake out maybe once or twice out of like 15 games against my lambda. I'm so used to people being bad... lol

  9. That's funny since I was thinking the entire time that you were getting way too many throws on me :P AIRGRABS

  10. It's kind of amazing how you were able to break so many of my throws, when I was Tsubaki and Lambda. You made me work so hard as Lambda to get any damage in... screw you! lol But I learned a lot that no one has shown me yet. My pressure game was mostly just guess work until I figured out what was working as zoning. Everyone is normally pretty bad, so when I'm against an actual good player who knows how to block, shit makes me work for that win!