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  1. Om nom nom nom. -Tha Hindu

  2. so I hurd you're not playing BB no mores. Switched over to Sentinel vs. Capcom 3. Are you passing the Hazama reins on to me? :3

  3. P.S Guymam beated me in a mm.. Shitzzzz. Edit that posttt!
  4. Kay ill ask mod to swap names with hIm.
  5. Yay for brocal for not having any bang playa... >_<
  6. Tokidooooooo I'llllllllllll gett youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!
  7. YES I'M ACTUALLY GOING. I'm just not sure which day yet. :C You going to be there all weekend?

  8. I promises I'll "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN". Yay me mashing Ky!
  9. IkeTakeda

    [CS2] Hazama Changes Thread

    Nige Nige