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  1. Jam-Kiske

    Way to transfer over CS data to Extend?

    It gave me the option to transfer story right away too. I had to fiddle with the terrible Internet here, but it does work. It should be right when you put the game in for the first time. As was stated it's simply three options: yes I want a new save file, no I don't want a new save file, and transfer my regular CS data. Just story mode as was stated. I want all my nice colors back but nope D:
  2. I like that new color for the Murakumo shirt a lot. I wanted one before, but didn't really dig any of the previous colors. But right now I am so broooke aaagh D: I'll see if I can somehow manage to get one~
  3. Jam-Kiske

    Blazen! ~ The BlazBlue Sprite Comic

    I don't know what you're all doing now that I don't really talk to anyone hear anymore. But the comic about summarizes a lot of lives lately. Amusing as always.
  4. Jam-Kiske

    Amamamamamama's art thread

  5. Jam-Kiske

    Amamamamamama's art thread

    Amad I'm sure I've told you before that I love you~ :3
  6. Jam-Kiske

    Amamamamamama's art thread

    Ama you should know how I feel about that Ky. <3
  7. Well fucks it's now 45 minute drive away instead of 15 minute walk away. I'll see if my brother is willing to drive me out there... he was okay with it last year, so hopefully that'll work out again.
  8. Jam-Kiske

    Amamamamamama's art thread

    :O JAM<3 Nicely done. Background is kind of meh as you said, but PSH WHATEVER.
  9. Jam-Kiske

    Blazen! ~ The BlazBlue Sprite Comic

    Psh it's the Internet. If you get uppity about people posting your stuff elsewhere then you should leave/not post anything online ever. As long as people don't claim they made your stuff, it really shouldn't matter.
  10. Jam-Kiske

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    My friend did a pretty damn good Tao too. Her eyes glowed as well I just couldn't capture it with my camera... >>; Posted a million pics of her like over a year ago when I actually took these. xD
  11. FSDHFSIFDJIOSDF BABY KY <3 Freaking cute. Awesome to see you pop in Caeli~
  12. like..urm 5000 yen per ticket all standing space, pre-order starts on christmas day for 'regular attandee' and entry starts at 1700 hourz while the show's at 1900z etcs? (i remeber random infos on the site ;3) hahah

  13. D: If you can figure out more info, I'd like to know it. Just to know. <3